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How to overcome challenges and embark on the path of success? - Shakuntali
How to overcome challenges and embark on the path of success?
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How to overcome challenges and embark on the path of success?

3 steps to obtain happiness and harmony 

It is always difficult to live in the epoch of changes. And now, when our planet is going to the new level of development, it is difficult twofold. For this reason it is necessary to think seriously about how to overcome challenges, find your missions, realize your potential and develop your spiritual qualities. Siberian shaman priestess Shakuntali Siberia will help you with it

The confrontation between two forces 

We are on the verge of global changes. There will be a spiritual revolution and Saturn will enter into Capricorn in 2021. Going to another level, the planet is increasing its energy power. Consequently, along with the intensification of the forces of light, the forces of darkness also intensify. 

What should we, ordinary people, do in such a difficult period? Siberian shaman priestess Shakuntali Siberia believes that it is necessary not to despond, fill ourselves with positive emotions only, praise each other, thank each other, admire each other, help each other, fill the hearts with love. Then your soul will tell you how to overcome challenges and doubts.

However, every time you are going to do a good deed, the Dark Forces begin to act immediately. They put pressure on a person, trying to distract them from the good and the positive. And not everyone can resist them. 

Not far to seek. Let’s say you’ve decided to lead a healthy lifestyle. You’ve enrolled for yoga class, you’ve firmly decided to switch to healthy food. You even threw all the semi-finished products and ice cream out of the fridge, bought a workout gear and a yoga mat. And you got ready for a changes…

At this moment, the insidious spirit of laziness penetrates into your consciousness. It is cunning and convincing. It inspires you that even without physical activity you will live a great life: you did before and look ok. It inspires you that healthy food is too difficult, too much confusion. And there’s no time. And there’s fast food shop nearby. You know, one burger, you will not die from it.

You start listening to the spirit of laziness and even agree with it in part. Indeed, you can’t attend yoga class today objectively. It’s not harmful if you miss one class. Then that thought will come to you the next day and the day after.

As a result you won’t be able to make yourself spend even half an hour on sport, and half-finished products and cakes will gradually return to your fridge.

At this point you don’t think about how to overcome challenges of choice, because you are sure that this is your own decision. 

The same situation can happen in the emotional sphere. When a person feels the birth of love in their heart. The dark forces begin to plot immediately. For example, they send out a spirit of jealousy. It eats the person from the inside, relationships fall apart, you’re unhappy…

How do you confront the forces of the darkness? 

We cannot resist the Dark Forces because our will is not developed. It’s very easy to check. Right now, decide to look at one object for 10 minutes or count your breath. Just remember to set your alarm clock! Probably in 10 minutes you’ll realize that you stopped counting your breath a long time ago and you are looking anywhere but not the object you were going to look at. That means you need to strengthen your will.

To understand how to overcome the challenges associated with the attacks of the spirits of the Lower World, you need to stand on the side of Light and Good. It is not difficult at all. 

  1. You need to be in the circle of spiritually developed people

They will support and help you, teach how to overcome challenges, they will not let you doubt your choice is right. Where to look for such people? In your town! In our group. Get to know the schedule and come right away before the spirit of laziness wakes!

How to overcome challenges

  1. It is important to be in the right place 

All activities, seminars, consultations of Shakuntali Siberia are held mainly in special places that are filled with the pure power of the good. So when you attend her seminar, you automatically get to the right place.

  1. The right time 

Any Shakuntali Siberia’s event always takes place on a special astrological date, when the influence of otherworldly forces is most favorable. 

All three components will help you defend yourself from the Dark Forces and stand on the side of the Light. You will learn how to overcome challenges, how to develop unique abilities, how to find your true path in this world.  

Julia, Glasgow: 

“I attended a seminar held by Shakuntali Siberia when I was sure my life was over. Circumstances were such that the last three years I’d been in trouble.

Cheating of my husband, difficult divorce, trouble at work, car accident, and like a cherry on a cake – I was diagnosed aneurysm and needed serious surgery.

All I could think about at the time was how to overcome the challenges.  

With this bouquet of events, I was like a sleepwalker. I ate packs of antidepressants and they had little effect on me. A friend took me to the seminar and my mind was surprised to find that life continued. And this is where I can be taught how to overcome difficulties and finally become a happy woman. That seminar was a turning point.

 I made arrangement about an individual consultation with Shakuntali Siberia and the ritual struck my imagination. I was a witness to a magical action. The Siberian shaman priestess immersed herself in my destiny, in my past, in the past of my lineage and found that my vulnerability to evil spirits was due to the fact that my great-great-grandmother once hurt a vaticinator. And he wished her trouble angrily. Since then, my mother’s lineage has been pathologically unlucky from time to time. 

Only I got the most of it, because now our planet is moving to a new level of development and there is an aggravation of all situations. Shakuntali Siberia worked with me for a long time, she neutralized the negative that had been pursuing my lineage for many years, corrected my aura, eliminated my vulnerabilities. She also made a special amulet for me and placed a powerful protective spirit there. 

After this treatment, I felt like a completely different person. And I became a different person. My consciousness was purified. I began to look at the world, at my future with happiness. I attend group sessions almost every week, and each time I become more confident in my abilities. We learn how to own and manage energy. I can already do a lot and it is so amazing!

It turns out I have a lot of different superpowers that I didn’t even know I had.

Shakuntali Siberia has revealed them in me and is helping me develop them further.  

And I can really feel the trouble just bouncing off me. What’s more, there was no aneurysm on the scans when I had another checkup! Shakuntali Siberia drove away the spirit of the disease and strengthened my defense with the amulet. And now I’m completely healthy. I also started writing children’s books. And suddenly they were in great demand. Now I have many little readers all over the world, and I am happy to give the world my kindness, my strength, my talent!

And with the money from books I help other children who can’t buy a book, who literally have nothing to eat. Together with other volunteers, we are making these children’s lives a little better. This is what my mentor Shakuntali Siberia says – find your mission, learn to do something for the benefit of others! This is incredible happiness!”

Ordinary miracle 

Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars is a real miracle that happens in everyday life! When people attend her events, they remember their true purpose, reveal their supernatural abilities, and become healthy and happy.

All the power of Shakuntali Siberia is accumulated and a powerful wave goes not only to help those present at the seminar, but also to help their relatives and friends. 

Only positive energy prevails at these seminars. Shakuntali Siberia adjusts herself to her students and sends them her maximum strength, directs her prayer to the Higher Powers for those who need it. She helps people to stay side of the Light to help our planet reach a new level of development. And the more good and positive will be in the energy shell of the planet, the kinder, happier the world as a whole will become. 

Come to our seminars, individual consultations, retreats, attend classes in your city, order individual amulets to protect you from evil spirits! Tell your friends and acquaintances about us, bring them to our events! Changing your destiny for the better is so easy, and we will gladly help you with that! And our beautiful planet will be changing with the fate of each of us!

Spirits of ritual amulets to open the path of predestination, protection from external influences and karma of past generations are waiting for you at the seminar! The power of spirits is calling you and will be waiting for you together with your friends and acquaintances. We are waiting for you at the seminar indicated by the spirits! 

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