How do you find and enhance women's energy for personal happiness?
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How do you find and enhance women’s energy for personal happiness?

Shakuntali Siberia answers the questions and gives working practices

Modern women are different from their great grandmothers. Regardless of their financial situation and the presence of a permanent partner, they often can not live a full life, be harmonious, feel really happy. It all is because of their inability to reveal their female energy and restore female power.

Female is like a flower 

The sages in the East considered a woman to be a beautiful mountain flower to serve and admire. And this extraordinary beauty flower is inside every woman. 

What it will be like – a mountain violet, a luxurious rose or a dried up cactus – depends on the woman.

What are the roots of your flower of female power? If they are healthy, the woman shines, looks beautiful, and feels happy. Like plants, the flower of female power needs food. But these are not the products that you eat every day. Female flower needs the opportunity to show female sexuality. 

How to let such energy out with respect and without condemnation of society? Special energy exercises and practices help. These special exercises can be done together with other Shakuntali Siberia’s students at special seminars. It is recommended to doing such exercises all your life. Yoga, special dance or energy practices should become a natural part of your life regardless of having a regular partner.

How do you find and enhance women's energy for personal happiness?

How does the cactus behave

Often the energy roots of woman’s sexuality are not fed. Like any plant that is not watered, the flower of female energy just withers and dries up completely. 

The woman literally becomes a cactus – prickly, unsociable. 

Both her appearance and energy potential change. 

This situation usually comes from childhood or puritanical education. Parents put a block on the girl’s sexual energy. Very often they are told that sex is dirty or decent women do not do it. Most parents have little understanding of what sexual education is also needed. They are intimidated by the female nature of girls. And what’s scary and incomprehensible is easier to prohibit.

Shakuntali’ Siberia has many examples of business women in her practice. They are very successful in their work, real opinion leaders and experts in their business. But they have no partner, no friends, and no hobbies. Such a woman usually has health problems, excess weight and bad habits.

The lady with the steel character 

Bella came for an energy therapy session to Shakuntali Siberia. She was a CEO deputy of a major construction company, and she had an impressive appearance. The big woman had tried to lose weight for years, but in vain. It turned out that the reason wasn’t the inordinate diet and the wrong way of life. Along the way, Shakuntali Siberia found out that the doctors also recommended Belle to have her womb removed.

In fact, the problem was the lack of nutrition for the roots of the female flower. Shakuntali Siberia saw it clearly. Although Bella was working among men, she had no personal life. The last time she felt happy was in college. But she forbade herself to love and be loved for her future success. The result is that the roots of the flower of a woman’s essence have died away. And physically, it was manifested in women’s diseases.

Shakuntali Siberia held a lot of classes with Bella. A successful leader is now also a happy woman. She learned a special ritual dance and even arranged a special room to do it in her huge house, where no one enters. From time to time, Bella performs it in our group seminars. And now she lives with a loving partner who simply worships her. 

The story ended happily because its character wasn’t afraid to turn to Shakuntali Siberia for an individual consultation in time. But how many women suffer in silence! You can know this by reading the statistics on women’s diseases. That’s why Shakuntali Siberia began to compile ancient knowledge and pass it on to women. She has been sharing energy help techniques for over 15 years. And it has made thousands of women happy! 

At the same time Shakuntali Siberia meets 2 opposite variants of destructive behavior for female energy among her students. We showed an example of the businesswoman as the first variant. Such women become masculine in their energy. And then physiologically. Their appearance change.

Even if a woman is naturally beautiful, she repels potential partners. 

Victim of the wrong attitudes does not feel happy neither in a luxury home, nor at an expensive resort even with all the possibilities she has.  

Strange as it may seem, the scenario when the “happy wife and mother” completely dissolves in the family (children, husband), too badly affects the female nature. She does not realize her full potential. At some point, she realizes that she was not living her life. If you are afraid to stay in an empty house with a partner who has become a stranger after the children have grown up, it is time for you to think about yourself.

How do you find and enhance women's energy for personal happiness?

When you broke up with your partner 

It is not uncommon for women’s energy to fade after breaking up with a partner. A woman tends to blame herself for being broken up with. She closes down, her self-esteem falls. Shakuntali Siberia always tells the students that in this case you have to look for the problem in something else. 

Partner never leaves for nothing, but for something that he lacked in the past relations. 

It is important to find out what he lacked with you. 

It’s great if you can talk this over with your ex-partner in peace. But a breakup is often hurtful, painful and sudden. So, any partner needs 3 things: a woman’s sexuality, moral support, inspiring motivation from a woman. It’s the key to any harmonious relationship. Now analyze your past relationships. What did you not have there?

Here’s a working practice from Shakuntali Siberia. Do it now, without delay. Remember your meeting and the first months of the relationship. What were you like then? What attracted your partner in you? What subsequently left your relationship?

Turn on a calm relaxing melody, return to that state of love, fullness and harmony. If you don’t have such memories or you didn’t have serious relationship, remember yourself as a child. Let the joyful picture from childhood be before your eyes: how you played with your beloved pet or danced in the sunrays. Repeat this dance with your eyes closed, filled with love for yourself and for life. You will be surprised how your female energy will change and increase. Do this practice every day. 

By awakening your feminine essence, you will begin to nourish the roots of the flower of feminine power. Everything will be filled with natural harmony. 

You will look beautiful. You will feel the external and internal transformations. 

Men will start paying attention to you. And – oh miracle! – even the ex will want the relationship back. But do you need it? Don’t think about it now. Just enjoy your new condition, finding yourself.

How do you find and enhance women's energy for personal happiness?

How do you restore a relationship with an ex-partner? 

Shakuntali Siberia says the easiest way to get your ex back is if the reason of your break up was lack of support and attention. Maybe you were not keeping the balance in your relationship, giving it to work or children all the time. Where do you want to start? To Find time for yourself, finally. But this shouldn’t be a one-time event like going to a beauty salon or buying some new clothes. 

Fill yourself with female energy on a regular basis.

Start doing practices that restore female sexual energy on a daily basis. You will notice the changes in just a few days. There will be a desire to take care of yourself, arrange a cosiness in the house. Your ex will feel your energy power and transformation, even at distance. And even if many years have passed since the breakup, he will call or otherwise contact you to find out how you are doing, ask if you need his help.

If your energy is at zero that there are already problems – from depression to illness – it will take longer to restore female power. In this case, the most powerful impact is given by group classes, seminars, where the woman is filled with energy thanks to all group members. 

Outdoor retreats to the Places of Power is another emergency aid for you. The effect of the practice is enhanced by the special energy of the places we come to. Shakuntali Siberia will also find an individual Object of Power for you to help combat negative influences and accumulate female energy every day.

Start recovering your sexual energy today to feel the desired changes in your life.

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