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How do you find your predestination?

How do you discover the divine spark in you 

There is a divine spark, a divine consciousness inside every person. It is located deep inside in the form of a little spark. Our task is to grow a huge Power out of it that will change us and allow us to find the meaning of life. Shakuntali Siberia explains how to do that.

Love for yourself 

All the troubles on our planet happen because many people unknowingly do terrible things. This is why there is aggression, war, cruelty. But each of us has a heart, and there is love in each heart. The main thing is where we direct this love. 

First of all, each person directs this love to something inside them and develops under its influence.

One of Shakuntali Siberia’s students, Marie, came to the retreat to discover her predestination. By the time she was 45 years old. She couldn’t decide what kind of business she would like to start. She was in constant material difficulties, and things were not all well inside the family. 

In fact, what had happened to her was something that happens to many people. She directed love not towards her true self, but towards a false personality – the masks that society forces us all to wear. You need to be in a completely different environment to defeat your false identity. 

That’s why retreat is ideal for finding yourself. After all, even the president or owner of the corporation, being away from civilization, becomes an ordinary person. There, his public role does not matter.  

When a person realizes that a false personality and body are just tools, they begin to develop the necessary qualities, a strict attitude to themselves. At that moment, they have the opportunity to direct their love towards the divine spark inside them. The person is completely transformed under the effect of this love. 

That’s what happened with Marie. She realized her predestination on the fourth day of retreat! She suddenly discovered that she was interested in writing poems and notes about the world around her. She’s now a successful blogger. Marie travels around the world a lot and shares her spiritual experience with her subscribers. What’s more, she’s helped reveal predestination for her son and partner. Her son has become a famous designer and her partner is successful in the construction business. 

How do you find your predestination?

Shakuntali Siberia believes that it is very important to direct your heart, your emotions in the right direction. After all, this is the Power that will develop either something beautiful or something bad in us. We become what we direct our love to.

Love to God 

The world is made up of three components: us, the world around us, and God. We must direct love towards the development of divine potential. But that is not enough. We still have to love God.

Shakuntali Siberia often sees that people think about God only in difficult moments or if they want some good for themselves. 

They pray to ask for fulfillment of their dreams. For example, some parents ask God to reason with their children who refuse to learn. Because they paid a very high tuition fee. But perhaps God has prepared a completely different destination for their children.

Parents must accept their children’s choices and show their love through understanding and support, not through aggression and negativity. Prayers should ask God not to fulfill desires, but to help them choose the right path.

A student of Shakuntali Siberia, Emma, was chained to a wheelchair after a failed vein surgery. She had been asking God to help her walk again. The woman began praying differently after an individual consultation with Shakuntali Siberia. She asked the Almighty to let her understand why He sent her this trial. 

Soon Emma was invited to work on a volunteer team to help patients who, like her, suddenly found themselves in a wheelchair. It became a matter of Emma’s life. She gave to other people all her time, strength, and knowledge. And one day she literally jumped out of a wheelchair to help one of the girls! 

This is how God answered Emma’s sincere prayer, showing her true predestination.

Love for others 

Another component of harmonious spiritual development is love for people around us. This is very important. Our brain is the most complex structure of neural connections, which show us images of everything we face in life. The most basic representation is our ego. Hatred destroys the neural connections, but love, on the contrary, unites them. Through love for people, neural connections immerse us in a state of grace, relieve us of the negative. 

Shakuntali Siberia suggests making a special practice aimed at developing the ability to love other people. Start with a simple one – try to induce a positive attitude towards an ordinary person who you meet in the street. As long as you have no association with the person, you will get over it very quickly. Complicate the task gradually. Spread your feelings to an entire group of people with whom you have had small differences. 

This time this is Shakuntali Siberia who’s asking for your support

And the most difficult stage will be to spread positive feelings on those who openly dislike you, insult you and show aggression.

Every person can change radically. But not everyone has enough willpower to do that. That is why most often you need outside help. Shakuntali Siberia teaches to direct love not on our ego but on development of consciousness, on sincere love to God, to others, to each other at her classes and seminars. 

If you want to understand your predestination, join Shakuntali Siberia’s classes, join her online school and group prayers “Field of Love” held every Sunday.

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