Shakuntali Siberia and the Ukok Princess
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Shakuntali Siberia and the Ukok Princess

Who in fact is Shakuntali Siberia? 

All my life, my heart has been calling me to Altai. In my dreams, I saw incredible mountains, felt the coolness of a silk shirt on my skin and the piercing warmth of a long woolen skirt. Massive jewelry with the image of birds and animals pleased me with its elegance. With a smile on my face, I put my black hair in a bun and held conversations with people. Dreams were so real that sometimes I didn’t know where my fantasy was and where reality was. “When will I be ready to visit Altai?”, I asked my Teacher, but I always received the answer that the time had not come yet…

Altai is waiting! 

The event that once again changed the course of my life has occurred only recently. I was with seminars and individual consultations in America at that time. After an eventful day, I withdrew to meditate and pray for the people who turned to me for help. 

Deep in my mind, I suddenly felt a slight, invisible vibration from the crystal that the Master had once given me. The stone began to glow brighter and brighter, drawing my attention. I stopped meditation and approached the crystal.

When I took it in my hands, I immediately realized that something very important had happened. Looking at the crystal, I saw the image of my Teacher in one of its facets.

It was so real and clear that I was very surprised. There were thousands of kilometers and a huge ocean between us!

The image from the crystal slowly moved to the room.

White Shaman said the words I had been waiting for for so many years: “Shakuntali Siberia, you’re ready. It’s time to fulfill your mission and come to Altai. The Ukok Plateau is waiting for you. Don’t hesitate and get ready!

I was amazed, confused, but I began to get ready for the journey immediately. On the same day I flew to Moscow, and then to Altai. All this time I felt the support of my Teacher and the spirits. They helped me in my long journey, sent travelers and helpers. 

The sensation that caused the earthquake 

Altai has been shaken by the strongest earthquakes and cataclysms for the last 20 years. Local residents and shamans are sure that the reason is in the Ukok Princess. Archaeologists not only disturbed her tomb, but also moved her body to a museum for research…

The Altai shamans tried to calm the elements, but according to my Teacher, the plateau still needed prayer. I was the only one who could cope with it! 

The fact is that the Ukok Plateau is considered a mystical shamanistic center. In the plain there is a tomb of the Ukok Princess – the foremother of the people and the patroness of the Altai Territory. Shamans knew about it long before scientists came to the plateau, and carefully hid the burial mound from the eyes of strangers. 

For historians and archeologists this discovery became the real sensation. The body of a very young girl, who lived 2500 years ago, is well preserved. The princess, according to scientists, was about 25 years old. It was possible to see well not only her clothes and jewelry, but also to study tattoos on her skin. The high status of the princess was evidenced by many details: a large funeral chamber and accompaniment of six horses with a harness, exquisite jewelry and clothing.

Shakuntali Siberia and the Ukok Princess

People, shamans, even the Altai land itself seemed to be resisting that the body of the princess was removed from the burial ground.

But the sensational find was taken to the museum, access to her body was closed, and the Altai received a terrible element…

Long way to the dream 

And now my Teacher called me to Altai, because he felt a unique power in me, able to calm the elements. It was fate…

Back at the airport, I met a group studying shamanic culture. They were also going to the Ukok Plateau. The guys offered me to join them. Of course I agreed! I knew that we had many hundreds of kilometers to go off-road. Any help in this situation was a gift from the spirits.

But will we be able to get there? My new friends were skeptical, because the weather in Altai is very capricious and harsh. A sunny day can be suddenly replaced by strong gusts of wind and snowstorm. 

There is an ancient belief that the plateau is protected by the Ukok princess and not everyone is allowed to get there…

However, all the way there the weather was good and the sky was blue, as if the princess herself was glad we came.

Mystical prayer on the Ukok Plateau 

When we finally got to the plateau, I went straight to the Princess’ grave site to perform the ritual for peace and happiness of every woman on Earth. 

I started praying alone. But suddenly I felt that I wasn’t alone. Something happened. Time and space changed. It was as if the air had moved apart and I saw women next to me… I realized who it was. My students and women, whom I helped at proper time

They came to my call! Thousands of kilometers away, they heard my prayer!

I felt their thin bodies next to me!

With each word of prayer, their images became clearer and more tangible. They surrounded me and helped me to perform the ritual of tributing the princess. This has never happened before! It was as if we had changed roles. I usually help others, but here I was helped. That’s why my Teacher wanted me to devote my life to helping other women. He knew! I knew this day would come and I would need very strong spiritual support from like-minded people. He saw my future!

And suddenly I saw a huge image of the Ukok Princess before me. So distinct. Real… Long beautiful black hair, collected on the top, was decorated with a cover of red wool and a bronze pin.  At the top of the hair was an amazing decoration of wooden figures of birds and wooden deer standing on a ball, covered with gilding. 

The princess was wearing a golden silk shirt and a long woolen skirt. Her waist was bind with a red belt with tassels. I saw a torque in the form of a curved wooden plate with golden figures of winged leopards on her neck.

But the main thing is not how she looked. The main thing was the power coming from her.

Her gaze made time stop, the wind broke the laws of gravity, and the rocks came up next to me

I was shivering…

Shakuntali Siberia and the Ukok Princess

Why did I come to this world 

And then the princess… started talking! With me! I couldn’t believe what was happening! She said: “Shakuntali Siberia, now I’ll tell you why you came to this world.

She told me that in 2021 there would be a spiritual revolution, and Saturn would enter the Capricorn. This threatens with numerous deaths. Only those who are spiritually ready for changes will survive. And my task is to find such people, unite them, become a mentor for women around the world.

So that’s why my Teacher sent me to the world! That is why I have been helping women on all continents for so many years!

I started to fulfill my mission even then, not even understanding its scale

This thought amazed me!

And then something incredible happened. The princess took an unusual mineral from her grave, I had never seen such beauty before, and handed it over to me: “With this mineral, Shakuntali Siberia, you will give women information about their predestination. The princess touched my solar plexus with stone and said: “Now you have the universal power in you”, to the heart: “Now you have the universal love in you”, to the space between my eyebrows: “Now you are the enlightened woman”. 

These words echoed across the plateau. They rattled in such a way that the mountains shaken, the rocks crumbled, and the wind rose with incredible power.

It was as if it were not the princess who had spoken these words, but the Universe itself.

And at that moment I felt my body begin to be filled with inhuman power and energy.

“I embodied in you, Shakuntali Siberia, to help the women of the world,” said the Ukok Princess. 

I, Shakuntali Siberia, am the reincarnation of the Ukok Princess? There were a lot of mystical events in my life, but something like THIS has never happened before. Am I sleeping? Is it a hallucination? No, it was happening to me for real. I reached a moment of enlightenment. And I felt that I would accomplish my mission, no matter what it took.

The mission of the Ukok Princess

Everything has changed since then. Now I’m not just helping women, I’m looking for the chosen ones and helping them to determine their true destiny with the help of a magic mineral from the Ukok Plateau. Where I put it – the solar plexus, the heart, or the space between eyebrows – I determine the true mission of a woman.

The chosen women receive the stone from the plateau from me as a symbol of their uniqueness. It’s as if they get a piece of mystical power from the princess, from the Universe. And from now on, their mission is to carry knowledge and save the world. Thanks to the stones, an invisible connection is made between all women, regardless of distance and circumstances. We feel and always support each other. 

The difficult year 2020 is ahead of us in the run-up to the spiritual revolution of 2021. The prediction of the Ukok Princess encourages us to be strong, focus on our mission. So I invite you to my seminars! At the classes you will be able not only learn about your predestination and take the path of success, health and happiness, you will also be able to bring kindness and love to our world.

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  • Dear Shakuntali,

    What an astounding multidimensional journey You have had! I am impressed by Your bold honesty and fierce spiritual integrity. The reality You are so meticulously cultivating with Love, Beauty and Magic is truly Inspiring.
    My journey has been a rather tumultuous one as well. Though I have not yet experienced the unmistakable epiphanies you describe, my Life has always been one of passionate dedication to service work. I have worked in DC with refugees and sexual assault survivors from many nations.
    Recently I have been challenged by some severe health issues that seem to be related to ancestral entities. I do daily clearing, grounding, meditation and even written karmic clearing contracts, however my symptoms continue to grow worse, despite the fact that my spirit and consciousness have become much better.
    What I want more than anything is to heal myself so I can be of better service to all creatures and beings of Gaia. I know if I can solve these issues at the root cause, that my gifts would be refined and ready to be expressed appropriately.
    At the conference I was a bit psychically overwhelmed by the frenetic energy. I enjoyed meeting Your Angels, and was very interested to listen to what you have to say. I thought it best to wait for a more quiet moment though, so I could actually hear you!
    Since childhood I knew I had two assignments, prime directives from Creation. I was informed that I was meant to write a book, and that one day I would build a healing center for transformation. A sacred temple for women to work with crystals and learn from one another in a safe and serene natural setting.
    I started making drawings and the Angels sent me dreams of a piece of land with giant crystals waiting to be unearthed, at just the right moment. They showed me the crystals were storing information that would be needed in the coming years, for those who choose the LIGHT.
    In order to execute my mission I know I must first heal myself, and I am so eager to do whatever it takes to be responsible for my own transformation.
    Because I have seizures, I do not know if I can travel just yet, but I have been to the pyramids in Mexico, and Exchel has come to offer me Lightening in my meditations! ⚡️I would love to go back.
    I am interested in knowing if you do private sessions or only workshops. Would you be willing to send me more information please?
    I would like to tell You that Your aura nearly made me weep, it is SO Beautiful!🌅
    You are clearly an unimaginably powerful GIFT to this world, and I support Your mission Shakuntali.
    May every IOTA of Loving energy and Luminance return to You in an endless stream of Miracles and MAGIC!
    Bless You, and Yours, Now and Always. And may You be BLESSED All ways.💙🙏🏻🧚🏻‍♀️

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