How do you make your dreams come true?
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How do you make your dreams come true?

Secrets of the ancient chakra system

Each of us has at least one cherished dream. Typically we believe it to be a pipe dream. For example, you dream of being awarded with a Grammy. It’s not possible if you have nothing to do with the world of music. That’s what everyone thinks. But they’re very wrong. Even the most incredible dream can come true! Shakuntali Siberia will teach you how to do it.

Why don’t our dreams come true?

So what really prevents you from achieving your dreams? What stands between you and the Grammy music award? You probably think you don’t have a talent. You feel uncomfortable singing in public, and you only sing in the shower when nobody can hear you. That’s why you don’t go to castings, festivals or even karaoke. You don’t even dare approaching the microphone.

This is your biggest mistake! You’ve got a talent! Even more than one! 

At birth each person is given all sorts of skills, and sometimes even superpowers. Remember yourself singing, dancing, and drawing well when you were a kid. You were sure that you were doing it great. You dreamed of becoming a famous singer, a cool actor, a famous artist, a great musician or a great athlete.

Why nothing worked out for real? What stopped you from achieving it?

Think what is the most important thing in life for you? It is material well-being: housing, clothing, food. It’s natural. Some people focus on their careers: they achieve success and power, they try to get rich. There is nothing surprising in this desire either. Finally, we all dream of great and happy love, a strong and friendly family, harmony in relationships. And this dream is also logical.

But these three desires represent only the lower stages of human development. In fact, these stages are seven!

Our talents, dreams and all those events that seem incredible are located on the uppermost stages. That’s where our highest achievements, Grammy, Oscar and the Biathlon World Cup are.

At her classes, Shakuntali Siberia sadly often observes that people are very rarely able to climb above the first three stages. They are not interested in personal development, improvement, energy practices. And by doing so, they prevent themselves from fulfilling their most cherished dream. They do not let their happy fate to realize. Why does it happen?!

Secrets of Woman of Power

You need to have an idea about the ancient Indian chakral system to know the talents and skills the Universe has given you

Muladdhara Chakra

It is located in the area of tailbone and deals with the power of peace. If a lot of energy is accumulated in the Muladdhara, it means that the physical body has a lot of strength, health and endurance. The person will be always sick and weak if there is not enough energy in this chakra.

Svadhishthana Chakra

This chakra is in the lower abdomen. It deals with passion and sexuality. If this chakra is full of energy, then you drive everyone crazy with your attractiveness and liberation. 

If there is little energy in this chakra or it is blocked, then the relationship with your partner worsens, and women’s health is fails. For this reason it is very important for women to fill this chakra with energy.

Manipura chakra

It is located in the solar plexus and deals with activity of a person. Active people with unique leadership qualities usually have a well-energized Manipura Chakra. These people make great leaders. They achieve a great success in their career. 

This chakra is closely connected to Mental body of a person. It is distinguished by the special energy of your individual strength. The more power it has, the more people you will be able to influence. If the energy is not enough, then the person will be stuck in failures. 

Shyness, self doubt, pathological modesty, stiffness and inner barriers – all this is due to lack of energy in the Manipura. 

These three chakras are the very low stages of human development. A huge number of people stop at these very levels. Predestination of a person begins with higher centers such as the Anahata. It’s where the human soul lives. 

While making efforts to satisfy the desires of the lower centers, we do not have time to think about our soul.

That is the main reason why our desires are not being fulfilled. Shakuntali Siberia will teach you how to change the situation at her class.

Anahata Chakra

This chakra is in the central part of the chest, in close proximity to the heart. It deals with sublime sincere love and reverence. It refers to the astral body. If this chakra is filled with energy, the person is notable for kindness and responsiveness. 

The blocked Anahata means the person’s life is full of resentment, criticism, claims, dissatisfaction. All these negatives have an adverse effect on fate. That is why this chakra needs to be worked on more thoroughly.

Vishuddha Chakra

It is located in the area of the sternal notch on the neck and deals with the sublime delight. This chakra is closely linked to the Conceptual body, where millions of creative ideas and plans are concentrated. 

The excess energy in this chakra symbolizes unique talents and skills, creativity and innovation.

If there is no energy or it is blocked it may cause difficulties in realizing your potential. 

Ajna chakra

It is located between the eyebrows, in the area of the third eye and deals with the strong will. Plenty of energy means that a person is concentrated, has an excellent memory and skills for successful planning. 

If your memory leaves much to be desired, you forget about your appointments and planned activities all the time, it means that your Ajna chakra lacks energy. 

This problem should be solved as soon as possible and your chakra’s power should be replenished. It is connected with the Causal body, which serves storage of experience of all past lives. 

Sahasrara chakra

This chakra is located in the area of the crown of your head. It represents intuitive wisdom and unity with the universe and the Nirvanic body, which is one for all living beings. By pushing the energy flows up the chakras, you will be able to find yourself in nirvana and feel like a particle of the great cosmic space. 

Winter solstice

Maria, Madrid:

“My life has always been quite successful. I was never lazy, so I studied all the time, I worked, took care of my family and home. My career was brilliant: by the age of 45 I had made my name in the world of medicine. My family and friends were proud of me. But the feeling of strange dissatisfaction burdened me all the time. Neither rest, nor travelling or vitamin complexes changed anything. It made me feel nervous, irritable and miserable from time to time…  

Why did this happen? I seemed to have everything I needed in my life to be happy.

One day I was on my way back from a friend’s place and saw an announcement about a seminar of Shakuntali Siberia dedicated to finding predestination that was to be held soon near my home. And I suddenly decided that I needed to attend this seminar at all costs. I canceled all the plans for that big night and joined the event. 

As I entered the hall, I felt the threads of my fate began to weave a new pattern of my life. It just turned my world upside down. I realized I wasn’t living my life to the fullest, and all of the amazing colors of life were passing me by. Shakuntali Siberia helped me realize that I had not fully realized myself and my skills. I had undergone chakral diagnostics, and it turned out that I had an incredible potential.

I started attending group sessions, seminars, trainings all the time and my life changed dramatically. Now I’m involved in various charity projects, helping those in need, I am engaged in my spiritual development. 

I have found my true predestination and become truly happy.

Shakuntali Siberia invites everyone to have an individual diagnostics of predestination online. You will be able to learn the reason you have come to this world, your mission, and ways to fulfill your predestination and find true happiness! Register for our online school. We are waiting for you!

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