Is it possible to retain love throughout life?
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Is it possible to retain love throughout life?

5 tips to save your marriage 

There sometimes happen discord even in the happiest of relationships, and then the marriage is on the verge of collapse. Shakuntali Siberia will tell you how to save the family, prevent resentment and disagreement and retain happiness and harmony to the relationship through years.

Naomi, Philadelphia: 

“I’m sure there shouldn’t be any half-words between spouses. Love, trust and support for each other are the feelings that serve as the basis of any happy family. This is the knowledge my mother passed to me, and my grandmother passed to her. They have tested it with their own example, having lived happily with their partners all their lives. And my mentor, Shakuntali Siberia, has taught me that, too.  

However, I do have one secret from my spouse. I have been taking Shakuntali Siberia’s classes for three years, and Dan thinks that I am taking oriental dance classes. Why am I hiding this? Nothing criminal. Most men, and my Dan among them, have no idea how much women’s efforts are invested in their business success, their health and mental balance. They think it’s a natural phenomenon. 

We were married for over 20 years old when I suddenly realized that I was thinking about divorce more and more. 

Our kids grew up, moved to different cities to get an education, and Dan and I were just neighbors living under the same roof. There were days when we didn’t even see each other. No, we didn’t cheat on each other. It’s just that over the years of our marriage, we got so used to each other that we thought our mutual presence was something natural. 

I knew our relationship needed to be shaken up or we would soon be separated, completely losing the beautiful things that once bound us together.

That’s when I went to have an individual consultation with Shakuntali Siberia. She gave me very useful recommendations to save my family and revive former relationship with my partner. Most importantly, she advised me to study regularly in the group. 

Shakuntali Siberia teaches us that family happiness and success are the result of painstaking work. Starting with daily small things such as a gentle smile, pleasant words and compliments, gentle touches, delicious breakfast and many other things, but such necessary components, which we often do not even think about. 

Relationship between me and Dan has taken to a new level due to Shakuntali Siberia’s advice. They have the strength and wisdom of experienced partners who respect and love each tenderly and devotedly. We are happier now than we were even after the wedding. I’m sure that we can keep those feelings our whole lives!” 

Shakuntali Siberia urges to pray for the healing of mankind!

The power of female energy 

It is the woman who is the source of Power for the whole family. And the life and well-being of not only her partner and children, but of the entire lineage depends on how she feels, her mood and mental balance. The energy of any woman is so closely connected with her emotional sphere that sometimes it is very similar to the epicenter of a raging volcano. If a woman goes off into hysterics, cries all the time, behaves aggressively, screams, hits the dishes, it means there is an irresistible disharmony in her soul. 

Female energy certainly has not only destructive, but also creative properties. 

This power will help to reveal talents and abilities, to find the true predestination, to achieve excellent results in study and career, to return beauty and health. 

Of course, the extraordinary power of female energy will save the marriage, even if your relationship is almost exhausted.

Shakuntali Siberia reveals numerous secrets of saving the family at her seminars. You will find the most important ones in this article. 

Tip #1: Share positive attitude and smile to your loved ones. 

Even if you try not to show your family a bad mood, they will still feel your tension and negative. The whole family will suffer from this alienation. It means that you need to recharge with positive emotions all the time, to ask the Higher Power to give you additional energy and spiritual harmony. 

Shakuntali Siberia describes in detail how to communicate with the spirits of the Upper World properly at her events. Come to her classes and you will know the secrets of a positive perception of the world. 

Tip #2: Purify your home from bad energy. 

It is not a matter of routine cleaning of your home, although, of course, order in the house is also very important. Energy purification helps free your home from negative energy, aggression, swearing, resentment, misunderstanding, fatigue and illness. 

This ritual should be performed by an experienced mentor such as Shakuntali Siberia. 

Independently, you can use protective amulets for your home, which will safely keep your family from the spirits of the Lower World. 

Tip #3: Do an energy womb cleanse.

Any problems, resentments, or grievances contaminate your womb and then pas to the person you love as illness and troubles. 

Special womb cleanse gives a woman the opportunity to get energy renewal, fills her with great mood, health and happiness, rescues from bad thoughts and emotions.  

Shakuntali Siberia teaches independent control over the emotional sphere, purification of your body from negative by means of breathing and energy practices at her seminars. She performs a special womb cleanse during individual sessions.

Is it possible to retain love throughout life?

Tip #4: Lead an active lifestyle. 

Chose a kind of sport to do together. Go hiking, climb mountains, explore the world in its natural surroundings, not from the TV screen. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself! You have no idea how many positive emotions await you. 

Tip #5: Join Shakuntali Siberia’s lessons. 

Shakuntali Siberia does not recommend you telling your partner about taking classes in online school. You shouldn’t lie of course. You just don’t need to say everything. Say that you signed up for a yoga seminar, not Shakuntali Siberia’s course.

She will help you reveal true female potential, teach you to remove pain and tiredness, w how to carry out updating of energy and to keep natural beauty and youth. This unique knowledge will help you attract luck and success in the life of your partner, make him healthy and your relationship harmonious. 

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