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How to get rid of depression: Simple rules from Shakuntali Siberia
how to get rid of depression
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How to get rid of depression: practical techniques from Shakuntali Siberia

Simple rules on the way to success and happiness

Depression is one of the terrible diagnoses of modern society. Where does depression come from? Is it possible to resist it on your own?  Shakuntali Siberia will tell you about it.

Depression: Do you know each other already?

Do you remember the most terrible sin called sloth? It pulls all other sins after itself.  Depression isn’t fiction or bad mood, or a temporary decline in strength. It’s a real disease that’s on the WHO lists. About 280 million people suffer from the disease today. And how many more people think how to get rid of depression, but keep the problem inside!

Has the problem indeed appeared only now? Please note that no one has ever suffered from something like this before. The term did not exist, and signs of depression were very rare.

People lived in harmony with the world around them, spent a lot of time in nature, led a more active lifestyle.

After a working day, they slept soundly from fatigue, felt pleasant muscle tension. But at the same time, they did not have an issue of getting rid of depression. They had a cheerful mood and good spirits.

We are now engaged in intellectual labour more. We lead a sedentary lifestyle. Life has become more comfortable, longer, but at the same time filled with depression, loss of strength and weakness of spirit. It all starts with weakness of the body. And the state of the physical body is also reflected in the human energy field. You become literally defenseless against any negative impact.

You have finished a hard, stressful day at work. Someone stepped on your leg on the way. You just want to be rude to a person or start fighting. Does that sound familiar? How about crying from powerlessness? If you were vivacious, full of power and happiness, you wouldn’t even notice this unpleasant incident.

When you’re depressed, your energy shell looks like a holey coat blown by all the winds. Negative energy penetrates into the gaps and takes away your vital forces.

You start feeling absolutely powerless, helpless, unattractive, unable to do anything and not wanted by anybody.

Even world leaders experience periods of such conditions. 

Bad times happen to everyone. But if you give in to negative energy, it will simply destroy you, and quite quickly. That’s why you can’t neglect depression like any disease. And it’s better not to wait until you have to treat it. You should take preventive measures not to let it happen to you. 

How do you get rid of depression? Preventive measures!

1. Activity and Healthy Lifestyle

If you fight against depression, any kind of activity will be useful. Both sports and walks can help prevent the dangerous illness, too. Choose the activity you like: jogging, swimming, fencing, cycling, tennis. You have dozens of activities in your arsenal. Go in for dancing and walk with your dog. Try to spend more time outdoors.

Our ancestors always moved in search of food, shelter or escape from predators. They had much less comfort, but they certainly weren’t worried about how to get rid of depression. Because there was no depression! 

how to get rid of depression

2. NO to bad habits

What do we do when we have bad mood or no interest in life? Harmful (but so delicious) food, alcohol and even more powerful illegal drugs brighten up our days. But they only help for a few hours. The consequences are even more depressing. Depression hits again, there appear health problems. 

Few people understand that tobacco does not help to calm down, coffee does not help to cheer up, and alcohol does not relieve tension. Fast-food does not give energy, and takes away the body’s vitality.

Sufficient hours of sleep, proper fresh food, activity and refusal of bad habits are the secrets of how to get rid of depression.

You won’t even notice it running away from someone who doesn’t support it.

3. Support of Higher Powers

Shakuntali Siberia has an unusual student. He is a well-known successful businessman. He also once suffered from depression. How does a person who leads a healthy lifestyle and has everything get rid of depression? Shakuntali Siberia presented him with an unusual Magic Object.

Jaw’s harp is an ancient musical instrument charged with the energy of Good. When playing it, a person turns off the depressed consciousness. He becomes the creator of his destiny. Jaw’s harp is a kind of manifestation of the Higher Powers’ help. It protects from the negative, attracts Good Powers and protects a person from Evil.

It is possible to become the owner of the unique Object of Power at Shakuntali Siberia’s group classes and individual consultations. She helps to learn how to use the Object of Power for good.

4. Favorite Business

Unfortunately, many of us don’t have time for a hobby right now. Doing something just because you like it has become unattainable luxury for the soul. So how do we express ourselves in a good and useful way? Shakuntali Siberia invites everyone to the Field of Love group prayers.

This special and at the same time simple ritual helps people to heal many diseases, brings peace and prosperity to the family, eliminates loneliness and spiritual dissatisfaction.

The group prayer is so powerful that it not only helps to get rid of depression, but also stops natural disasters, protects many people around the world. 

Ready to help others and fill with the extraordinary energy of love and happiness? Join the Field of Love group prayers. You can do this by emailing at myfieldoflove@gmail.com. Write «I want to join the “Field of Love” in the subject line.

how to get rid of depression

5. Finding your true predestination

Very often people say, “I don’t know what the meaning of life is”, or “My life has no meaning: I only go to work and return home and nothing else”, or “I feel like I’m not living my life”. What does that mean? It means only one thing – a man has not found his true predestination. And he doesn’t understand where or how to find it.

Shakuntali Siberia has been helping women around the world to find sense of life for over 15 years. For this she uses special ancient rituals, addresses the universe with the request to help a person find sense of life.

It is the higher meaning that best protects against depression, chronic fatigue and depression.

So, attend Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars, she will help everyone!

Alma, Pittsburgh:

“My story is typical. All my life I’ve been taking care of two kids, was involved in family issues. But the kids grew up and started their own families. I suddenly fell into an abyss of emptiness. My husband was working all day. In fact, we were just strangers who had lived side by side for over 20 years…

There was no one to take care of in a huge empty house. I stopped paying attention to myself, too.

After more panic attacks, I visited doctor. My diagnosis was depression.

Modern medicine is omnipotent, it heals all kinds of diseases. No way! Medicine and therapy with a psychologist did not help.

In this condition, I was caught by a friend who took me to a seminar of Shakuntali Siberia. She shoved me into a car, literally in my home clothes. I only woke up at the seminar. Shakuntali Siberia started playing a melody on an unknown magical instrument that literally put me into a trance. At the same time, she taught breathing techniques, which in this condition help to get rid of negative energy.

I felt a burst of energy and a desire to live for the first time in many years after the seminar.

I came home with shining eyes and a smile.

I decided to start changing the space around me as well. I started by cleaning. Then I took care of myself. I started to try new recipes and organize romantic evenings. Surprisingly, my husband stopped working long hours.

I also regularly attend Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars now. She gave me an individual diagnosis and made unique magical protective talismans for me and my family.

Shakuntali Siberia helped me get rid of depression, to rediscover myself and my life. Life filled with meaning and interesting communication with different people. Whenever possible, I help  organizing charity events and participate in volunteer work. How do I get rid of depression? Now I just don’t have time for it!” 

If you feel a decline in strength, dissatisfaction with life, fatigue, sign up for Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars. She will help solve any of your problems! Live with a smile!


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