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How to make a chakra diagnostic?

Simple methods from Shakuntali Siberia

Shakuntali Siberia explains how to understand which chakras lack energy.

How to have your chakras diagnosed? 

According to our previous article, chakras are closely connected with predestination and the fulfillment of  our most cherished desires. The more energy each chakra has, the higher is the possibility of fulfilling your dreams. But how do you understand which chakra needs additional energy?

Only a wise mentor can answer that question. Write about your problems to Shakuntali Siberia and she will make a special chakra diagnostic for you.

In the meantime, you yourself can check which of your chakras are open and which are in a sleeping mode. So, you are in for a laugh!

Muladdhara is associated with a special laughter similar to that of Santa Claus, the Christmas wizard. Try to reproduce his familiar “Ho-Ho-Ho”. How was it? Do you feel how hard it is to keep your energy at the level?

Svadhishthana is associated with Marilyn Monroe’s playful giggle of her characters. Try laughing like that. If you felt a bit tense or shy, it means that the chakra is blocked.

Manipura is associated with a spiteful hooligan laughter. Strain hard your solar plexus as if you were trying to demonstrate your superiority through laughter.

Anahata is associated with a long and loud laughter from the bottom of your heart. As a rule, it sounds like a roaring brook that envelops everyone around with a wonderful heart energy.

The Vishuddha chakra is associated with the laughter of a baby or a jester.

The Ajna chakra is associated with a dry and unemotional laughter. 

Reputable businessmen or politicians laugh like that.

However, there’s no laughter in Sahasrara. It only has serenity and unity with God.

Try laughing at the level of each chakra. Try to understand where it is easier or more difficult for you to maintain energy. You will see right away which chakras need improvement.

How to make a chakra diagnostic

The practice of applause

If you still don’t completely believe in the existence of the chakras, Shakuntali Siberia suggests that you carry out a little experiment. Applause will help you  convincingly express the level of energy that you project in various situations.

For example, if you did not like the performance of an actor or lecturer, you keep your hands down at the level of Muladdhara chakra. You clap without wanting to. Rather, you do it out of courtesy.

When you raise your hands to the level of Manipura chakra, your applause sounds more sincere. That’s how you express your appreciation of somebody’s speech when you particularly like it.

Applause at the level of Anahata and Vishuddha is the expression of sincere admiration. Feel this change in energy as you raise your hands higher.

What about when you are overwhelmed with emotions? You stand up and clap above your head to thank a performer. When you are completely delighted, you applaud with much vigor, radiating an absolutely different energy.  This is really the strongest burst of power. Did you feel it?

Sandra, New York:

“I’ve never been a leader. I can’t say it bothered me as a child. But in my youth and adulthood, it turned out to be very sad.  I couldn’t say “no”  to those who offended me and couldn’t fend for myself.  I couldn’t even say «no» to my future partner when he proposed.  Although I didn’t love him at the time.  But my marriage turned out to be a happy one, and I thank heaven for that.

However, my professional life turned out to be quite  different. When I got a job with a major advertising agency, my documents accidentally got into the wrong department. Instead of giving me a position of a leading specialist, they gave me a job of an ordinary manager.

 I’d been working really hard for four years, earning miserable money. However,  I was hoping that my efforts would be appreciated by my management. And all this considering the fact that I graduated from a prestigious university…

A normal person would have long ago tried to correct the situation or simply would have changed jobs. But I couldn’t do that.

But one day I found myself attending a Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar. Her talk about the chakra system was so interesting that I could simply see everything she was talking about with my own eyes. After class, she offered me a chance to be diagnosed. And I said yes.  As it turned out, I had a very weak Ajna chakra. No wonder I had big problems with my will.

Shakuntali Siberia urges to pray for the healing of mankind!

Shakuntali Siberia helped me increase my energy levels in the Ajna chakra. Special rituals and energy practices that I performed in group classes and at home literally helped me to be born again. I pumped up all my chakras, recharged the lack of energy and became a completely different person.

After a while, I quietly approached the director and told him about my situation. You have no idea how surprised he was!  And my colleagues were shocked – they certainly didn’t expect that from me.  I was transferred to another department and even got a salary bonus.

Within a year I climbed up the career ladder and became a project manager! And the most important thing is that my self-esteem and feelings are absolutely ok.

No doubt, I am now making much more money. That’s how chakra diagnosis has helped me.”

Do you want to make the most of your chakras – for them to be filled with energy at the right time and to fulfill all your ambitious dreams and desires, to bring you success and happiness and to be an impetus to having true predestination come true? Then attend the Shakuntali Siberia’s online seminars.  We are waiting for you!

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