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Cosmic Harmony
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Cosmic Harmony

Why is the balance between male and female principle so important? 

Our world at core is a harmony of male and female energy. But what happens if it is disharmonized? How will it affect every person?   

Energy of love and power 

Have you ever seen what shamanic icons look like? There is a small child surrounded with shining rays in the foreground in absolutely every icon. It comes into this world pure and light. A shaman meets the child from one side, and a young woman meets it on the other side. And there is a family tree as a symbol of harmony between male and female principle in the world in the middle. 

The problem is that there is harmony on the icon, but it is almost lost in the real world. Why did this happen?

Cosmic Harmony

Each of us reveals some part of our individuality from an early age. For example, many girls today are brought up as boys: their leadership skills, determination, firmness, strength are developed. And boys are brought up like girls. They are pampered, protected from real life, raised gentle and caring.

You may ask is it bad if a girl will be able to set goals and go to them from childhood? Most likely, she will be successful and have a great career in the future.

She might become a famous politician or businesswoman. She will take difficult decisions quickly, negotiate with partners and colleagues easily. 

But the fact is that a woman who does not have the opportunity to reveal their femininity, have to follow the male path. And there is an imbalance in the world. The harmony between the male and female principle collapses, and it leads to tragic consequences. For example, few people know that this imbalance causes cancer in women. And every year, the cancer is diagnosed in younger patients. 

Only special, spiritual people can stop this process. People as Shakuntali Siberia, who has dedicated her entire life to helping women.

What can be done to restore harmony? Each person must discover both principles in them: male and female. Only in this way can one become a complete person and gain real power.

For example, a woman must be self-sufficient and soft, strong and gentle, enduring and loving

Male and female energies are completely different. If a woman learns to combine them, she will begin to develop superpowers. Such a woman will be able to read the signs of Power and will know exactly what to do in a particular situation. She will be able to help her man to make the right choice or make the right decision in his career, help her child to find their predestination. Harmony of male and female principles will bring success in all areas of life, material wealth, and prosperity. 

Cosmic Harmony

Samantha, Houston: 

“When we learned of my illness, my husband was the first person to faint. Yeah, somehow, throughout my life, I was the strong half in our family. I have worked in management positions, solved problems, led an active lifestyle all my life. And my husband worked quietly as a forklift driver, attended soccer matches,  meetings with friends in the next pub and parent-teacher conferences at school. 

That’s why the cancer caught us both unawares.

It was the first time I had faced a problem I couldn’t solve on my own.

And my husband was scared to death that now he had to solve something alone. Treatment started. We began fighting. It was very difficult. The kids were suffering too. A colleague at work advised me to attend one of Shakuntali Siberia’s events to get support that I did not receive at home. And I really felt better. 

After an individual diagnosis, I realized that all my problems were rooted in my lifestyle. Masculinity dominated in me throughout my life. I suppressed others, achieved everything myself and trampled my female nature deeper and deeper. And that’s the result – a severe and merciless disease.

Shakuntali Siberia worked a lot with my aura. She created a special protective amulet for me. I constantly attended group classes between courses of treatment. And gradually I felt how the harmony of male and female principles in my life stabilized. And at the same time, I got better and healthier.

Doctors were delighted – I had good and fast improvements.

I knew that without Shakuntali Siberia’s classes it wouldn’t have been possible.  

It has now been a few years since the doctors recognized me as absolutely healthy. And there are still miraculous changes in my life. My husband and I have finally become close spiritually. I stopped pressuring him with my authority, and he felt like the protector of the family. He changed jobs. And now we travel a lot, enjoy each other. There’s romance and happiness in our relationship.

I felt like a woman and it’s so wonderful.

Our family’s life has changed for the better. All thanks to Shakuntali Siberia”. 


At her events Shakuntali Siberia pays great attention to rituals, techniques, practices, thanks to which a woman develops both these energy condition simultaneously. Male qualities of power are trained with the help of SAMPO technique. And there is the most ancient temple knowledge to reveal femininity.

Sign up for Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars, invite everyone who needs it, who wants to be happy and succeed.

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