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Master Class Secrets of the Woman of Power for Self Healing, Finding Purpose
Master Class Secrets of the Woman of Power
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Master Class Secrets of the Woman of Power

Shakuntali Siberia’s shamanic classes “Secret of Woman of Power” are another type of our mental health meetings intended to free your mind and soul, to help you find your predestination and accumulate all your female energy.

master class secret of a woman of power

What is the purpose of our shamanic master class “Secrets of the Woman of Power”

What gives us lots of positive mood and energy? Of spiritual shamanic classes, if we are healthy and happy, if our beloved ones are happy and healthy too. But after all, it’s the most wonderful situation when you do what you love. In other words, it is very important to find your predestination in life. It would give you happiness, health and Energy. It would give you everything. There are tremendous amount of people who are doing what they have to do, without love, without passion. Just because it is more profitable, practical or because their parents wanted them to do it. This is a real tragedy, in some way, because this people spend their energy and the whole life for alien activities. That is why finding the predestination is the first priority task that is successfully solved by our journeying shamanic classes “Secret of Woman of Power”.

What will we do during this master class?

The beginning shamanic healing classes are the unique one because the knowledge that Shakuntali Siberia shares with you is the ancient practices and wisdom that you will never find in books or on the Internet. It is some kind of self health classes because all this knowledge is referred to women empowerment and giving you the ability of self-healing.

During the self-healing shamanic class you will get:

  • The personal approach of Shakuntali Siberia;
  • Special Gyud-session for each participant working with the subconsciousness and discovering the hidden abilities and finding and building inner strength and confidence;
  • Workshops and seminars with the special magic of Shakuntali Siberia during which the real miracles happen;
  • Special ceremony “Blessing of the womb from the Siberian Priestess”.

All this is accompanied by a very united and friendly atmosphere, with ancient temple dances and music written by Great White Shaman. Temple dances make you free and flexible and join you in the World energy chain.

“Secret of Woman of Power” shamanic classes & workshops will help you with finding your purpose in life, learning of how to maintain the health of yourself and your beloved ones, teach how to find happiness.

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