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How to become self-confident

7 Tips from Shakuntali Siberia 

What is the difference between a self-confident woman and a timid one? Self-confident woman is successful in everything: her career develops, her business booms, personal relations are also successful. Is it possible to cultivate self-confidence? It is! Shakuntali Siberia will help you do it.

1. Transform your weaknesses into virtues 

You are simply bursting from inside with enthusiasm and creativity, but you constantly restrain yourself and do not allow yourself to open up – because you work in a respectable company. You have to handle boring duties, because it brings you a stable income and confidence in the future. Although you would enjoy being on stage and a tornado of applause more in reality. Or you are not happy with the dark color of your hair, and you have to constantly dye your hair blonde, because it is always in trend…

Is it worth to contradict yourself every day and suffer from a constant change of masks?

Nature has created you as a unique jewel that only needs a light cutting.

Why don’t you make your nose your source of pride like Lady Gaga did?

Stop worrying about your alleged flaws. They are not your flaws, but your unique peculiarities!

2. Do not try to please everyone

People always give you such compliments as clever girl, highest degree of goodness, a friend who will always offer a helping hand. Well, of course, because you help everyone all the time: rush to rescue your colleagues, console your friends, and help all your relatives. You are a wonderful person who does not know how to refuse other people.

As a result, you don’t have enough time for anything. You don’t have time to take care of yourself. You don’t even have time for sports. We do not even mention establishing romantic relationship…

A self-confident woman always knows what she wants and is aware of her true desires. Shakuntali Siberia believes: it is time to learn to say NO.

3. Accept refusal as a new opportunity

Lost your job? Wonderful! You will find a new better-paid one.

Broke up with your boyfriend? That’s wonderful! You will not spend your precious time and energy on the person who does not deserve it.

They asked you to move out of the apartment you rented? Fine! You will move to an ecologically clean area, closer to your work.

When you get a refusal or everything happens not the way you would like to be, new opportunities is what you need to think about first of all.

There are no barriers in life, there are only stages of development and improvement!

How to become self-confident

4. Stop comparing yourself to others

Your friend achieved incredible success in her career. She has a huge house and a loving boyfriend. What do you think a self-confident woman should do? Naturally, she should be happy for her friend and wish each woman the same happiness.

Why should we be envious of what others have? It is much better to focus on thoughts about what you have. Comparing yourself with other people, you lose the opportunity to reveal your own potential. This is because you focus all of your attention on the achievements of other people.

Shakuntali Siberia is sure: comparing yourself with you from the past is much more effective than comparing yourself to other people.

Concentrate on yourself! This will give you a tangible impetus to your own development. You will be able to achieve high goals and fulfill your predestination.

5. Do not hesitate making your choice

Making your own choice is absolutely necessary. Always. With no doubts. After all, doubts lead to destruction. So go ahead! Only in the process you will be able to understand whether this choice was correct and what to do next. Doubts will slow you down and are unlikely to change anything. Start now! A better moment than this one is surely not going to happen!

6. Feel free to ask for help 

Asking for help is not a manifestation of weakness. It is unlikely that you can find at least one person in the world who would know absolutely everything. If you are not a solitary, then it means that you contact with other people in one way or another. With those people who can help you, and with those whom you can help.

Shakuntali Siberia shares a small secret: by asking a person for help, you will do them a favor.

Such a request will emphasize their authority and expertise. The both will benefit from it in the end.

7. Do not forget to thank the Universe 

Self-confident woman accepts everything that happens in her life with gratitude. Indeed, gratitude is the basis of love. Love turns an ordinary woman into a Woman of Power.

This time this is Shakuntali Siberia who’s asking for your support

Special Practices for Improving Self-Confidence

Shakuntali Siberia advises making a special mudra to increase self-confidence. Fold your hands and join your fingers. Raise your hands to the area of solar plexus. Take a deep breath, then hold your breath and feel how the power grows in your solar plexus. Exhale and feel how this power and energy enters your aura. Repeat this exercise twice.

To become self-confident person you also need to develop personally all the time. You can attend group classes or seminars. You can attend retreats of Shakuntali Siberia in the Places of the Power or come for an individual consultation. Learning at the online school is certainly the most convenient way to get new knowledge today! Do not forget about the Objects of Power that will fill you with energy and protect you from troubles and diseases.

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