How to Find Harmony and Stay in Harmony
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How to Find Harmony and Stay in Harmony

As humans, we all want to find harmony in every point of our lives. We want to achieve emotional harmony and balance, with ourselves and with those around us, without feeling that we are unhinged from within ourselves. Shakuntali advises that creating harmony workshops may further help you in achieving that sense of harmony. 

To achieve inner harmony and find your balance, you need to take the right steps. And once you find that harmony, you need to keep doing what it is that you are doing to maintain it. When it comes to living in harmony, you need to be aware of the fact that it can be lost, unless you keep working on maintaining it.

Here are some ways preached by Shakuntali for you to achieve that kind of emotional harmony with yourself.

1. Wherever you may be, be fully there

When you are in some place, thinking about being in some other place, that’s when the harmony begins to break off. When you are at work, scrambling through papers, don’t think about being at home, cozying up on the couch, and watching your favorite TV show. And when you are home, don’t think about all the work you have to do tomorrow or the things that happened at the office that day. Shakuntali advises that wherever you may be, be completely there at all times.

2. Practice self-balance

When you feel in the impossibility of finding harmony in life, even when you seem to have your time sorted out, you may want to try practicing some self-balance. The exterior factors may be in harmony – but that does not mean that your spirit is also in harmony. You need to learn how to be in harmony with yourself – and this can only be done if you focus on your inner relationship.

Shakuntali says that one good activity would be to start writing, as it has proven efficient in helping you make sense of your own package in your head. Yoga and meditation can also steer your mind into helping you find your inner balance, just as practicing self-acceptance does. Once you can find harmony from within, you should be able to exteriorize it as well. It will also further help you when you are dealing with stress.

How to Find Harmony and Stay in Harmony

3. Improve your relationships with others

In most cases, according to Shakuntali, your bad relationship with others is the thing that will not allow you to achieve self-balance. Practice active listening, as it will allow you to create connections with others. After all, we all enjoy being listened to, which is why you should practice it on others as well.

Shakuntali says you may also want to practice non-judgment. Judging leads to a buildup of negative energy, no matter if you are judging other people or if you are judging yourself. When you go into something with an already preconceived notion, it will throw off your harmony and prevent you from seeing things in the way that they are. In the end, to find balance, you need to learn how to deal with negative emotions as well.

4. Don’t try to be someone you are not

According to Shakuntali, when you try to be or live as someone that you are not, the feeling of harmony will never be achieved. Life is already short enough, so you need to discover exactly who you are, what you identify with, who you are supposed to be without peer pressure leaning up on you. And the sooner you realize who you want to be, the easier it will be for you.

Shakuntali says that the best time to discover who you want to be is during your childhood – and if you set your goals, you will most likely be successful in the future as well.

She might become a famous politician or businesswoman. She will take difficult decisions quickly, negotiate with partners and colleagues easily.

At the same time, there is no issue if you discover who you want to be later on in life. For example, Marie, one of the students that joined Shakuntali in her classes, was 45 when she first signed up. At that age, she could not decide what job or business would be best for her. She was in great financial distress and her harmony was so off-balance that she was completely stressed out.

Upon meeting with Shakuntali, she found her predestination. She realized that her love was in writing notes and poems – and now, she is a successful blogger that travels all over the world. She found her balance and is happy.

When a person realizes that a false personality and body are just tools, they begin to develop the necessary qualities, a strict attitude to themselves. At that moment, they have the opportunity to direct their love towards the divine spark inside them. The person is completely transformed under the effect of this love.

In the end, she just had to love herself for who she was, and not try to become someone that others wanted her to be. Marie learned how to find harmony and peace by listening to Shakuntali and accepting herself.

How to Find Harmony with Shakuntali

A Word from Shakuntali

In order to find harmony, you need to look deep down in yourself – look straight into your soul. Are you happy with who you are – and if not, what can you do to change it? Sometimes, all it takes is a change in routine or a different outlook of life to find harmony. Good luck in finding your own balance!

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