Shakuntali Siberia: "Coronavirus is a sign from God"
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Shakuntali Siberia: “Coronavirus is a sign from God”

How not to get infected during the pandemic 

Who is the coronavirus dangerous for? How do you protect yourself and your lineage from it? Why is it so important to reveal your talents and ask for help from others? We talked to Shakuntali Siberia about all this.

– Shakuntali Siberia, the main question which concerns literally every inhabitant of the Earth today is why so many people got infected with coronavirus?

Shakuntali Siberia: Yes, my students ask me this question all the time too. I will begin answering it from an astrological perspective.

Many people know that the planet Saturn is now in the constellation of Capricorn. What does this phenomenon do? Severe restrictions inside and outside of us. This is exactly what we are observing now: the borders are closed, flights are cancelled, people cannot travel. Moreover, in many countries of the world where quarantine has been introduced, people can’t even leave their apartments. We are limited in our freedom to move.

Our internal restrictions are, however, more important. This is when, for example, you want to do something good for this world, show your talents and abilities, but you can’t do it. 

Let’s say you’d like to sing. But something inside you says, “You don’t need to do it. You’re a terrible singer!” Where does that voice come from in your head? Maybe somebody told you a long time ago, when you were a child, that you were a bad singer. And you believed it! We have many internal restrictions like that.

– The singing example is very personal. It affects one life, but not the entire humanity. 

Shakuntali Siberia: That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

Let’s say you want to do something great, help people of the planet. You want to help the homeless or abandoned animals. But you’re told, “What have you been thinking up? You’re crazy! You can get infected, you can get sick! Please think about your own life. Think of yourself.” And you follow this advice and you don’t do what you have planned. And then there is no more kindness, love, compassion in the world.

Our world is very selfish. And our whole society is very selfish, too. Everyone thinks only of themselves. And that’s why the coronavirus is a sign from God to all of us. 

If you look through a microscope at this virus, you will see that it looks like a crown. And what’s a crown? It’s a symbol of ego.

Unfortunately, a very small percentage of people think not only about themselves, but also about our planet, about the love to others. That’s why the coronavirus affects people who have a big ego. Because like seeks like. 

– Does that mean there’s a way not to get infected with the virus?

Shakuntali Siberia: Of course there is. Recently, many of my students have been writing to me, “Oh my God, I’m so scared! I’m afraid of getting the coronavirus! I’m afraid my family will get sick!” I say to everyone: “Don’t worry! If you do things contrary to your ego, you’ll never get infected.”

For example, I sometimes go to places where there are a lot of people with serious illnesses and viruses. I never worry that I might get infected. I can hug a person, hold their hand, and know that nothing will happen to me. Because it’s never happened. Thank God and my teachers, who taught me not to be selfish.

So if you start getting together, praying, developing, thinking about others, you will never get sick! Neither will your family.

– But how do we get together in the conditions of quarantine? 

Shakuntali Siberia: This is a very good question.

Saturn wants to split us up. For example, now they have introduced a rule that people have to keep the distance of 2 meters between each other. People live very isolated, everyone in their own house or apartment. What should we do? Stick together!

Yes, we can do that! We have an online school. I hold daily meetings on my Facebook page at 19:00 Pacific Time to support people at this difficult time. We hold the Field of Love prayer every Sunday at 2:00 P.M. GMT. 

And the people who participate in all these important meetings and prayers are special people. They are destined to save our planet.

Now, in this difficult situation, God wants to tell us: “Do not be selfish, start to help others, start to develop, become useful to this world. Reveal your talents, because other people should feel them and see them. Because if you do not reveal your talents, it is also selfish”. God has endowed everyone with talents. Someone has a big heart, someone has the ability to sing, to act, to help other people. And we need to use them. 

Shakuntali Siberia: "Coronavirus is a sign from God"

– You keep saying that women have a special mission in these difficult times. Why is that? 

Shakuntali Siberia: Yes, that’s right. Why my course is called 12 STEPS TO THE RETURN OF FEMALE POWER? What is Female Power? It’s love!

That’s why I keep saying: if you pray, if you are a kind person, if you help others, you will not get sick! Because your immune system is very strong. Love for the immune system is like fuel for a car. We create a Field of Love with our energy and rituals in our seminars. And this energy of love is transmitted to your family, your city, your country. 

We all, Women of Power, create this energy of love just like generators.  It works as a cure. Because the coronavirus vaccine has not yet been developed.

Those who attend my classes have a very strong energetic immune system. It won’t let you get infected. It’s impossible. 

Remember Jesus Christ, he was an enlightened Teacher, who cured people during severe epidemics. And he was never infected. Because he had a different level of energy, a different level of immune system. Viruses couldn’t get into it.

Viruses are dark forces. If you already have dark forces inside you – criticism, negative emotions, anger, envy – then the coronavirus will strike you. And if you pray, support others, if you stay positive, then the virus is not a threat for you!

– What will you advise your readers to do right now to protect themselves and their lineage from the virus? 

Shakuntali Siberia: There are three things to do.

One. You need to remember all your talents and make a list of them. Remember what you were attracted to since childhood, what skills you had. I already explained why it’s so important to reveal all your talents. Send me that list, I’ll tell you what to do with it next. 

If you don’t think you have any skills, and you don’t know what you came to this world for, I can perform an individual diagnostics of your predestination online. Write to me. You will definitely get the reply from me.

Two. Think of the people who suffer in these difficult times. They could be your relatives, colleagues, friends, neighbors. A lot of people now feel alone, fearful, even thinking about suicide. Because people do not see the possibility of salvation. Because they are separated, they can’t meet each other. It’s very sad. 

We can help them! In our prayers we will address these people, whom you know and who feel alone, need help and support. 

Three. If you feel bad, scared, you are in doubt, do not keep it in yourself! Ask me for help! I will definitely answer everyone! 

Unfortunately, people have a very underdeveloped ability to ask for help. And that’s very selfish, too. 

Ego is when we think we can do everything on our own. But when we ask someone for help, we open up. This is the opposition to the planet Saturn. 

That is why I am calling out to you: open up and ask for help from people, from God, from spirits. This is one of the main qualities of the Woman of Power!

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  • Namaste Shakuntali,

    mir geht es gesundheitlich leider nicht gut.

    Ich möchte Gutes tun und helfen. Ich möchte meine Bestimmung finden.

    Als Kind habe ich immer viele Kinder zusammen gebracht, gerne getanzt und im Garten aus Obst, Kräutern und was wir alles gefunden haben Zaubergetränke gemixt für erfundene Krankheiten.
    Ich habe mich immer mit der Ernährung beschäftigt, gerne gebacken gekocht als Erwachsene dann für Freunde.

    Was kostet eine Diagnose?


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