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Halloween: meeting the holiday properly

3 rules of spending Halloween to be successful 

This tradition can be loved or not. But what we know for sure – there is no one indifferent to the “worst day of the year”. This is due to the special energy and magic of the holiday. We will teach you to celebrate Halloween properly!

All Saints Day or evil holiday? 

A special holiday in the darkest time of the year is now unusually popular in all countries of the world. And not only among young people. Nevertheless, many people take Halloween for a satanic custom and do not consider it necessary to celebrate it. Others, on the contrary, consider it almost the most important and brightest holiday of the year. It is especially loved in the USA.

The true ancient meaning of the holiday is partially lost. Only few know that people dress up as monsters, ghosts, and spirits, and thus scare away the dark forces. It turns out that when a person changes their image, they become literally invisible to evil spirits.

And Halloween is also a celebration of the Woman of Power (Witch), who can change her image, taking the form of great women or goddesses. Thus, she becomes different, and the evil spirits of the Underworld cannot affect her. What are these evil spirits? They are quite material and are manifested in diseases, consumer attitudes towards us, poverty, constant stress and many other unpleasant things. Therefore, it is very important to spend this day correctly.

3 main rules of the modern Witch 

What is the most popular image on All Saints Day? Of course, this is the Witch. But not evil and treacherous, as many think. A witch is an Experienced Mother, a knowledgeable woman, a guardian and savior of lineage from evil forces and spirits. It is her who plays a key role in Halloween.

How to spend a holiday so that it brings maximum luck and effect for the whole year not only to you, but also to your loved ones? We share the secrets of successful women who attract love and wealth, dressing up as a Witch – a Woman of Power.


Rule 1: Look Like a Witch 

Have you already dressed up as a Witch for Halloween? And most likely, you have put on rags and painted a “mask of death” on your face? Is it possible to scare away evil spirits and attract good luck looking like this? .. As for spirits, it is doubtful. But you can definitely scare people in the radius of the next 3 kilometers )))

A real Witch should look luxurious, elegant and bright on this day. Be sure to make a beautiful makeup and hairstyle. Highlight your beauty with a black dress or one of the red shades. Such a Witch will be hard to miss.

Rule 2: Think Like a Witch 

To fit into the image, you have to work a little. Make at least one of the practices of the Great Women. It’s worth starting with the practice of the Witch. Thus you can charge with the right energy and mood for the whole evening and night. And the dark forces will bypass you.

Rule 3: Act Like a Witch 

To do this, it is not necessary to fly on a broomstick or pour a potion in other people’s drinks. Just make at least 3 compliments. It doesn’t matter to whom – a man / woman / child. They must be sincere and made from your heart. This way you can launch positive energy. And it will strengthen and return to you, enveloping, like a protective cover – the witch’s cloak.

The practice of scaring away evil by Good and Love is the most effective one. It really works! How? You will learn about this at Shakuntali’s seminars. She will tell in detail how to spend Halloween properly.


Sometimes, to become noticeable, you have to become a Witch 

One of the days of retreat with Shakuntali was just at the celebration of Halloween. It was very convenient that the group was in the homeland of the holiday – in Ireland. The students were amazed how a true celebration could be different from what they were used to. One of them, Emily, often went to such fun parties, painted her face and put on ridiculous outfits, secretly dreaming of meeting a man. But time passed, and Emily’s personal life did not work out.

Shakuntali taught her students how to act. For the first time they looked properly and spent time in a decent place. If this could be called the Sabbath of the Witches, then only the cutest and most successful ones. Girls simply radiated dignity and positive. Of course, before that they had had individual practices and, together with Shakuntali, done special practices, got Magic objects and visited the Place of Power to charge.

It was during Halloween that several women met their loved persons. After all, such self-confident beautiful witches were hard to miss. Some wrote Shakuntali about the effective power of transformation after 1-2 weeks.

This happened with Emily. Men suddenly started pouring her with their attention: from colleagues at work to her first love. Now Emily, thanks to the knowledge of Shakuntali, is engaged. Success unexpectedly came into her career – Emily was promoted, now she takes the position that she had dreamed of for many years.

Are you ready to become a Woman of Power? Then join Shakuntali’s retreats, come to groups and seminars. Do you want to never get sick, become truly happy and successful? Begin the journey of the Woman of Power with us!

Spirits brought you here and this means that you are on the verge of a new stage – the discovery of supernormal abilities, contact with spirits and understanding of your mission. All this will be revealed to you at the next Shakuntali’s seminar. Follow the call of the spirits!

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