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How Do You End The Day In The Right Way? Things To Do Before You Go To Sleep
How to end a day
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How do you end the day in the right way?

To feel full of power and energy in the morning 

 Every day we live brings us a lot of information, feelings and events. We summarize the day and set up for tomorrow before falling asleep. In order to wake up in the morning full of power, you need to know exactly how to end in the right way. Doctor of Psychology, Enlightened woman Shakuntali Siberia speaks about it.

 A new day is a new life 

Siberian shamanic priestess Shakuntali Siberia lives according to special space laws. She devotes all her life to spiritual development and selfless help to people. Shakuntali Siberia is connected with each of her students by the thread of destiny that stretches back from the past lives.

Therefore, meeting with them for real at her events, she feels the destiny of each person in advance, their uniqueness. She helps to learn to build their life in a new way, to get filled with invigorating energy, happiness, health, harmony, love and joy every day. To do this, it is very important to understand the best way to end the day so as to get a maximum of positive emotions tomorrow. It would be very useful to implement some healthy things into your life.

Rule 1: Physical activity. 

We already told you how to start your day in the right way. In the morning, to activate your physical center and organize yourself it is enough to exercise for 15-30 minutes, then in the evening you need to exercise a few hours. It can be any type of activity: dancing, cycling, fitness, jogging. Even a brisk pace walk is very good.

The main thing is doing it outdoors, if the climate allows, of course.

How to end a day

Rule 2: Purification practices.

The second thing you have to do in the evening is purification practices. You see, during the day your energy field is attacked by negative emotions. Remember how many quarrels, conflicts, and resentments you had during the day. You should never go to bed with all this.

Leave everything bad in the passing day, prepare yourself to enter the new perfect day without it.

 Rule 3: Meditation.

Saying goodbye to the passing day, it is best to stay in a private place where you feel calm and comfortable. You can sit comfortably in a soft chair or lie on the bed. Relax completely, and do a meditation session.

Take a deep breath and breathe in pure power and energy.

And exhaling, get rid of problems, weaknesses and troubles you faced during the day.

Shakuntali Siberia advises meditation “Field of Love”. It is recommended to be done in the family circle. This will charge with energy and power not only you, but also your loved ones.

Rule 4: Gratitude

It is very important to feel gratitude with all your heart for every day you have lived. And enter the world of dreams with this magical feeling.

Before you end the day, you need to open your soul and thank all the people you know and strangers who you met during the day. This is one of the most important things to do before sleep.

And also those who are constantly present in your life. After all, there is God in every person. By your gratitude you help the divine essence to awaken in the soul of a man, you perform divine actions, get into the world of higher beings. This experience makes you stronger and wiser.

Thank all the extraterrestrial beings who were invisibly helping you all day long. These are beautiful angels and light spirits that lead you the right way, tell you how to end the day in a well positive way. Your thanksgiving will bring you to the great mood, in the first place. You will end your day and calmly, with joy you will enter the new day in this amazing feeling of gratitude.

How to end a day

Gemma, Washington: 

“I was sure I was fine in my life when I was fired from work out of the blue. Suddenly I was downsized and it turned out that the company no longer needed my services.

So I became a housewife (against my will), and, unfortunately, I couldn’t find a new job right away.

I started to cook breakfast and dinner roughly, but I didn’t feel satisfied with such a life. The idea that I was unfairly fired and a deaf grudge against my colleagues, who quickly forgot about me, tormented me every night. I started to gain weight, I got nervous, I started having health problems. Taking it out on my husband and children all the time only worsened my condition. Now I had no idea how to end the day quietly, without worrying.

At first, my relatives endured my hysteria with understanding. But gradually they became more and more distant. I knew I was wrong, but I didn’t know how to fix it.

I felt like the negative was pouring out of me, poisoning the family relationship. Psychologists did not help. Even my favorite tennis, which I have been practicing since I was 4, started to irritate me.

And then one day, having met Catherine, my longtime acquaintance, outside I talked to her about my life. She wasn’t a close friend of mine, but at that moment I was so exhausted by my problems that I told her everything. I just needed to talk.

That’s when I first heard about Shakuntali Siberia. Catherine told me that she had been attending  group shamanism classes for a long time. And the Siberian shamanic priestess helps to cope with any problem. It was that day that Shakuntali Siberia held the seminar. Catherine offered to go together, and I agreed out of curiosity.

From the very first minutes I was just fascinated. This seminar turned my mind and my whole inner world upside down. I looked differently at the situation that had happened to me. And I realized what I had to do. From this session I became a regular participant of all Shakuntali Siberia’s events. But most of all I was impressed by the individual consultation which Shakuntali Siberia carried out at my request.

During the Gyud session, Shakuntali Siberia conducted a deep diagnosis of my energy potential. She corrected all the failures, drove away the Lower World spirits that clung to my energy envelope, and revealed my potential. She created a special protective amulet for me to help me cope with any problems and negative forces.

I realized that my mission in this world is not to stay in a stuffy office all day long.

It turned out that all my ancestors chose a profession related to plants. In our family, for many generations there has been a unique ability to feel the nature. But I didn’t know anything about it. Shakuntali Siberia opened my eyes!

The transition to a new life was not instantaneous. It took me some steps: I attended classes, performed various practices, restored my energy, learned to manage my power, accumulate it and direct it in the right direction. Shakuntali Siberia taught me how to end my day correctly, to wake up in the morning full of power and happiness.

I was changing for good, getting stronger, wiser. The relationship in the family has changed dramatically. My husband and I became very close again. And my health problems disappeared, and I lost weight and looked better.

A few months later, my husband and I decided to start our own business. Now we have a small greenhouse where we grow exotic flowers for sale.

My gift was unique – even the weakest plants bloom in my hands.

In a short period of time our flower shop has become very popular. I am very glad that this gift – to give energy to flowers and other plants – is slowly revealed in my children.  

Every evening I thank everyone who I met on the way, I thank the Higher Powers for their help, I thank my loved ones for their love. And every morning I wake up happy and full of power for new achievements, for a new beautiful day!

If fate hadn’t sent me the opportunity to meet Shakuntali Siberia, who knows how my future life would be…”

How to end a day

Earth energy

Watershed meeting with Shakuntali Siberia has changed many lives. That is why she lives to make people happy, help them find their true destiny, realize their unique abilities. She teaches how to end the day so that the morning is happy and positive.

She helps to understand the mechanism of energy exchange with nature, in which the Earth itself saturates man with its power and makes him strong and successful. She gives us a special meaning to simple things, protects us from negativity and evil spirits, and leads us by the hand to another life.

Come to seminars, sign up for individual consultations, and order protective amulets for yourself and your loved ones. And there will be amazing changes in your life. You will find the true meaning for which you have come to this world. Bring friends and acquaintances to our seminars, share your knowledge with others. This will change both their and your life for the better!

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