How to Spiritually Cleanse Your House of Negative Energy
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How to Spiritually Cleanse Your House of Negative Energy

The moments you spend at home are some of the most relaxing and recharging ones. Home is the sanctuary where you get rid of your daily worries and problems – where you soak up positive energy to become a better version of yourself. But when your house is packed with negative energy, you feel the opposite of refreshed – you feel drained. However, if you follow the Shakuntali advice for spiritual cleansing house, you can eliminate the bad energy. Read on to find out more.

Shakuntali Teachings – Signs that You Need to Spiritual Cleanse House

When a spiritual cleanse house is needed, the house will tell you. Once you step into your home, you’ll know from the very beginning whether the energy welcomes you or not. Women are mostly affected when their positive energy is taken away.

“The woman literally becomes a cactus – prickly, unsociable,”

is what Shakuntali mentions. Without good energy, the woman fades away.

If something happened in that house or you want certain things to happen, some actions might lead you to cleanse your home of negative energy.

  • Your house has had some violent incidents recently or in the past
  • You have been burglarized
  • You’ve gone through a divorce
  • You feel odd and spooky when staying in a particular house
  • You had a big argument
  • You went through traumatic events in your house
  • You often experience backaches and headaches
  • You have trouble sleeping
  • You never seem to have an appetite
  • You cry or feel down for no particular reason
  • You want to improve a specific part of your life

As expressed in Shakuntali webinars for students, spiritual cleansing may be done at any point. 

7 Easy Ways for Spiritual Cleansing House of Negative Energy

Through these courses, Shakuntali and all of her students want to come to the aid of people that require help. If you feel like you need to spiritual cleanse house as soon as possible, here are some good ways to do so. 

1. With Sage

Incense and herbs are very efficient for spiritual cleansing house. Sage has properties that will protect home from bad energy, provided you do a proper smudging technique. A Shakuntali course will teach you precisely where you need to smudge the sage. 

2. With Black (Thursday) Salt

Black salt has great purifying properties, attracting the toxins or negative energy – leaving the environment pure and less tense. Sprinkle some salt in the room or put it in a bowl – leaving it there for a couple of hours. Once you finish your ritual for spiritual cleansing house, you may throw your salt away.

spiritually cleanse house with black salt

3. With Prayer

Prayer is one of the most efficient ways to cleanse your home. After attending a Shakuntali class, Samantha from Indianapolis decided to go through her plan to change the energy in her home and help her brother who had a very serious disease. After spiritual cleansing house and food energetically, several months later, her brother’s diagnosis had disappeared.  

4. With House Plants

If you want to spiritual cleanse house, you may try doing so with house plants. It works in the same way as salt does – but unlike salt, you won’t have to throw away the house plant.

5. High-Frequency-Sounds

Sounds also have a way to spiritual cleanse house. Think about how your favorite song puts you in a better mood. Certain high-frequency sounds may have the same effect on your house. You may join a Shakuntali course, to discover the sounds/music with the best effect. 

6. Essential Oils

The right essential oils can immensely help spiritual cleanse house. Lavender, rosemary, peppermint, and lemon essential oils have great cleansing properties.

Moreover, nowadays, all you need is a humidifier for spiritual cleansing house and all the negative energy will be eliminated.

7. Crystals

Certain crystals – such as amethyst, selenite, onyx, or smoky quartz – have a great ability to soak up the negative energy. You may place them around the room for continuous cleansing, or you may circulate them through a cleansing ritual. Bear in mind that for cleansing house of negative energy, you may need to opt for the help of a mentor such as Shakuntali. 

cleansing house of negative energy with crystals

How to Protect Your Home from Negative Energy

After you cleanse house of negative energy, you want to prevent any more negative energy from seeping into the house. You may adopt regular cleansing rituals, but there are other alternatives as well, as mentioned by Shakuntali:

“Independently, you can use protective amulets for your home, which will safely keep your family from the spirits of the Lower World.” 

However, most cleansing methods for spiritually cleansing house must be performed by a mentor with experience such as Shakuntali. You may also take her classes so that you can learn how to do these yourself. 


Removing negative energy from your home is necessary if you want it to feel welcoming again. If you follow these techniques and attend Shakuntali’s workshops, the energy in your home will surely be lifted.

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