ABOUT Shakuntali Siberia

A life devoted to helping women around the world

Thanks to her charity work there are 18,345 of the reunited families and 1250 rescued from the collapses of the business. She has over 15 years practice in 32 countries, such as France, Greece, India, Italy, Spain, Norway, Japan, Australia, Brazil, the Baltic States.


My dear, I am glad to welcome you on my website!

Let’s get acquainted! I will try to tell about myself. Although it is not easy. It is easier to write a book))))) Because there were many strange, amazing, impossible and, unfortunately, terrible events in my life. You know, the best thing to do is to read my biography here.

I have a strong belief that everything that happened to me was for reason. It helped me understand why I came to this world. This is why I visited 32 countries on all continents.

Do you know why? To help people! And you too, my dear!

Since childhood I realized that I was different from other children. I could see the aura of people and evil spirits devouring this aura. I didn’t even think that it was my gift from the universe. My Teacher, the White Shaman, told me about it. I met him many, many years ago in an eco-settlement in the heart of Siberia.

How long ago did it happen? I can’t say. I once promised my Teacher that I would not reveal my real age. For this, I received the gift of eternal youth from him. I can only say that my biological aging stopped at the age of 19. 

Thanks to learning from the White Shaman, I learned to understand the spirits, saw that the cause of all diseases – evil spirits settled in the aura of a person. So now I heal people, even those who medicine could not help. 

I have also found common ground with the spirit of wealth. We can even say that we are best friends))) It’s doing whatever I ask, even if I’m not asking for myself, but for others. People who have some financial problems or career difficulties often turn to me. I ask the spirit of wealth to help them – it never refuses). This is why there are many successful, wealthy people who have realized themselves in the career and business among my students. You have seen a lot of them on TV or in movies.

Many women ask me to help them find the other half, build a harmonious relationship. I teach women to merge with nature and elements through special practices and shamanic techniques. This allows coming to a harmonious state, feel self-sufficient, confident. Such a woman finds harmony with her partner, builds equal relations with him/her. He becomes real support for her.

I donate all the money from classes and seminars to charity projects: shelters for homeless people and people affected by earthquakes. I help orphans and victims of domestic violence and take environmental initiatives to protect nature and animals. 

And I invite everyone to join our volunteer projects! It doesn’t matter where you live or what your income is. The main thing is love in the heart and the desire to change the world for the better!

The more love there is in the world, the less wars, disasters, diseases and poverty will remain therein. Let us save our Earth together! Come to my classes and seminars to be in the circle of like-minded people! I am waiting for you!


  • In more than 32 countries she held seminars and trainings
  • More than 1,000 people – healed due to her superpowers
  • More than 80% of Shakuntali Siberia’s students are successful in business and career
  • Shakuntali Siberia took part in more than 50 charitable projects.


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