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How do seminars help?

Published on 18.10.2019

An effective way to achieve harmony and happiness

We come to the earth to be happy and give happiness! How do seminars help in finding one’s own way and becoming clear of problems? Shakuntali conducts seminars and retreats all over the world for those who need support, healing and religious care. Are you ready to change your life?

Anna, Paris: 

Friends and family can’t imagine me without a diary, phone and laptop. Constant calls, emails, messenger is torn. There are no days off. I’m in touch from 8 am to 10 pm. I feel absolutely done in and have no energy for my nearest and dearest. Coming home, I want only to feel some peace and quiet. 

In the third year of such work, I realized that I’m going crazy and I need to do something urgently. I became feeling headaches; I became afraid of the subway and crowds. The psychologist prescribed me sedatives, but daily consultation with him didn’t lead to anything. 

One of my clients told me how Shakuntali seminars help to get out of depression, and invited me to a lesson. There were only two conditions — it would be necessary to turn off all gadgets for the duration of the events and to get dressed comfortably. 

For me, being out of touch even for five minutes is already an act of heroism, and then I had to be out of touch for few hours… I strongly doubted, but still got up the juice. As I understand now, this was the most right thing in my life…

Everything was unusual. Women who came with the hope of changing their lives. Outgoing warmth and goodwill from Shakuntali. The day of the seminar just flew by, I even forgot about endless lists, numbers and reports, overfull messenger and calls. It’s like I was born again. For the first time in a long period, I smiled and felt good. At first hand I realized how Shakuntali seminars help and felt the need to meet her face to face.

She appointed an individual consultation for the day after the seminar. Our conversation didn’t last long, but I received answers to all my questions and understood what I need to do in order to harmonize my state of mind. Before leaving, I purchased a security amulet in the form of a beautiful ethnic-style bracelet. 

I don’t know what kind of magic power Shakuntali wields, I only know that my phobias and headaches disappeared. Now a lot of time in my schedule is devoted to self-development. I attend group classes on the weekend, every three months I come to seminars, I read and meditate a lot, and began to paint with watercolors. 

Everyone noticed the changes: both loved ones and partners. I became balanced, calm and smiling. I feel great! I understand that now I have fulfilled my potential not only at work, but also in my hobby – painting takes more and more time. And what is more, it’s so nice to be part of a big family – the students of Shakuntali.

How do seminars help

How to make a modern woman happy? 

How to find an own way and become a happy person? All these questions can be answered only at individual consultations and seminars. For 25 years, Shakuntali has been organizing and conducting seminars for women in all cities all over the world. 

We can be separated by thousands of kilometers, we can have different skin colors, traditions and cultural traditions, but we all want to achieve the same thing — self-fulfillment, stability, personal happiness and spiritual harmony. Sounds like a magic mantra? Maybe, but only by making up your mind to light and positive emotions, you can achieve what you want. Happiness is in our hands. 

How do seminars take place? 

Modern women take very little rest. As a rule, a career takes almost all the time. Therefore, our seminars are a mini-vacation. Turning off the mobile phone, breaking away from work, a person goes through a complete informational purification. 

Shops, subways, cars and offices, flashy advertising signs — everything that creates a fuss and a bad mood, remains outside the seminar. During the lesson, you feel refreshment of mind and body. How do seminars help? They teach to clear their mind of everything secondary and negative.

Of course, we don’t offer to quit work at all))) But we learn to control our emotions, receive and maintain positive energy, learn to accept the world so different. Believe me, it’s not difficult when a wise and experienced tutor is nearby. Visiting Shakuntali retreats at least once every three months, it’s possible to replenish the energy powers.

At seminars, a lot of people discover hidden talents in themselves; a desire to perform and create something appears. Having returned home, some begin to take lessons in drawing or vocal, dancing or yoga. How do seminars help? They open a new interesting life before you.

Working with negativity 

The first day of the seminar always causes a lot of conflicting emotions in our students. On the one hand, it’s necessary to stop using mobile communications and laptop, to postpone a daily planner — it’s quite difficult to give up on habits.

On the other hand, on the first day there is a great purification from communication dependence, an energy transformation takes place. Fuss, conversations, bad thoughts get out of the head and make way for valuable information. This is a hard work.

Modern man doesn’t know how to cope with a huge stream of negativity and information, so it’s so important to be able to control own emotions and save energy. Negative energy prevents light breathing and enjoying life, and sometimes leads to serious illnesses. Only special rituals and individual practices can help in restoring lost emotional balance and health. 

Performing practices surrounded by spiritually close people, we create a unique in its energy field around ourselves. Its strength is so great that it’s able to heal, solve personal problems, and help in difficult situations. 

How do seminars help? They fill life with new and interesting people, spiritual friends. You can find mentors and assistants among them and to get support in different life situations. 

If for some reason you don’t have the opportunity to regularly attend our seminars, try every day to give up the Internet and gadgets at least for an hour. Devote this time to yourself: a small physical warm-up activity, meditation, a walk in the park will allow you to maintain a level of positive energy. Is it simple? Yes! And very effective!

We invite you to a world where miracles come true and good magic happens, where a person can feel a state of true happiness in a short time, solve all his difficulties in life and help to all his nearest and dearest. Filling our and other people’s lives with happiness, kindness, compassion, we save our planet from evil and intolerance.

It’s important not only to study, but also to practice the knowledge gained among like-minded people. We invite you to join the company of happy, open-minded and loving people in our classes and retreats! 


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