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Indo-Tibetan Method of Healing

Published on 02.02.2019


– Shakuntali, tell us: what is unique about Indo-Tibetan method of healing?

– This method of healing is a gift to the people and one of the secrets of the Earth, as it cures all possible and impossible diseases, known and unknown to modern medicine. There are only 8 people in the world who possess the knowledge of Tibetan energy healing techniques. There are such healers in Russia, 2 more people in Europe and one in Tibet. All of them were trained in Tibet.

– Shakuntali, how do Indo-Tibetan healing practices for health and vitality work?

– The method consists in filling the human body with a special energy and care, which starts the process of activation of the immune system, and then gradually the body begins to process the disease itself. To cope with all the carriers of diseases: viruses and bacteria. Tibetan healers suceed in affecting the whole body: even those diseases of the organs and systems of the body, about which a person may not know, are healed. After healing the person becomes completely healthy, in mental and physical way, and at the same time the body is rejuvenated. Nerve cells are completely restored, in spite of the claim of medicine that nerve cells do not regenerate. Immunity and resistance to various diseases are increased.

Shakuntali Indo-Tibetan healing practices

– Can exacerbation of diseases occur after healing?

– Yes, after completing the healing sessions and rituals, exacerbation of the diseases can occur, and even those about which a person does not remember. When the body is gaining enough strength to fight the disease, it turns on a mechanism of displacement of the disease and restoration of normal functions. And it appears as exacerbation. This is not to be feared. After exacerbation you will get better.To go through the exacerbation more easily, you can use a special kind of meditation.

– How many sessions are necessary to treat the disease?

– Most of the diseases pass after 9 sessions. There are 3 courses of 3 sessions each, the minimum break between courses – 2 days, and the maximum – a few months. Common diseases can pass after the 1st course. But there are serious, chronic diseases that have been developing in the body for a long time or a huge bunch of diseases, in such cases more than 9 sessions are necessary. No warranty is given on the 4th stage of cancer when irreversible changes in cells already occur, there are metastases, and the cells are no longer able to recover.

– Although, there was a case in my practice when in Barcelona I was approached by a woman with cervical cancer and metastases in the spine. She developed gangrene in her right leg and the doctors wanted to amputate the leg. At that time she had disability of the 1st group. After completing 3 courses of healing the woman recovered. Now she looks great, younger, she goes to work and no one can believe that she had such a terrible disease. Her leg now just hurts. And she is determined to go through the 4th course to fully recover. It is necessary in case of her severe disease.

– There is also no guarantee for congenital diseases. It is not necessary to be a buddhist to understand that karmic diseases exist. These are the diseases with which a person is born, and they are not healed because the cells, including the brain, are dysfunctional since birth. However, some improvement still will occur.

– Sometimes it is too late to heal. Healing just does not have time to restore the human body. In this case, Indo-Tibetan prayer for healing will help the person to leave the world without suffering, without pain, in a blissful state.
Indo-Tibetan prayer Shakuntali

– And what is the best way to hold sessions for people addicted to drug and alcohol abuse?

– In cases of drug addiction and alcoholism it is better to carry out all 3 courses together with a minimum 2-day interval between treatment. To avoid fears and craving.

– Are there any contraindications for use of this method?

– There are no contraindications for use of this method, it can be combined with conventional medical treatment. Even operations are more successful after healing sessions are taken in force. Although I do not recommend surgical intervention without urgent need.

– Does the result of treatment depend on a person’s faith?

– The result of treatment and the effect of the method does not depend on man’s faith in healing. No matter whether a person believes or not, these healing techniques help everyone. The main thing – a man must want to be healed! If a person does not want to – nothing will help him.

– Tell us, please, some other cases of miraculous healing from your practice!

– In Tallin I healed a man who was lying completely paralyzed after 3 strokes, and he was about to be disconnected from cardiopulmonary bypass. After completing 9 days of Indo- Tibetan mantra healing, he was discharged from hospital 2 weeks later as a fully healthy person. Seeing him off, all department of the hospital applauded, thinking that it is the merit of physicians.

– And once a man came from Mexico in order to complete healing. His leg hurt. There were purulent processes in his knee, and after a dozen operations the inflammation began again, nothing helped. He came to Altai, Siberia with blood infection. After 2 courses of healing he returned to Mexico – the infection was gone and all his wounds were healed. Later he came to me again and completed the last 3rd course. Now he is completely healthy. And there are a lot of such miracles.

The Indo-Tibetan Method – Opening the Channel of Healing

The Indo-Tibetan Method channels energy that gradually restores the entire organism and heals diseases.

However, the healing process takes time and if a person is already close to death, the energy may not be able to fully heal him in time, because there is a time for everything.

In severe cases like chronic illnesses, the healing process occurs slowly.

The time it takes to heal also depends on the condition of the organism. If it is a young and healthy body, than the healing takes place quicker. If not, then the process is slowed down.

Another factor that effects the healing process is a person’s lifestyle. If a person smokes, drinks or partakes in unhealthy activities, then the energy will be used to clean the toxins from the smoking and bad diet out of the person’s body. A healthy lifestyle helps the body heal and makes the healing process faster.

The Indo-Tibetan Method can be used alongside medication, as long as they are not overly toxic. This will speed up the process.

It is very important to use the Indo-Tibetan Method alongside herbal remedies and a correct diet for any given illness (reference Malahov). Yoga and detoxes are especially helpful in speeding up the healing process.

After the Indo-Tibetan Method seances it is important to take a bath because this will help the healing process.

It is very important to understand which thoughts, emotions and deeds brought on the illness. It is important to try to change your outlook on life and your relationships with people so that the illness heal sooner.

You can find answers to such questions in the following books: “The Mystic’s Path” and “After Death”.

Tours, shamanic seminars, individual work and magical items such as amulets will also help.

The hardest thing to heal is cancer and tumors. The Indo-Tibetan Method can help stop the development of oncological illnesses. It is recommended to continue participating in sessions, at least once a year, to prevent the tumor from growing.

The Indo-Tibetan Method healing process can be enhanced with cleanses. Sometimes it seems that an illness is getting worse and the symptoms increase, but this is an effect of the healing method. It mobilizes all of the organism’s inner resources and chakras to fight the disease. The sickness and the evil spirit that caused are resisting treatment. Soon, however, the healing method wins and the disease starts to retreat.

The cleanse can last a couple of days or a couple of weeks, depending on the severity of the illness. It can also be periodically repeated.


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