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Individual Practices by Shakuntali - How to uncover the secret of your predestination
Individual Practices by Shakuntali
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Individual Practices by Shakuntali

Published on 11.10.2019

How to uncover the secret of your predestination

How to understand your mission and place in this world? Break out of routine, find meaning and happiness? Individual practices will help with these issues. This is the story of our student Jessica.

Individual Practices by Shakuntali

Jessica, Hamburg:

I decided to write this text because I am sure it can help many people. I really hope so)))

I knew I will become a financier when I grow up since I was a child. I had a phenomenal ability in mathematics, and my parents were sure that I would become a successful economist. My mom worked as a seller. My father worked as a middle level manager. It is not surprising that the life of the financier seemed to them more successful. And rich, let’s face it.

Since I was a child, this idea was laid by my parents in my head, and I was sure that it was my passionate desire to get such a wonderful profession.

And I did it. By the age of 25, I was a leading economist in a large international corporation with a solid salary and a bunch of corporate privileges. But I worked a lot.

At that time, I had no idea that there was shamanism, individual practices and other mystical things out there. But my best friend Ruth has always been fond of studying otherworldly forces and human mission. It was she who took me to that fateful individual practice to Shakuntali.

I felt comfortable and calm sitting in front of this beautiful woman with incredible eyes. Half an hour flew like one minute. Shakuntali scanned my aura, looked through all my past lives and checked the astrological dates. Her voice still sounds in my head. Then she said that a great mission awaits me, for I was born in order to help people.

Naturally, I did not believe Shakuntali. And even, I confess, I almost laughed in her face. I said that my mission is to become a great financier, and no individual practices can convince me otherwise. I left her with a light heart. My skepticism of a born mathematician prevailed over feelings. And I tried to forget about this session and about this amazing woman.

But I could not. Shakuntali’s words sounded in my head every day. Now, in a dream and in reality, paintings from distant childhood appeared to me. As a kid, I was constantly bringing home stray kittens, chickens that fell out the nest.

Once I even brought home an old-timer dirty dog ​​with a broken paw. It was the size of me. Terrified, my mother refused to tackle its paw, because it terribly scorched its fangs and did not let anyone close to me. So a seven-year-old girl washed and bandaged its broken paw for several days until everything healed and the dog went to the shelter.

Well, I still love animals. But this is not a reason to quit promising work. This is what I was thinking.

And then I remembered that not only the animals needed my help. On a subconscious level, I always felt someone else’s pain. And when I got older, I was able, putting my hands on my mother’s back of head, to relieve her of a headache.

And indeed there were many more cases when I relieved people of pain. Many have told me that my presence is very favorable for their well-being, apparently I still had some healing abilities.

And then one day I called Shakuntali. Tongue-tied, I explained that she was right and that I would like to develop my gift, but I have no idea how to do it. I just need her individual practices.

Shakuntali remembered me immediately. And she got very happy. She felt that I would be back. After all, having revealed to me my true mission, she launched that invisible mechanism that changes a person’s fate for the better. She invited me to her classes.

I not only attended seminars and individual practices, used magic objects, but I also began to live along the individual development path that Shakuntali created especially for me. And my life has changed dramatically.

Within a few years, I created a center to help people in difficult situations. We help everyone who needs it. We conduct seminars, lectures, we are engaged in the spiritual development of people, help them find their way in life. And, of course, we help financially.

I do not regret leaving the work of an economist. Because only now I feel really happy! And useful. And still the same ambitious))) Now I am thinking of ​​a rehabilitation center for animals. In the meantime, I took a huge dog from the shelter. It is very similar to that dog from my childhood)))

I am very grateful to Shakuntali. If it were not for her individual practices, I would never have discovered my predestination. I would never have become happy.

Individual Practices by Shakuntali

Lost Tradition

When we come to this world, there is no information either about our past life, or about why we reappeared in our memory. Ask your child who they would like to become when they grow up. They will either think for a long time or thoughtlessly blur the first profession that has come to their mind. Or the most popular one.

Who we really are is a great secret hidden from us by higher powers. People with special abilities – shamans, masters, mentors – will help to understand it. Previously, shamans and priests conducted individual practices for everyone who turned to them for help. Without the approval of a wiseman, people rarely decided on important actions. Therefore, there were many more happy and successful people.

In the modern world, the tradition of seeking help from the wisemen has almost completely disappeared. Unfortunately.

Information Field Traps

People are used to looking for the needed information on the Internet. I myself am like that. But is it reliable? In addition, there is a high probability of running into scammers, pseudo-tutors and false coaches…

They can position themselves as anyone, but there is practically no chance of getting real help from them. Indeed, in order to conduct effective individual practices, you need to devote a lot of time to your development and have a special gift.

Shakuntali has long been helping people around the world become happy, find their life mission. Her practice is very deep. After all, only with close interaction with a person, their aura and past incarnations, Shakuntali most clearly sees their mission and path.

Shakuntali’s individual practices  are unique. In just 30 minutes, it can radically change a person’s life and help them find what they have been looking for many years. I know for sure!)

Not everyone is able to know their predestination. And many simply do not know how to do this. Individual practices are the best way to comprehend your destiny and change it for the better. Only half an hour of your time – and everything will change. After all, each of us dreams of becoming happy, healthy, loved, and successful.

And it is possible! You just need to visit Shakuntali’s individual practices held and purchase objects of power!

Three Steps to Understanding Your Mission

How to understand why you came to this world? Here’s what my tutor advised:

1. Listen to the tips of the Universe 

What do you like? What delights you? Painting, music, dancing? If you are attracted to something, try it! Make appointment with a music teacher, write poems or paint a picture. It won’t work, it’s okay, so it’s not yours. You will continue to search for something that is yours.

Individual Practices by Shakuntali

2. Try different things! 

Do not limit yourself artificially. Maybe in childhood, at the insistence of your parents, you studied at a ballet school, but you dreamed of becoming a sculptor. Get back to this dream now! Swimming, dancing, horse riding – anything! Try more and find what you really enjoy.

3. Have the diagnosis of your life mission 

Tutor sees your past in other lives and the mistakes you once made. Because of them, your life is not going good right now. To fix this, you need the help of an experienced tutor.

Spirits brought you here and this means that you are on the verge of a new stage – the discovery of supernormal abilities, contact with spirits and understanding of your life mission. All this will be revealed to you at the next Shakuntali’s seminar. Follow the call of the spirits!


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