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How To Start Your Day Correctly? 3 Best Way To Start A Day Right
How to start a day
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How To Start Your Day Correctly?

3 tips to help you be happy and successful every day

Having just woken up, you put in a program for the whole day. If in this program contains joy, success, happiness, these things are waiting for you in the following day. If there is irritation, anger, misfortunes, they will follow you all the time. That is why it is so important starting your day right. Shakuntali tells how to start your day correctly.

Rules for conquerors of the world

How do you start your day? Do you get up quickly and smile, or do you have trouble getting out of bed? Do you have a glass of fresh juice or strong coffee? Do your morning habits include doing your exercises or sticking to Facebook timeline? Are you smiling or afraid of your reflection in the mirror?

Does it really matter, you ask. It does. And it matters a lot. Morning is not just a matter of time. It is the start of the day, its beginning. What kind of morning you have, all day will be the same.

If you wake up with the feeling that you have been run over by a train (and more than once), you will feel broken, tired and irritated all day.

You will not manage to do even a half of what you planned. Your fingers will be all thumbs. You will quarrel with your colleagues and family.

And if you are fresh and full of energy in the morning, the day will pass unnoticed. You can easily solve all the business issues, even the most difficult ones. You will be able to do everything and bring joy. People will respond to your sincere smile with positive and love. You will be successful in everything, if you are properly set up for this day.

How to start your day correctly? Maybe get up early, then there is a better chance to cope with everything you have to do? They say that Caesar slept for 3 hours a day, but won half the world.

Modern doctors categorically ask not to follow the example of the great emperor.

A woman must sleep for 6-8 hours, this is the tenet of the great importance. She may conquer the world in the rest of the time, but she must sleep well.!)

So it is possible to get up early, but also go to bed then too early (instead of watching the series until morning). How to start your day? Wake up, activate three centers: physical, emotional and mental. We will tell you more about them, feel free accepting some our tips that will make you healthy.

Step 1: Set up the physical body.

Everybody, of course, knows that exercise in the morning is very useful and makes you feel better. But only people with iron will and devotion are able to force themselves make it. I don`t want to move, because it`s such a hard day ahead. I will be tired anyway; can I relax a little in the morning? Check the social networks, have a cup of coffee quietly, prepare for work slowly. And then you are running about until the evening…

Confess, do you have these thoughts in the morning? It’s time to fight laziness! It’s not that hard. And it will be the best way to start a day.

Try it, and after 21 days you will have a habit of starting the morning with physical activity.

21 days is not long, it’s less than a month! With your will and with God’s help you will make it.

So, how do you start your day? Running, swimming pool, dancing, yoga – this is for the most active people. For those who complain about the constant lack of time (and there people make the bigger half) – a short 15-minutes exercise and a contrast shower would be the nice habits. This will allow you to cheer up. You will leave the house full of energy, in a good mood.

And, of course, physical activity should be interchanged with laughter-meditation, Heaven – Earth practice and ancient temple exercises. Shakuntali talks about them at her seminars and trainings.

how to start a day shakuntali

Step 2: Set up an emotional center.

What emotions do we need? Positive, of course. To do this, we need to tune in to the good before we start the day. Shakuntali recommends I am worthy practice. It is ideal to do after a physical warm-up, the best after an active dance. Go to the mirror. Smile at your reflection. Say with confidence: “I am worthy to be happy! I deserve to be successful! I deserve to be realized! I deserve to be happy! I deserve to be rich!

Do this practice every morning, before you leave home.

It would be really the great way to start the day. Short after you will notice that success and happiness will be appearing in your life more and more often.

And you will become a constant source of joy for your loved ones. You will charge everyone around you with your positive attitude. Smile at the world and the world will smile back!

Step 3: Set up your thoughts.

Good thinking is the key to success. If you think constructively, positively, calmly, then any business you undertake will end with your victory. At her seminars Shakuntali gives you an opportunity to get acquainted with the unique Tibetan technique of effective thinking development. When you plan how to start your day so that it becomes the most fruitful for you, it is necessary to make a full reboot of your consciousness. Do what is suitable for you: for some of us it may be meditation, for the others it is a prayer or something else.

During a special Gyud session Shakuntali will teach you how to change your thinking completely for the thinking of a successful person who will be able to achieve incredible achievements in any field of activity.

starting your day right

Rosaria, Rio de Janeiro:

A few years ago, I moved to Rio de Janeiro from a provincial town in the hope of success. I was a great painter, I had an innate sense of space, and I could have been a good architect over time. But there was no way to get education in our town. And I decided to move. I was only 19 at the time, and I was full of great plans.

However, life brought me down to earth quickly. I didn’t have enough money for complete architecture training, so I had to settle for regular design courses. Working in a housing improvement bureau did not bring much money. I rented a room on the outskirts. And my faith in my talent gradually faded. From a cheerful girl full of hopes and desires, I was turning into an insecure, nervous woman who only thinks about not being left without means of existence.

What can I say, I saw my life black. I didn’t understand how to start my day without negative thoughts. They haunted me all the time. For several years, I had been living under constant stress.

But the run of bad luck ended when Shakuntali’s classes appeared in my life. I don’t remember how I got to her seminar for the first time. I think I was invited by a colleague at work. But the impression of the first lesson remained in my heart forever. Shakuntali gave me hope that my life would change. And I will finally be able to understand how to start my day with a positive mood and live it happily.

At an individual consultation, Shakuntali conducted an in-depth analysis of my entire life, of my lineage. She even had to go down into my past lives to find answers to some questions there. She removes creative blocks, and my talent played out in fresh colors. I risked submitting my work for a study grant competition. And I won it!

I am now in my third year at the Faculty of Architecture and Contemporary Design, and teachers say I have a great future. I am really happy!

I continue to attend Shakuntali’s classes. I have learned a lot of ancient techniques that help to accumulate energy and target it in the right direction. I learned about good ways to start the day right: to think positively, fill every morning with joy and positive energy. And then my whole day becomes extraordinary. I expect miracles and happy events from it. And the Higher Powers give them to me to the full extent.

Shakuntali also made a special Object of Power for me and put a good spirit in it, which helps me, protects me from the spirits of the Lower world and feeds me with positive energy all the time.


During her classes Shakuntali teaches how to start your day positively and turn your life into a series of happy and successful days. The soul of each of us is beautiful. Each person is unique and has talents given by God at birth and our hearts should be full of thanksgiving for that. Shakuntali helps to realize your abilities and learn to use your energy gift correctly. To become a happy and successful person afterwards, because that is the very meaning of our existence.

Come to our individual consultations and spiritual seminars! Join our classes at the Places of Power! Bring your friends and acquaintances with you, share information about us! And we will help you not only to learn about the positive ways to start the day but also become happy and realize your destiny, find true love and improve your health.

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