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Predictions for 2020 - Shakuntali
Shakuntali Siberia
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Predictions for 2020

Horoscope from Shakuntali Siberia 

Very soon we’ll start New Year and we know that New Year will be very different than 2019. 2020  is a very important year when the most important will be spiritual awakening. And Shakuntali Siberia can help people to go through 2020 year more easy, to go through obstacles and difficulties that every person  can know and fulfill their mission. And she wants to help every astrological sign to live in the next year. 


Your card is Sun. And for you, dear people who was born in this zodiac it is very important to be very active and brave. You need to get rid of  your unconfidence. You need to purify your past or contacts, start looking in the future and think about big, big goal. Shakuntali Siberia recommends you to do the special practice «Sampo» which will help you to cut all contacts from the past and come to take your mission, to take your goal that you can be happy. She recommends doing the practice for 21 day. And you need to do it on a daily basis until the New Year. You  can learn how to do this practice at Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars and individual consultations.


You did not have much rest during the year. You are very stressed and you need to go in the nature. But not only like a tourist but to go to the Place of Power with the Shaman, with the Tutor, with the Guide who will provide the shamanic knowledge. And Shakuntali Siberia recommends you to go to these place, our tours which we organize special for this people. This is India in March and this is Mexico in March. She recommends you to do the practice of Amazonian what you can do before the  New Year, that you can receive Power. You can learn more about this practice at Shakuntali Siberia’s classes.


For this sign, it is time to purify from all your past. This is Erlik Khan. He is God of the Past. And he is ready to take all your past and purify you that you feel freedom and fly like a bird because you have 3 important talents what you need to reveal in 2020. And the practice of Woman of Power will help you to go to this goal. And please get a special Object of Power which help you to purify from the past, protect from the past. And you will be happy. You can buy Object of Power at group classes or seminars.


This card is the bird. The God of the future  wants to say to you that now it is time to return your freedom and fly like a bird in your future. And now this is special time to prepare because God of the future prepares  amazing future for you. Because you were born for very big goal. Shakuntali Siberia recommends you to do the practice of the Breathing (you can learn more about it at Shakuntali Siberia’s trainings) every day. Then you will purify from all obstacles  and body that did not allow you to fly like a bird. And you should do this practice until the New Year. 

Shakuntali SiberiaLeo 

Leo is a beautiful people your card is soul of  Sur. Some human person what you travelling when you sleeping  when you body laying down but this Sur is start to the different level of the subtle worlds. This is symbol of  super ability of concentrate dreams. It means you need to develop this super ability, you need to take the special stone which help you develop them from the Tutor. Shakuntali Siberia recommends for you more be in the nature  and do the practice Lavarayuana. This is practice for full feel energy of your chakras of subtle bodies and body Sur and be more strong and more powerful and be reserve to have very happy life. You can learn more about the practice at Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars and individual consultations.


This is card of daughters of Erlik. This card symbolized that for you in future waiting soul only one thing you need cut all contacts from the past.  You need to purify your and become the Woman of Power. You need a special practice for this which Shakuntali Siberia gives at her seminars and retreats. And your 2020 will be very happy with your soulmate. You deserved it.


You were born for the highest mission  inside you – healing. You need to save this world, heal this world. You need an Object of Power like symbol of healing. When you have the Object of Power it always helps you and promotes you to reveal all your talents and heal this world and the people. You can come to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars and retreats and she founds your object of power. It is needed so that you could live free in 2020.


This is the shamanic card –  kymla. This is part of the drum. It is a very important sign because you are ready to have very powerful shamanic instrument khomuz or drum and this symbol that your person have very light soul. You have a lot of wait karma not realizing,  you need to have your shamanic instrument with Siberian spirit what can do what you can take our seminars and connect with powerful spirits and attract your life and ask can help you, your family and all the world. Please do the practice Woman of Power and you will connect with your spirit helpers. You can make this practice at Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars.

Shakuntali Siberia


This is shamanic drum. Many Sagittariuses  need to have it because this is zodiac know that. They know reality, spiritual leaders together safe this world. Because 2020  will be not so easy year. And we need with your shamanic instrument and create field of love together all around the world. This is symbol that you need become a leader of field of love to create your group in your city. Please write Shakuntali Siberia’s she was says you  what you need to do and I give your blessing save this world. 


What are you waiting you in 2020? Now this is time of choice. You need to choice best life. Past want take you back. And not allowed come to the beautiful land where you can see grass, paradise because God prepare you for this. Dear Capricorns now this time to open your heart and believe. Please, do the practice it will help you to believe the God always with you. That you were born for the big mission. And Object of Power connect with your predestination will help you. You can buy it at Shakuntali Siberia’s classes. Amazing future is waiting for you.


You need to purify of your illusions. You need to purify of all opinions of others because they take energy from you. Criticism sometimes anger. You need to purify from that do the practice of Sampo what Shakuntali Siberia recommends you become of Woman of Power. You need to believe in yourself and Shakuntali Siberia recommends to have individual session to find yourself, to find your mission. This is Guyd session.


This is the time to finish sufferings in life all your lineage because you are elder of your lineage. Shakuntali Siberia recommends to purify your bump from all disasters, from all suffering, influences in your lineage. You was born to be elder come to Shakuntali’s seminars and all people, all family, would be happy because you was born to help them. 

Shakuntali Siberia wishes you a very Happy New Year! She wishes you success, prosperity, good health, love, self realization to you and your family! Join Shakuntali Siberia at her seminars and retreats. Change your life for the better. You are worth  it! 

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