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How to perceive your predestination?

Shakuntali Siberia speaks about three factors influencing your predestination 

How do past lives affect our predestination? Why the zodiac sign does not tell everything about your character and predestination. How your ancestors are connected to your successes or failures. Shakuntali Siberia will tell about all this in this article.

1. The determining role of your past life 

Your past incarnations influence greatly who you will be in this life. You haven’t all the talents that you can be proud of out of nothing. All of them are rooted in your past lives. If you are successful in the visual arts, design, or interior design now, then you must have been a talented artist in your past life.

If you make public speeches and contact with people easily, then for sure you were a great speaker in your other life.

Think about the type of activity that gives you maximum pleasure. It is these abilities and skills that will give you the opportunity to lay the foundation for revealing your predestination. Feel free to conquer new peaks. Each stage of your development is another portion of knowledge and experience.

How to determine who you were in a past life? To do this, you need to perform the ritual of karmic diagnostics and the diagnostics of predestination. Shakuntali Siberia knows how to see the incarnations of other people in their past, and will tell you what talent or ability you need to develop in order to find happiness, success and realize your mission in the end.

Moreover, we can take additional power and energy from our past lives! Can you believe it?!

Want to know how to do this? Ask Shakuntali Siberia, she will teach you.

2. Cosmogram 

Each of us knows the date of our birth and our zodiac sign from childhood. You probably had the opportunity to read about your sign and its features. But the freely available information is only one thousandth of your true horoscope!

How to perceive your predestination?

The horoscopes we know usually focus only on the position of the Sun, absolutely not taking into account other planets of the Universe and their impact on the Earth.

But at the time of your birth, each of them made its own unique path. Now imagine if we stop abruptly and take a photograph of the orbit of each planet at the time of your birth and display it on the map? It is quite real! We call this map the cosmogram.

In fact – this is your cosmic passport, your natal chart.

Shakuntali Siberia will make such a natal chart for you and will explain which planets and how they affect your life, and how it can be used to improve your fate.

3. Karma of the lineage

Each of us takes the karmic power of two lineages, on the one hand, on the paternal, male line, and on the other, on the maternal, female line. Everything that happens in your life, good or bad, everything comes from the lineage and is closely connected with the fate of your ancestors.

This is the reason for the cyclical fate from generation to generation.

For example, a girl makes the same mistakes as her mother. She does not succeed in fulfilling herself at work, she has financial difficulties all the time. I doubt she realizes that she fell into a karmic trap.

You definitely need to remember about diseases. Genetics have long proved that our heredity significantly affects our health, sometimes putting us in a hopeless situation due to a hereditary predisposition. But there is something that all the scientists can’t still see through the lenses of a microscope – this is the karmic story of the lineage, which goes deep into seven generations.

These seven generations are constantly affecting your real life!

Is it possible to change it? Of course, it is! Shakuntali Siberia will help you to cleanse the karma of your entire lineage and completely rid it of diseases and problems. The karma’s cleanse will only be effective if you sincerely wish to change the current situation and make the life of each member of your lineage better. And your generous desire to fulfill your high mission will give you the opportunity to fill the tribal karma with life-giving energy and to free your close people from illnesses and troubles. After all, you also influence 7 generations of your descendants.

How to perceive your predestination?

What type of life awaits them – successful or not, rich or poor – depends on you!

Your relatives and close people may not believe in the effectiveness of what you are doing. They may not support you in this and even condemn you, but this is not the main thing. With all my heart, forgive them for their skepticism and continue to bring love and light to this world.

Would you like to realize yourself in life, to find your true predestination and to fill your fate with happiness and success? Then sign up for online school of Shakuntali Siberia! Start the journey of the global transformation of your life right now!

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