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Shakuntali about faith, hope, and love

How treasures of the world will make you happy and wealthy

Even the most desperate situation can end well. However, for this, you need to have three treasures in the world. Shakuntali will tell you about them in this article.


Imagine you are lost in the woods. Your phone is completely discharged. You do not have a compass. You neither have any food or drink. Moreover, it is getting dark and colder. Clouds in the sky tell you that it will rain soon. Of course, you did not take a raincoat.

You are completely alone! There is no one at a distance of hundreds and thousands of kilometers around — just the woods. Perhaps, there are wild animals. You do not know this for sure, but it scares you.

You are scared. Very scared! You do not know where to go. You do not get how you will spend the night when it gets completely dark. You do not know how to protect yourself from rain and wind, where to find at least some food and water. Rustles, screams, creaks — there are so many unfamiliar sounds in the woods. Maybe, wolf or bears produce them.

Of course, if you are not a city dweller or an experienced tourist, this situation will seem unpleasant, but not fatal to you. You will find a way to get out of the woods.

However, if you are in the forest in such circumstances for the first time, most likely your heart will contract with fear, and despair will settle in your soul. Not the inability to navigate by the sun and stars, but these negative reactions will prevent you from escaping from the woods. Panic will prevent you from thinking rationally.

You will lose hope for a happy outcome of this situation. Unfortunately, you can die in such a state.

A sign from God

Can this story have a happy ending? Yes! Shakantuli says that, if you have Hope in your heart, everything will end well. You must understand that this situation is a challenge sent by God. God never gives us a burden that we cannot handle. So, you can get out of the woods.

Remember that hope gives wings of inspiration. Hope is your guide. It gives you a good mood, without which you cannot mobilize your efforts to get out of the woods.

Shakuntali about faith, hope, and love

Love is a driving force.

Man must love life, family, and home to want to get out of the woods. If he loves no one, most likely he wants to die in the woods. One will not attempt to get out, and this situation is fatal in the woods.

Love makes you want to do something in all situations. For this reason, people must grow the feeling of love in themselves. For this, there are special spiritual techniques, which you will find out about at Shakuntali’s workshops.

Hope and Love are good, but they are useless without Faith. You must believe that you will get out of the woods. You must believe that God will not leave you in the woods, that he will give you a sign, a hint on how to get out of the woods.

The Faith must shine in your heart like a guiding star. That is why those who lost faith lose everything: love, money, job, health, the meaning of life.

Sofia the Wise

You can say that Hope, Faith, and Love are too abstract notions, and these three treasures will not help you right now, standing in the middle of a terrible forest in the pouring rain, in the dark, shivering with fear and cold.

Shakuntali says that you must not forget that these three sisters had mother Sofia. Her name means “Wisdom”. Wisdom will prompt the correct solution in any situation.

Can there be Faith without Wisdom? People can believe in scary or harmful things: ads, racism, sexism, etc. Can there be Wisdom without Love? Some people love drugs, alcohol, tobacco, physical and psychological violence.

Only Wisdom will show you a worthy goal that will help you become better and change the world!

Shakuntali about faith, hope, and love

Sarah, Washington:

“10 years ago, when a fire broke out in our house, I lost all my family: my partner and two children. That day, the scariest day of my life, I was on a business trip on the other side of the country.

My world suddenly collapsed. It was like I died myself. I did not want to see anyone. I quit work, started drinking, then I started using drugs…

Without a home, loved ones, and the future, I was falling into the abyss. I was on the very edge, and nothing could keep me from falling completely. These were my thoughts at that moment.

I lived in the street. I asked alms, and then spent the money on alcohol and drugs.

Once, a sheet of paper fell into the box where compassionate people threw coins. An ad of some kind of workshops for women. I automatically put the piece paper in my pocket and forgot about it for several months. I did not know then that it was a sign from God…

It was a particularly cold day in January. The other homeless were making a fire to get warm somehow. I wanted to make a fire too and searched for something to set on fire in my pockets. Suddenly I pulled out the same advertising flyer. The first thing I saw was the date. It was that day.

Of course, I would not attend any workshop for women. A workshop for women, is this a joke?! I felt neither like a woman nor like a human being. Living corpse — that was my state then.

However, suddenly I got an idea that the workshop was taking place in a room, and that meant that it was warm there. If I succeed, I will get a cup of tea and some cookies.

So, that is how frost and hunger made me come to Shakuntali…

Then I had a long way of 6 years back to normal life. I used to break off and lose hope, faith, and love again. Every time my wise tutor returned them to me. She did the thing that neither the pills I used to take in the first weeks after the fire, nor alcohol and drugs could do.

I was born again!

Now, 10 years later, I give classes to groups of students helping them in complex situations. In my free time, I volunteer on the streets — trying to save homeless and desperate people. Sometimes I tell them my story, and sometimes it helps people to get out of the street.

I think that God sent me this challenge for a reason. I was cleaned of pride, selfishness, envy, of all superficial and insincere that used to be in my life.

I looked into the face of the abyss, but my guardian angel did not let me fall.

I still do not know who that man who put the ad into my box was. God bless that person! Bless my tutor Shakuntali, a great woman! Bless all of us!”

Develop treasures of your souls. Come to Shakuntali’s group classes and workshops. Sign up for her online school, and you will find a way out of the most complex situation!

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