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How to reveal superpowers? - Shakuntali
How to reveal superpowers?
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How to reveal superpowers?

Can an ordinary person have the power of Superman or Wonder Woman? 

Probably, in their childhood, every person was a little jealous of the heroes of movies or cartoons. The ability to catch bullets in the air like secret agents, or the ability to fly, like Wonder Woman. The most amazing thing is that we all have superpowers! And they can be revealed! Shakuntali Siberia has been doing it all her life.

I have no powers and no talents… 

“I don’t sing, I don’t draw, I don’t multiply three-digit numbers in my mind, so I don’t have any aptitudes.” Shakuntali Siberia heard such words hundreds of thousands of times from her students. You probably think the same way yourself. And you’re wrong!

The universe grants some unique talent to absolutely everyone. You may not even know that you have one. But you do.

What are superpowers after all? In fact, it is energy. If you still haven’t learned how to levitate, well, okay, not levitate, but, say, model in clay, then you just don’t have enough energy.

The average person gets tired by midday. He falls off his feet, gets sleepy, doesn’t want to do anything but rest. We try to relieve stress with cigarettes or alcohol. We fight fatigue with the help of fatty and harmful fast food or sweets. We have energy drinks and take antidepressants. But all this does not give the desired charge of energy. In the morning, we get up not rested and sluggish. Even a vacation does not relieve our chronic fatigue.

Why does this happen? Because we look for energy in the wrong place, trying to plug our inner battery into a wrong socket.

What gives the energy? 

  1. Healthy lifestyle and absence of bad habits 

Yes, this may sound banal, but everyone knows about the benefits of sports and proper nutrition. They know but don’t do so. And it is an active lifestyle, strict daily schedule, good sleep and healthy food that give us great power.

Think about it, would Wonder Woman be able to fly and develop superhuman speed if she smoked, ate cakes and washed them down with energy drinks? All this while lying on the couch. Of course not. Movement is the basis of life. In the wild, the ability to run fast is essential.

A lazy deer will instantly become a lion’s prey. A lazy lion that sleeps all day in the sun will simply starve to death.

Don’t you want to become such a lion? Then go ahead – go yoga, swim in the pool, play tennis court, or just walk in the park.

How to reveal superpowers?

  1. Spiritual development and personal growth 

Even if you are Superman (or Superwoman), if you do not constantly pump your skills and superpowers, they will gradually come to naught.

A person who has stopped in their intellectual and spiritual development will not receive new energy.

This means that you need to feed your energy center. How? It is best to do in a circle of like-minded people under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

For example, in our group classes. There you will learn special practices and rituals that give you Power, and you will be able to maintain your energy level constantly. So Shakuntali Siberia recommends not only to attend the retreats, but between them to go to the group classes.

  1. Gyud method 

The energy boost that will reveal your superpowers can only be given by a special person. Such as Shakuntali Siberia. To do this, she uses an ancient unique Gyud method – working with the subconscious.

After a month of regular sessions with Shakuntali Siberia people are starting to show stunning results. They gain the ability to see the subtle world, feel the thoughts and desires of others, understand what their partner wants, go into the astral world, have lucid dreams, see spirits, hear them, understand their signs. It’s like a miracle. 

How to reveal superpowers?

Helen, Minneapolis: 

“As a child, I thought I was ugly. I had freckles all over my face, red hair, and protruding ears… I was an average student, not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I started working as a clerk in a large law firm. They didn’t notice me at work, I don’t think even my colleagues knew my name, let alone my superiors…

My life was so boring and meaningless that I started drinking… I knew that it would not lead to anything good, but it was the only way I could fill the emptiness in my soul and misery…

I was saved by a complete stranger. I ran into her at the supermarket. With an unwashed hair and a bottle of wine in the shopping cart, I looked like a drunk. The customers in the store avoided me. And this woman suddenly spoke to me and invited me to an event “that will change your life” – so she said. For some reason, I decided to go…

At the first seminar, I was just amazed at the stories students told by Shakuntali Siberia’s students!

They told me who they had been before the classes, and in these stories I often recognized myself – a middle-aged woman with no family, no happiness, or meaning in life.

And now I saw them – transformed – and could not believe my eyes. Confident, open, with shining eyes. Such great power emanated from them! I immediately wanted to be like them.

At an individual consultation, Shakuntali Siberia conducted a Gyud session for me and created a protective amulet with a powerful spirit inside for me to be more confident in my abilities. This amulet daily energized my exhausted aura with the necessary powers until I learned to work with my own energy. 

And we did the impossible! We revealed the abilities that had been sleeping in me! It turned out that I have a huge talent for artistic creativity and a great sense of style. That’s why I finished my stylist courses and got my first clients… Now I have my own studio. The clients are scheduled for several months ahead! But the main thing is that this work helped me find meaning in my life. After all, I help women find faith in themselves and beauty! So, I make them happier!”.   

Shakuntali Siberia conducts Gyud sessions at her events to help people believe in themselves and find their place in life. If you want to have a Gyud session, make an appointment with Shakuntali Siberia! Feel like a Superman!

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