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How to Make a Wish Come True

We all have wishes, no matter if they’re big or small. We wish for us to have a job that makes us happy. We wish to eat that chocolate cake we have been dreaming about. We wish for us to fall in love. In the eyes of the average person, these wishes are a fleeting hope. But in the eyes of Shakuntali, an enlightened woman and the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, wishes are actually a manifestation of your power. You can learn how to make your dreams come true by following the advice given by Shakuntali. 

1. Raise Your Energy Levels

In order to make your wish come true, you must make sure that you have enough energy to do it and have an idea about the ancient Indian chakral system. You need to ensure that you are strong enough – that you have the means to bring you high. Otherwise, you may just want to get there, but won’t be in the possibility to do it. 

Have you ever tried to pick a fruit from the upper branches of a tree? Even if you really want to, but you are not tall enough, nothing will work. You have to ‘grow up’. It’s the same with desires.

Shakuntali also mentions from her experience that if you wish to raise your energy level, you should be in contact with those that already have this kind of high energy level. You will need a ladder to get yourself high. Shakuntali uses three elements in her energy ladder to make a prayer for wish to come true: the seminar, the rite, and the magic object

2. Give It Time

We all talk about how to make a wish come true fast, but what many people fail to realize is that some of these wishes need time. The wish requires time to ripen, so that when it does come true, you may enjoy it to its full extent. 

The secret is that every desire has a time of its ripening, as every fruit does. Let’s say you pick an unripe fruit. You bite off a piece – it’s sour, tasteless, impossible to eat. And the ripe fruit itself will fall into your hands, and it will taste divine. For your desire to come true, it must ripen. And that takes time.

In the end, to make impossible wishes come true in real life, patience is the key here.

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3. Restore Your Physical Body

You may have learned how to make a wish come true with a spell, but unless your physical body is in good shape, you will not be able to achieve the result of your desire. This is why Shakuntali advises her seminar students to maintain an active life and keep their physical body healthy. Otherwise, there won’t be too much focus left for the wish. 

The first secret is that until the physical body is restored, most of the energy will be spent on healing,

Shakuntali adds.

By giving up your bad habits, you can gather enough energy and healing power to make full moon wishes come true.

4. Know Your Predestination

In Shakuntali’s classes, knowing your predestination is believed to be the main way to gain your wish. Ironically, while many people wish to have a successful career, most of them don’t know exactly what they want from that career. What is their predestination?

You can learn how to make your wishes come true instantly – but at the same time, you need to know what you want in order to fulfill that wish. It might not come true overnight as it is pretty much a step by step process – but as long as you figure out where you want to be, you will feel fulfilled. 

Shakuntali gave us an example in one of her students, Miriam. 

Miriam is a hardworking woman that comes from a family of lawyers – and like her ancestors, she followed into their footsteps and became a lawyer too. She had everything a person could desire: a beautiful house, a car that had a personal driver, flights with business class – she had it all. But that did not stop her from sinking into depression.

When she was diagnosed, doctors said it was because she was working too much – that she needed to take a vacation. And so she did; she took a vacation, went to a paradise island, and was ready to rest and get better. Only it didn’t; it just became worse, as her panic attacks also started peeking through. 

When she came across Shakuntali’s seminars, Shakuntali found out the real problem: Miriam did not find her predestination. Even if it seemed like she had everything, her life felt meaningless. Later on, it was discovered that she had great teaching abilities and loved working with children but did not want to break family tradition. Once she made her wish come true and became a teacher, her eyes began to sparkle, and her depression was long gone.

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Following the Shakuntali Teachings

According to Shakuntali, you can make a wish come true with candle, by praying to God, with paper writing, or by whispering that particular wish to yourself. What matters is that you find the inner strength, determination, and inspiration to make that wish come true.

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