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Karmic laws: how do they work? - Shakuntali
Karmic laws
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Karmic laws: how do they work?

What does it take for your family to prosper?

Have you ever noticed that troubles happen in your lineage with the sad regularity? Typical illnesses, problems with partners, debts and job failures… That’s how the laws of karma affect our lives. We receive not only experience, eye color and family jewels (if we are lucky) from our ancestors but also serious problems that are passed down from generation to generation. Is it possible to get rid of this heavy burden of the past? Shakuntali is sure it is.

Blood ties

Do you know your loved ones well enough? Who do you consider your family? Usually these are parents, grandparents, children, partner, brothers and sisters. Other relatives are not so close anymore. They may live far away and never meet you in their lives. You exclude their influence on your life completely. What’s to say about long dead ancestors!

However, your life today is influenced by all the members of your lineage who are connected to you by blood. Even if they died many hundreds of years ago

The laws of karma are much stronger than many people realize. 

Siberian priests, including Shakuntali, see the lineage of any person as a true family tree. Its roots go back to the most distant ancestors, the founders of the lineage. The trunk of the tree is all the relatives who live on Earth at the moment. And the twigs are children and future descendants. Only knowing and studying the whole tree, you can influence the events of your life and help the closest people.

Laws of a good gardener

Imagine an ordinary tree: what it needs to be healthy? Of course, care: watering, feeding, pruning, whitewashing the trunk to protect it from rodents. But all this will be useless if the tree has rotten roots. They are the ones that nourish the tree, ensure its growth and development.

Now transfer this comparison to your family. 

The roots of your family tree are the life of your ancestors. If they have had problems in their lives (but who hasn’t?), they are passed on to each successive generation.

Karmic laws

Serious illnesses, alcohol addiction, gambling, broken families, poverty, suicides… All of this results in infertility, conflict. A man with such problems is a loser by birth. He can’t make a decent living, struggles for survival all his life. A woman can have all kinds of problems: from violence in childhood to the inability to find a decent partner or have children.

This is how the karmic ties of lineage work. Is there a way out? Don’t worry, there is.

For helping the entire lineage

Many people turn to Shakuntali for help in solving lineage problems at seminars. She finds out the root cause of these problems by finding the sick root of the family tree. At the same time, not one branch is recovering, but the whole tree.

For example, you can come with a serious illness or problems in a relationship. Shakuntali will see its original cause, find it in the roots of your lineage. You will receive individual advice, you will do special techniques and exercises to purify the entire lineage. The result will be that not only you will be healthy, but all family members, even the farthest relatives, will be free of a wide variety of health problems. 

In the future, only healthy children will be born in families.

This also works in other areas: problems in relationships, difficulties in career, self-determination, lack of vitality, etc. Shakuntali has hundreds of stories with a happy ending, when one woman came to class and brought positive changes not only in her life. Harmony, love, mutual understanding, financial well-being were magically settled in the house of every member of her lineage. 

Your magic guide to peace and love

Helen, Vancouver:

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been trying to have children with our husband. The doctors couldn’t help us, because the tests of the both of us were normal. Some kind of genetic malfunction, that’s what they said. 

I was getting ready for a painful IVF procedure. But I failed to do it in time. 

I was lucky to attend Shakuntali’s seminar almost accidentally. That’s when I was surprised to learn about that other women of my lineage had similar problems.

I did a serious job together with Shakuntali. In the course of a powerful ritual, which she performed during a retreat to the Place of Power, she purified the karma of my lineage. It is incredible, but my husband and I became parents of wonderful twins!

Second incredible fact is that my favorite grandmother got on her hind legs after a long illness. Even the doctors didn’t promise anything or give her a chance. What’s more, she started doing fitness. My mother clutched her head)). 

My grandmother is so cheerful and full of strength that she is already introducing sports and healthy lifestyle to her great-grandchildren.

My mother’s pressure issues are a thing of the past. Now she doesn’t know what it’s like to take pills every day. That’s how lineage ties work. When I came with one of my problems, I helped everyone in our family.

Do you want your family and relatives to prosper? Sign up for Shakuntali’s seminars and her online school. We wish health and prosperity to your lineage!

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