Let's help the world during this difficult time!
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Let’s help the world during this difficult time!

Shakuntali Siberia calls the people who care to unite 

It is already clear to everyone that the coronavirus has affected the destiny of every inhabitant of the Earth. And we’re not just talking about those who got sick. Our whole lives have changed dramatically. Some have been left unemployed, having lost their means of subsistence, others are living under strict quarantine conditions, and someone (as doctors all over the world) is risking his life every minute. This means that many people need help now: material, physical, psychological. Shakuntali Siberia invites you to participate directly in the great mission of helping our world.

Who needs help 

We don’t know when or how the coronavirus pandemic will end. However, even the most optimistic forecasts of finance experts  suggest that the economic consequences of this disaster will affect each of us.

Most of Shakuntali Siberia’s students, their relatives, colleagues and friends do not have the opportunity to work under strict quarantine conditions. Some have been laid off, and some had to take an unpaid leave. Small charitable foundations are going through a very difficult period: the borders are closed, which means that it is almost impossible to buy rare imported medicine and, most importantly, it is impossible to deliver them. Medicine that could be a salvation for someone. After all, even not taking into account those suffering coronavirus, there are many people in the world who suffer from serious diseases. And their future life and health is now in question…

No, in this article we don’t want to remind you again how bad things are.

On the contrary, we encourage you to think about what kind of help you need and what kind of help you are willing to offer, to the best of your abilities. After all, even if you are currently locked up at home, it does not mean that you will not be able to benefit from it. Yes, you can!

We are looking for talented people 

So, let’s start by helping those left without jobs and money. Do you know any of them? Then send them a link to this article! Shakuntali Siberia and the “Field of Love” project will financially support those who are ready to help the world with their talents and skills. They can reveal themselves in different ways, for example, to become a part of our large spiritual family.

We are ready to accept those who can:

  1. Transcribe video clips into different languages.
  2. Record contact information in different languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
  3. Place links and recommendations on forums.
  4. Add descriptions to YouTube video in English, German, French.
  5. Rewrite articles in English, German, French and Spanish.
  6. Copyright articles in English, German, French and Spanish.
  7. Do research on freelance sites and job search portals.
  8. Assemble videos.
  9. Offer your other skills and experience to help the “Field of Love” project.

The “Field of Love” project and Shakuntali Siberia offer a helping hand and hope to millions of people around the world. Help to overcome fear and loneliness, illness and failure, complexes and unrealization. Only by joining forces can we help the people of Earth. 

Let's help the world during this difficult time!

That is why, by becoming a part of our project, you participate in the great event of saving and protecting our planet!

Naturally, we invite you to be a part of this great mission, not only for those who desperately need money. If you can offer charitable help, indicate it in your application. If you happen to be in a difficult financial situation, indicate it too – Shakuntali Siberia and the “Field of Love” project will help everyone. 

New Opportunities 

We spoke about the fact that in our difficult times many people need psychological and energy support at the beginning of this article. One may ask what is so terrible about staying home. On the other hand, having found yourself in an unusual situation, many people feel discomfort, uncertainty and stress.

So what can we do? First, do not give in to panic! There is no reason to think up terrible details – the pandemic will surely go down, and we can all go back to normal life.

Secondly, look at the situation positively. What did quarantine and self-isolation give us? A lot of free time! 

You don’t want to spend it studying the next disturbing news on the Internet. Try to spend it all on yourself

Now you have a wonderful opportunity to engage in self-improvement, health issues, and spiritual development.

Closed borders in no way hinder the activities of Shakuntali Siberia and the Field of Love project! We do not stop holding group classes in those places where the emergency condition has not yet been introduced. Be sure to join these activities, come  and invite family and friends to the Field of Love group prayers. 

Your energy, mercy and compassion are urgently needed by billions of people around the world right now!

Let us pray for them, for the future of the entire humanity, and then the evil spirit of the coronavirus will be destroyed! The epidemic will be stopped!

Let's help the world during this difficult time!

But if you can’t leave home, do it online! Shakuntali Siberia constantly conducts online seminars and webinars, answers your letters, gives detailed advice.

What scares you? 

  • Do you have strong feeling of concerns about your family and friends, especially those at risk?
  • Are you depressed, afraid, panic-stricken?
  • Are you very nervous, afraid for your financial situation in the near future?
  • You have no idea how to use your talents and skills until now?

Shakuntali Siberia will help in any of these situations! You should not be one-on-one with your fears and worries – be sure to write Shakuntali Siberia!

If you are afraid that this situation will deprive you of your last power – start doing special energy practices and protective rituals, which Shakuntali Siberia will teach you with pleasure!

Coronavirus is not a murder weapon, it is a disengagement weapon. That is why it is so important to unite with like-minded people, to communicate with teachers and mentors, to help – even a little bit – those who need it in this difficult time for all mankind!

Many of you already know Shakuntali Siberia, but some of your friends or colleagues are not yet in the know. Be sure to tell everyone about her, send them links to social networks of the master, articles and videos. By changing even one stranger’s life for the better, you change the whole world! And the universe will certainly answer you with gratitude, it will reward you with health and prosperity of those you care about!

Remember, this period is not the black strip of your life, but the takeoff one! You should not miss the unique opportunity to reveal the precious qualities of your soul!

We wish you a good health!

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