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Shakuntali Siberia: "My mission is to help women and protect the Earth"
Shakuntali Siberia
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Shakuntali Siberia: “My mission is to help women and protect the Earth”

Unknown facts from the biography of the Siberian shaman 

An unusual gift turned out to be a family drama for Shakuntali Siberia and a locking up in a psychiatric hospital. But meeting with the Master, the White Shaman, changed her life and helped finding her mission: to help all those in need on all continents.

A bug in a stomach 

Since I was a kid, I’ve realized I was not like other kids. My first vivid memories still evoke warm feelings – animals I loved to play with and talk to. People luminous as light bulbs – only then did I realize that I was seeing their aura. 

Every day a wonderful world opened up to me, and nobody except me noticed it. And if I tried to tell someone about my gift, it made children laugh. And adults thought it was a funny manifestation of a well-developed imagination. However, the more I grew up, the more problems my gift brought to me. 

One day, my mother’s friend came to visit her. I was very young at the time, and I spoke openly about what I saw. Sitting next to this woman, I saw a giant bug eating something in her stomach. Of course, I was scared and told my mother about the bug immediately. She got really angry, yelled at me, told me to go back to my room and stop telling this nonsense.

As it turned out later, my mother’s friend  had kidney cancer and didn’t even know about it. If she had listened to my words and had been examined, she could have avoided surgery and painful chemotherapy. 

Much later, I learned from my mentor that I saw an evil spirit then. An entity that engluts subtle bodies and human body from the inside. 

The Forest Fairy

Relationships with parents were getting worse every year. I couldn’t keep quiet and hide what I saw. After all, our world is not just people and animals. It is inhabited by spirits, evil and kind ones, entities and larvae.

I wanted my parents to understand me. After all, they are the closest and dearest people. Sadly, they were afraid of my stories, ashamed of me. Yes, shame, not love – that’s what Mom and Dad felt for me…

But that wasn’t the only thing that upset me. They called my parents to school oftener and oftener and tried to explain that specialists have to work with me. That I needed to be treated… In the end, I was under the constant supervision of an adult. They whispered behind my back all the time, both at school and at home…

I realized early that people are afraid of me. I was considered crazy.

No wonder that woods became my salvation. I ran away to the very thicket at any opportunity and enjoyed the sounds of nature, communicating with animals. 

It happened that I slept in the woods. My best friend was a fox. It was bringing me berries thoughtfully. In cold days, it warmed me with its warmth and protected me. I felt very safe when it was around.

Shakuntali Siberia

A catastrophe that I managed to avoid 

Despite my difficult relationship with my parents, I still loved them and didn’t want to upset them. However, when I was 12 years old, there happened an event that changed my whole life.

My father was going to an important meeting. He was very nervous. He was very late, and he was arranging his documents in a fuss. I was quietly watching him and suddenly it got dark in my eyes… At that moment I saw a terrible picture – my father starts crossing the road and he is hit by a car at high speed… This car crashes into a few more, and there is a nightmare accident.

My father is one of the victims. He is lying on the pavement covered in blood, and does not move… He is dead…

I began shaking. Panic. Fear. What to do? How do I tell my father to stay home and reschedule his meeting? Will he listen to me?

Of course, he didn’t want to listen to me. He was angry that I was distracting him, stuffing his head with another nonsense. He was so angry that he didn’t even pick up the words and called me crazy… I tried to stop him, hug him, hold him. But instead of listening to me and calming me down, he threw me aside as hard as he could.

I still had a shrinking heart when I remember the scene… I cried, begged him to stay, but unsuccessfully. What was I supposed to do? I had to take extreme measures. I told my dad that if he didn’t love me, I’d leave home and he’d never see me again. I don’t know how he felt when he looked at a child crying in hysteria. He was probably afraid that I would fulfill my threats.

And then my father (former policeman) took handcuffs and took me to the basement (we lived in a private house)! When he fastened me to the pipe. He said that we would talk as soon as he finished his affairs. 

As scary as it sounded, I saved his life in this way. While he was trying to get out of my arms and taking me to the basement, he escaped a terrible fate. Then my father told me that he saw a terrible accident of several cars on the way to the meeting. There was an ambulance and the police. And dead people… If my father had left the house 15 minutes earlier, he would have been lying there too…

You think this case has changed the way my parents feel about me? No! After a few hours my father came back. Together with a therapist and an ambulance. The doctor injected me with the strongest sedative, and then I was taken to a mental hospital. They told my parents I was mad… 

Escape from a mental institution 

The hospital room is not the best place for a child. Especially if it is a ward of a psychiatric hospital.

It is impossible to escape: windows with bars, doors locked, you go for a walk only under supervision, round-the-clock supervision of nurses.

And also a huge amount of drugs, which I was injected daily. They made me sluggish, weak, unable to concentrate on anything…

What about my parents? They betrayed me, abandoned me, cut me out of their life … I was scared, lonely. I was terrified.

But one day I felt that there was someone there, an invisible helper. He helps me, supports me and gives me power. This faith grew in me and at some point I realized that this person or spirit wanted me to escape. When I chose the moment, I made up my mind.

I don’t know how I did it. Everything happened as in a fog. But all this time I felt invisible support. Who is it? Spirit? Why does it help me? I didn’t know the answer, but I felt like I was being wanted and waited somewhere. But where?

Meeting in the woods 

Three days and three nights I walked wherever the road took me. I didn’t want to eat, I didn’t feel tired. All this time, I felt like I was being led by an invisible hand. Now I realize I was in a trance and following my Master’s call. 

The town houses were replaced by country houses. Then there was an unmade road. And my way was in the middle of the forest. On the third day, I went out into the clearing and saw a small settlement like a farmstead. I was met by people with incredibly bright, warm and kind eyes. I felt so easy and good that I was in paradise with saints and angels.

A family, consisting of parents and two kids aged six, approached me. The woman reached out and said that they had been waiting for me for a long time. It was so unusual, but I immediately felt like I was in my place. They fed me, gave me clothes to change and told that I would soon meet with the White Shaman.

It turned out that I had come to a very special, mystical place where the average person couldn’t get to. Why? They just wouldn’t find the way.

Only chosen people with a pure heart and a special mission can see the invisible signs that show the way.  

When I met White Shaman, I realized that it was his energy that I always felt in the hospital. He was the one who helped me to get here through the impassable forest thicket.

Of course, I was puzzled and confused, but the White Shaman said my home was here now. He also said he would help me discover all my superpowers. After that, I will return to the world and will have to fulfill my mission to save women on Earth. 

It was the White Shaman who gave me my name – Shakuntali Siberia. It means the Bird of Freedom. It took me a while before I realized how correctly the name was chosen. I really feel free as a bird. Free of stereotypes, imposed opinions, social attitudes. The new name was the beginning of a new life.

Learning from the White Shaman 

I lived in a forest settlement, studying with the Shaman and expanding my abilities for 7 years. I learned to talk to the trees, to understand the language of the spirits. I realized who the fox from my childhood really was – my totem animal, protector and guardian from evil spirits. 

Even then, I felt that there was a place on our Earth that I had to visit. It was calling me. I always see the image of the Altai mountains in my dreams. I told White Shaman many times that I wanted to go there. However, he kept saying that it wasn’t time yet. He would tell me when I was ready.

When I was 19, my Teacher said I had finished my studies. Naturally, I asked him if I was ready to go to Altai. And he said yes. But it wasn’t time yet. I had to go back to the human world first. Because my mission is to help everyone in need and save the Earth. 

He said that women all over the world, on all continents, were waiting for me. I was literally two steps away from my cherished goal, because Altai is much closer to Siberia than, for example, Latin America. Why should I go to another continent?

And then, unable to hide my disappointment, I told the Master: “Time is running out, I can grow old while you give me your blessing for this trip.”

He smiled, and then seriously, looking me in the eye, said that I would never get old and die only when I wanted to. 

After that, he gave me a magic crystal and asked me to keep it with me all the time. However, there was another unusual condition: I should never reveal my real age to anyone.

The secret of eternal youth 

Several years passed. I plunged into an amazing world: travel, seminars, individual meetings and consultations. Everywhere I met women and helped them. I did not notice how I visited 32 countries and all continents of the Earth. Including in Altai, which I have been dreaming of for so long. But I will talk about this journey in another article.

I have a very busy schedule, I fly and travel a lot, talk to people and conduct seminars, often sleep for only 2-3 hours, but this rhythm does not affect my health and appearance. 

Shakuntali Siberia’s unique abilities are known all over the world. But most of all scientists are interested in the secret of my youth. I have been invited to checkups many times, but I agreed only once. What I still regret. 

Scientists have found out that my biological aging stopped at the age of 19 (I know that this is a gift from the Teacher to me). And the level of my abilities is difficult to measure with devices. During the examination, I felt unwell, as if my energy had been stolen. I stopped all the examinations and left. Since then, I have refused to cooperate with scientists, and I am very careful with filming for TV shows. 

Shakuntali Siberia

Bring love and happiness 

Thanks to the training from the White Shaman and the years spent in the eco-settlement, I learned to understand the spirits. I realized that the cause of all diseases are evil spirits that settled on the aura of man. The “bugs” that I knew how to distinguish as a child. So now I treat people, even those who medicine could not help. After all, doctors work only with the consequences, not with the causes of disease. They are not interested in the energy, mental side.

I purify people’s aura, conjure evil spirits away, returning health and joy to my students.

I have also found common ground with the spirit of wealth. We can even say that we are best friends))) He’s doing whatever I ask, even if I’m not asking for myself, but for others. People who have some financial problems or career difficulties often turn to Shakuntali Siberia. I ask the spirit of wealth to help them – he never refuses) That’s why there are so many successful, wealthy people among my students who have realized themselves in career and business.

Many women ask me to help them find a soulmate and build harmonious relationships. Very often we look for a partner to fill the void inside. Therefore, we constantly demand something from a close person. And this is from where all our conflicts and quarrels arrive. To avoid this, we need to find inner integrity.

I teach women special practices and shamanic techniques of merging with nature and elements.

This allows reaching a harmonious state, feel self-sufficient and confident. Everything works out for such a woman in all spheres: in career, and in relationships. She finds harmony with her partner, builds equal relations with him. He becomes support for her.

I am often asked, “Shakuntali, if your mission is to help women, why do they pay for your seminars and individual consultations? I never take offense to such questions and sincerely answer: “Due to such support, I can help not only energetically, but also financially. 

All the money from my seminars goes to building shelters for the homeless. We recently implemented a project for people affected by earthquakes in Mexico. We help orphans and victims of domestic violence. And we work on environmental initiatives to protect nature and animals.  

I invite you to join our volunteer projects. But even if you don’t, you can do good deeds every day. It doesn’t matter where you live or what your income is.

Everyone can always help someone: a neighbor, a homeless person, a kitten. The main thing is love in the heart and the desire to change the world for the better!

The more love there is in the world, the less wars, disasters, diseases and poverty will remain in it. Let us save our Earth together! Come to my classes and seminars to be in the circle of like-minded people! I am waiting for you!

You have received new knowledge and now it is time for you to become a ray of light for new people. Share this article with them, come together to our retreats and classes. Help people and God will help you!

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