An ancient ritual of energy purification of food from Shakuntali Siberia
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An ancient ritual of energy purification of food from Shakuntali Siberia

How to protect yourself from negative influences

Today, Shakuntali Siberia will talk about the ancient ritual of energy purification of food. Why it is needed and why the success, career and happiness of your loved ones and all people on Earth depend on ordinary groceries you buy at the supermarket.

Healthy and harmful food

Of course, we all want to be healthy, happy, and full of energy. This condition depends on many factors. One of the most important is the food you eat. Today, many people choose healthy food: natural, ecological, colorless and free of additives.

Such products are opposed to harmful fast food and semi-finished products. We know that burgers and fatty foods have a bad effect on our bodies and, as a result, on our health. But it’s not just the fat or carcinogens that are dangerous in this type of food. They have a dangerous energy contained within them.

Any food is not only proteins, fats, carbohydrates. First of all, it is energy. 

That’s why Shakuntali Siberia warns you to be wary of food you buy in supermarkets or big grocery stores. It usually contains a lot of negative energy.

Secret ingredients of your food

Why? Because what matters is the thoughts of the people who come into contact with these products. For example, a salesman or cashier may think, “This job again. I hate it. It’s the worst place in the world to work. I don’t like it here.” And these thoughts, these negative emotions go to the products you buy for dinner or breakfast.

Then you eat those products and with them you “eat” all the negativity.

And in the morning, after such breakfast, you feel broken, sleeping, and angry. You spill your negative on family members, colleagues, and random people in the supermarket. 

Thus, the amount of negativity in the world is constantly increasing, and people feel unhappy, unsuccessful. They get sick, fight with their loved ones, fight with their children. They’re jealous, they’re angry.

A man consumed with negative emotions will never be able to find their predestination, to reveal their talents, to realize themselves.

How to change the energy of products?

What to do, you ask. Not to buy groceries at all? Not to eat? Of course, that’s not the solution. Shakuntali Siberia offers another option. You have to do a special ritual for the energy purification of the food you brought from the supermarket or the store. You have to do it with all the products and even with the dishes you cook at home.

How is this done?

An ancient ritual of energy purification of food from Shakuntali Siberia

First, imagine everyone who will eat the food when you cook.

Who are you cooking for right now? For your partner, children, friends, relatives? Imagine them all, don’t forget anybody.

Second. When you’re cooking, wish these people what they need right now.

For example, your child needs a high score on a certain subject, your partner needs a higher position, your mother needs to solve health problems, and your friend needs a new home.

Pray for every person who is going to sit at the table with you today while cooking. Pray for your child’s success and your mother’s health, your partner’s career advancement, and your friend’s improved home. 

Add these wishes to your meal as you add salt or spices to it. Spice it up with love, care and positive energy. 

Feel the beautiful light of energy transmitted from your hands to the dish. And the darkness (i.e. the negative and failures) goes away. Now you can serve your dish.

Third. Add a prayer for all people to your dish.

You, a woman of Power, can help not only your family and loved ones. You have the power to make the lives of all the people on this planet better. Yes, you do! We told you about the role of a woman in the future of humanity in the previous article. Make sure you read it!

So, pray for those who will not sit at the table with you today. Think about those who need a lot of light energy right now. Hungry poor people all over the world. Children who’ve lost their parents. Women who have been victims of violence. Victims of natural disasters, man-made accidents, military conflicts. 

Shakuntali Siberia notes with regret that this list can continue indefinitely. Try to pray for everyone. A woman makes everyone around her happy!

This time this is Shakuntali Siberia who’s asking for your support

Samantha, Indianapolis:

“While I was young, I never really thought about what I was eating. If it was more convenient and faster, I could have a burger with Coke or a slice of pizza. If I didn’t have time to cook, I’d buy semi-finished products or soup in a jar. 

But one day, my body said STOP.

There were excess pounds and health problems. I was spending too much on pills, and there was almost no effect. And then my sister, a fitness trainer, said she was going to fix me up. I started doing sports, I started eating bio- and eco-products, got rid of all bad habits. And I started feeling better.

It seemed that life had gotten better. But during this period I began having serious problems… this time with business. A small business that I started a few years ago was falling apart in front of my eyes. The rent was going up all the time, the income was going down. Anyway, it wasn’t easy. 

And then there was a new blow waiting for me – my brother was diagnosed with a serious disease.

I was in panic: so many problems came full at the same time. Being stressed, my hands reached out to fast food again … Honestly, I do not know how I would have solved all that, but a chance helped me. A friend of mine invited me to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar. I had heard something about this amazing woman before, so I quickly agreed.

In the class, Shakuntali Siberia told me how to cleanse food energetically. I remember thinking at the time that I had obvious problems with food. So I decided to follow all the master’s recommendations. 

I started eating farm products again, and when I was making food from them, I prayed for my brother and my business. And also for all the people in a difficult life situation, like me. I don’t know if that helped everyone, but it helped me and my brother. A few months later, his diagnosis was not confirmed! There was nothing at all! My business got better, and I opened a second store a year later. 

Although we are doing well now, I say a prayer every time I cook for family or friends.

I thank Shakuntali Siberia who taught me that and gave my brother and I a second chance!”

If you want to become a woman of Power who can change the life of all people on the planet, including your loved ones, register for Shakuntali Siberia’s course or join online school and be healthy!

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