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Shamanic Workshops and Training Programs


It cannot be overestimated how much the capability of connecting to Divine Mind influences our life. Shakuntali can motivate and guide you throughout this exciting journey of personal development, self-defense and growth, offering to take part in shamanic training for women.

What programs we offer women

The most important energy is the female one, it is a well-known fact that was proved by many teachings. Everything in this world proceeds from feminine power. That is why, from the very beginning, it is very important to take care of your energy level, collect it and never waste it in vain. But little girls do not know it because their mothers have never been taught so. Shakuntali wants to implement this knowledge in the heads of all the women for they could pass it to their daughters.

We offer various kinds of spiritual workshops shamanic energy training for women to fulfill any needs.

Shamanic trainings and workshops – this is what you need

Shakuntali, Northern Altai shaman priestess, has gathered all the authentic ancient wisdom, she is the only one in the USA to transfer it to women for female empowerment. You will never find this knowledge in any book or on the Internet – it is locked, saved and sealed at the wise priests, healers heads. Only the chosen shamans, such as Shakuntali, are able to comprehend this wisdom. You have a unique opportunity to visit her shamanic training and workshops.

You come to Shakuntali with different issues: some of you have experienced trauma, frustrations, poor health, turbulences in the relationships, fears, sorrows, somebody is lost and hurt, someone wants to find her predestination. But everybody who comes has the same feature – the eagerness to change her life for better and to learn how to help the others and to carry out a self-help. To feel healthy and young.

Everybody who comes to Shakuntali shamanism courses, shamanic training or spiritual healing workshops feels the inspiration and the power of women events.

How our programs will help you in your personal and spiritual growth?

Shakuntali offers you a wide range of activities that will help you to dive into the magic of shamanic practices. All the spiritual shamanic training, workshops are aimed at waking up your female energy for could become a Woman of Power.

The programs are based on the ancient wisdom of shamanism medicine, which is one of the oldest types of medicines in the world. It has reached the most advanced levels long before allopathy took place.

Our spiritual workshops for women – useful, takes good care of you and sometimes even FREE.

Our shamanism spiritual courses and workshops are not just classes or friendly meetings. This is a life coaching that will bring you to the new step of your life. That will be the point from what you will be able to heal yourself and your beloved ones.

We offer you:

  • Spiritual personal development workshops;
  • Real women in power shamanic training;
  • Shamanic masterclasses;
  • Special retreats for empowering women by additional part of the healing energy;
  • Shaman seminars for spiritual personal growth;
  • Personal sessions;
  • Shamanic training;
  • Special shamanic rituals.

Once you are here – you are ready for changes. Let’s start right now by joining our women’s shamanic training.


  • Womb cleansing, how to regain lost power from previous partners.
  • Practicing the attraction of the desired wish into your destiny
  • Energetic Yoni – Steaming
  • Women’s Secret: Love magic, how to become a muse – an inspiration.
  • Fate prediction with Totem cards

You’ll need a small mirror to practice in the class.

Group ritual “Return of female power. Removal of the crown of celibacy”

I want to go to the workshop



  • The practice of creating 7 levels of Aura protection
  • Practice for filling hair, face and body skin with youth and feminine beauty.
  • Return of power to the lineage. The practice “forgiveness of parents”
  • Secrets of weight loss and personal care . Ancient conspiracies and simple tips.
  • How to become an authority for your children and loved ones.
  • Rituals that have come to us through the centuries. Healing. Purification from negative energy.

You’ll need a bottle of water and a hairbrush to practice the class.

Group ritual “Opening of the royal road to the lineage. Helps especially children

To take part



  • What and where should be placed in a modern home to have happiness and prosperity.
  • The knowledge of shamanic feng shui.
  • Massage “waterfall of prosperity”
  • Mantra to attract your soulmate
  • Success attraction practice – “Queen of the World”
  • Walking on the glasses charged with the Spirit of money Dzayan Dzayachi
  • Prayer for your loved ones “Field of Love – ritual to connect with Sirius”, creating around your family a field of health and protection.

Please bring your wallet and a few coins to the workshop for practice.

Group ritual “Mystery of the Woman of Power. Opening the magic power of voice

I want to go to the workshop




  • Desire materialization. Ray creation part 1. Attract to life what I desire and what I need.
  • Trance meditation “Clearing the obstacles”
  • Business Magic to increase income. The rules of communication with the Spirit of Wealth
  • Aurovision. Exercises. How quickly to see and feel the right person…
  • Massage “Lakshmi’s foot”. Removal of blocks and muscle clamping. A massage that every woman of Power knew in ancient times
  • Diagnosis. Learn about our natural talents to make use of them for ourselves and the world around us.
  • Secrets of love and youth of the Isis Temple Priestesses. How to attract the perfect partner or create the perfect relationship with the partner you have.
  • The practice of controlling the power of female intention.

Bring a blindfold.

Group ritual to protect against negative influences (damage, envy, failure).


FROM 10:00 TO 22:00 SUNDAY

  • Desire materialization. Ray creation Part 2. Wealth secret code
  • Trance practice “Returning Power from Past Incarnations”
  • Opening a channel of intuition
  • How to identify your totem animal and learn to call upon it to deal with life situations.
  • Angel Whisper, for contact with your Guardian Angel.
  • Magical sprouts of Spirit dance. … Recommended to do 21 days from the first day of the new moon. Wishes fulfillment
  • The transcendent journey to reveal your body’s internal reserves. Restrictions removal.Total freedom.

Bring the thing that’s been around you the last three days…

Group ritual to open a channel of intuition and prediction. Helps to protect family and all your dearest ones.

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