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Shakuntali Siberia: meet the Summer Solstice Day according to all the rules and laws of nature

Let us use the energy of the Sun to fulfill our desires

How to attract luck and prosperity, harmony and love for the whole year? That’s what Shakuntali Siberia tells us. Spend a special holiday – Summer Solstice Day – correctly, in accordance with natural rhythms. It is important not to miss this strongest day of the year in terms of energy.

When is the USA celebrating the Summer Solstice Day in 2020?

Solstice is observed twice a year – in summer and in winter. But the summer solstice is the most energetically charged one. The Sun gains its full strength and reaches its highest point this day. Do not forget about the time zone difference in the USA. You can orientate yourself on June 20, 17-44 New York time.

This year we will be also observing an unusual astrological phenomenon – solar eclipse during the summer solstice. Such unusual energy aspects are very rare. 

Eclipse at the peak of the Sun’s maximum activity tells us that there is a very strong struggle of Dark and Light forces in the world. Forces of Good and Evil.

That is why we should do spiritual practices and strong rituals that Shakuntali Siberia will be performing this day. Only a common prayer for the salvation of mankind can stop dangerous viruses, riots and economic disasters.

Appeal to the energy of the Sun in the circle of like-minded and spiritualized people for the salvation of the Earth! Do not miss this rarest phenomenon!

Prepare to meet the sun

Representatives of different cultures and beliefs have long used extraordinarily powerful sacral time for the most important magical rituals and ceremonies. The borders of the worlds come into contact with each other and the most mysterious things happen this day. The whole day on the 20th and the night from June 20 to 21 are considered no less important days than New Year’s Eve. 

Everyone can influence their destiny and make the desired changes.

They turn to Shakuntali Siberia for help in personal affairs and professional growth. They conduct ceremonies for success, growth and development, recovery of health. Do you dream about harmony in your family, mutual love, long-awaited child? Use important days to the maximum.

Your magic guide to peace and love

Shakuntali Siberia begins any ritual with meditation and appeals to the spirits of nature, elements, ancestors, asking for their help. They remember and hold all rituals filled with sacral meaning: bathing in the river, making wreaths, dancing by the fire, giving gifts to spirits.

The energy of the Sun is especially intensified when you meet a holiday and celebrate it in the nature. It is best to choose the place where all 4 elements meet: fire, water, earth and air. Therefore, there should be at least a small natural water reservoir nearby.

You are very undesirable to spend June 20 at home. However, the coronavirus pandemic and other circumstances can make serious adjustments to the plans of everyone. Therefore, you should prepare in advance and meet the holiday of the Sun under all rules. 

You should prepare a ritual candle, an offering to the spirits and get the support and blessing of Shakuntali Siberia

Other necessary elements of the celebration

Meeting of such an important day, which will lay the foundation for a successful start in the next 365 days in every aspect of your life, must be held with strict observance of special rules and rituals. Women should wear maxi dresses or skirts, and men should wear textile loose trousers for the celebration. All clothes should be comfortable, made of natural fabrics.

Shakuntali Siberia reminds that everyone should come with a clearly prepared wish and purpose. It’s better not to think about success in 10 affairs at once. Focus on the 1-2 most important areas of your life, so you can achieve your dreams faster.

People should not have evil thoughts, drink alcohol or smoke, or use foul language at celebration. You should bring some treats for tea (cookies, bread, waffles, pies). It will be great if you bring homemade food, carefully baked by yourself. 

You should leave some for the spirits to get their help.

Summer solstice day is a special mystery of the unity of nature and man. All elements receive extraordinary power simultaneously. Each of us can get their energy and support in our good goals and endeavors. Every Spirit and blade of grass rejoices the Sun.

Shakuntali Siberia reminds one more important rule: when you go home after performing rituals and ceremonies, clean up the area of nature that became your Place of Power on this important day. Thank the spirits of earth, fire, water and air for their hospitable reception and help.

Summer Solstice

Johanna, Iowa:

“Things went completely wrong in my life three years ago. I was a successful model, fans, a career… Everything flew into the abyss. I had a terrible psoriasis. This happened to me for the first time in my life! There were ulcers and spots turning into a crust on my body… It was all itchy, plus other unpleasant symptoms. Even the skin on my face was hurt. It was impossible to hide it under the toner.  

People were even afraid to get close to me, thinking I was contagious.

I knew how disgusting I’d become, that those sores and stains were off-putting. I started treatment. I tried everything: from the best clinics to my grandmother’s remedies. I even visited strange healers, but nothing helped! I locked myself in the house, did not communicate with people, and did not go out. I thought my career was ruined! Money was running out… I did not know what to do and browsed thematic pages on the Internet aimlessly, not hoping for anything.

One day I saw another advertisement, which I flipped through indifferently. And then my aunt came to visit me. She was shocked and scolded me for not addressing her for help earlier! My aunt told me about Shakuntali Siberia, who cured her daughter (my beloved cousin) of similar misfortune. 

Of course she did! How could I forget: it was the same name I saw in the advertisement? It was a sign, and I didn’t doubt for a minute that I will get help.

Shakuntali Siberia was not only a person with unique knowledge and a special gift, but also a sensitive, caring, attentive woman. She told me about the recent events in my life. She also mentioned the cause of the disease and helped me get rid of my symptoms. We did a whole course of cleansing and energy rituals. I felt better after the first session.

The external manifestations of the disease were gone, but Shakuntali Siberia told me that the cause was much deeper. If I want to get rid of the disease forever, I need to perform the most important rituals at the Place of Power on the Summer Solstice Day. I was happy to go out in the country with a group of her students. What a lovely place it was! That extraordinary feeling of lightness, fullness is still with me. 

I didn’t feel so good even during my holidays in paradise islands.

When I came home, I had an examination at the clinic. All the tests were normal and the doctors could not believe that the disease was completely gone! Now I’m doing what I love to do again!”

Shakuntali Siberia talks more about the holiday process, special rituals and ceremonies for cleansing, luck, strength and health at her seminars. To get more useful information for yourself and preparation for the Summer Solstice Day, you can sign up for the class online.

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