4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy
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4 Ways to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy

Being around negative energy is never easy. In fact, as Shakuntali, the reincarnation of the Ukok Princess, teaches us, it can be detrimental and toxic – preventing us from living the life that we are actually supposed to. In order to learn how to protect yourself from negative energy, you need to determine exactly what is causing that energy in the first place.

Secret 1: It Hurts Where You’re Missing Energy

No, this is not a manner of speaking: when you are missing natural energy, you are actually in pain. It may be a physical point of your body – or it may go deeper down (e.g. heartache and depression).

When you feel like your body is not healing properly and your pain is not going away, then it might mean that you are missing energy. So, you need to try to heal your body in order to get some new energy – or to try and get some energy from other places.

Secret 2: Charge Your Battery – Where to Get Energy?

Negative energy is often leveled down by charging your batteries – in other words, getting positive energy from other sources. However, according to Shakuntali, you may replenish those energies. Here are some good ways to charge your positive energy batteries so that the negative is kept at bay:

1. Laughter

In order to remove negative energy, you need to feed the heart with Anahata – or heart chakra. As long as the heart is fed, the rest should follow suit.

Anahata is associated with long and loud laughter from the bottom of your heart. As a rule, it sounds like a roaring brook that envelops everyone around with wonderful heart energy.

– Shakuntali says.

Laughter also releases endorphins in your body, breaking up the negative energy and making you feel much better about yourself.

Ways to Protect Yourself from Negative Energy from Shakuntali

2. Music

Shakuntali says that while every type of music is good enough as long as it relaxes you, there is a specific type that you might want to go for. Music that has a 417Hz frequency is said to turn bad energy into the good type – so, not only are you protecting yourself from negative energy, but you will also be replenishing on the good kind.

3. Plants

Plants can also offer you protection from negative energy, as expressed in Shakuntali’s teachings. By having plants around, you can add fresh energy and increase the mood of a space.

If you want to spiritually cleanse a house, you may try doing so with house plants. It works in the same way as salt does – but unlike salt, you won’t have to throw away the house plant.

– Shakuntali also points out in her teachings.

Plus, the right plants have the knack of purifying the air and giving you shamanic protection, a type of therapy that you may want to try out.

Secret 3: Watch Out, You’re Being Hunted

In certain circumstances, the negative energy may have more concerning causes – namely, that you are being hunted by negative energies or spirits. This won’t be like most movies describing ghosts and haunted houses – the spirit might not physically attack you.

However, it might make you feel sick, irrational, drained, or cold. You might also feel like you are constantly injuring yourself and dropping things from your hands. And the bad news is that this “spirit” might not only be a dead person. It can be a live one, pushing their negative energy towards you.

This is why Shakuntali says you need to learn how to block negative energy from others. You can either use tools such as crystals and amulets, as Shakuntali advises in her classes, or you may simply avoid the place or person altogether.

Why and how do amulets and talismans help us?

Secret 4: Get Protection Straight from the Spirits

Prayer is certainly a good way for you to replenish your energies, as you can get the good vibes straight from the spirit. Many students of Shakuntali’s courses use their sessions to cleanse themselves (and the area) of negative energies. They say that in order to shield yourself from negative energy, you need to learn how to draw from the spirits themselves.

The Shakuntali Ways – Become Your Own Protector

Shakuntali offers protection from negative energies with each course – but this is a skill you will have to learn yourself as well. Be attentive and know where to draw your energy from. With practice, you will achieve peace.

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