Shakuntali Siberia speaks about the laws of universal happiness
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Shakuntali Siberia speaks about the laws of universal happiness

Help others, and happiness will return to you multiplied! 

What is Universal Happiness? How does it work? What laws and principles do it rely on? Mankind always wanted to know answers to these questions. Ordinary good deeds that a human being does automatically seem to return in the form of health, happiness, success, welfare and prosperity. This article will tell you how the law of preservation of happiness works and what is the amazing power and might of the circular prayer Field of Love. Shakuntali Siberia touches all these issues. 

Happiness for everyone

What is happiness? It’s a known fact that every person understands happiness in their own way. For farmers from hot climates (Australia, South America) happiness is the heavy rain that irrigates the land with life-giving moisture and extinguishes forest fires. 

A lot of available food is the happiness of the staring ones. Millions of people, especially in underdeveloped African countries, are constantly short of food and water nowadays. Many of them are dying from exhaustion and dehydration. 

Homeless people who have to live and sleep outside in the open air, especially during the cold season, believe that happiness is a place to live, warmth and bed. 

Ask any inhabitant of the Earth (especially from the USA, Spain and Italy) this question and they will answer that happiness is healing and health. 

Now, during the coronavirus pandemic, everyone believes that happiness is when they and their loved ones are healthy.  

For women and girls who have gone through the horrors of domestic violence, happiness is a safe and secure life, confidence in the future. For homeless animals, happiness is to find their owner and home. 

Each person defines the concept of happiness individually. A thousand Euros or dollars is not money for some people, but another person sincerely enjoys a glass of water or a handful of rice. 

It is impossible to make all people on the Planet happy. However, we become happier by helping others, providing all possible help to those in need!  

Extinguish the fire 

Shakuntali Siberia and her students help all those in need: poor old people, young children, homeless people, the hungry, victims of violence and crime, the sick and lonely. They help the whole world! Even now, when many people have lost their jobs and income because of the coronavirus pandemic, Shakuntali Siberia invites you to join her team and offers you a real job.

Most of Shakuntali Siberia’s volunteers and assistants helped put out last year’s Siberian fires. And other students, being in different parts of the Earth, in different countries, united in a sincere energy message – a strong and powerful prayer Field of Love and were able to stop fires in the forests of Amazonia.  

Shakuntali Siberia speaks about the laws of universal happiness

Some time ago, Shakuntali Siberia’s students joined in a universal prayer for Australia some time ago. A miracle happened! For the first time in a long time, a continent suffering from drought and fires has received life-giving rain. Normal rain made the whole continent happy! 

It means the activities Shakuntali Siberia conducts are constantly increasing the happiness rate on our Planet. 

More and more people start feeling happy. And this positive joyful feeling changes the world fundamentally. There appears more kindness, care, love, comfort, protection. 

The feeling of universal well-being makes every person on our planet happier

Happiness is an inexpressible and indescribable state, which one can only feel! Millions of people all over the planet express selfless kindness toward those who feel bad at the moment. Any, even quite simple insignificant good deed strengthens the world energy of happiness. 

Each of us can help elderly people who live close to you, shelter for homeless animals, people without shelter, neglected children. Compliments, optimism and positive attitude have a powerful positive energy message. So do not be surprised when love and good deeds will return to multiplied!   

Food for the four-footed ones

By providing selfless help to others, we attract healing from a serious illness, luck, prosperity and well-being in a most amazing way. Jennifer asked Shakuntali Siberia for help when the doctors diagnosed her several serious diseases. Jennifer was only a little over 40. She spent all her income and savings on drugs and doctors.  

One disease was replaced by another. The woman felt completely exhausted. And yet she found strength and came to Shakuntali Siberia. Shakuntali Siberia conducted a special diagnosis and gave the woman unique recommendations for healing. The main advice was to help all those in need selflessly. 

Jennifer found herself in this field! Help, kindness and compassion became a calling card of the woman. She used to help many people selflessly. And now her help was simply unlimited. She had a kind word and a willingness to help for every poor and unhappy person. 

No one even guessed that Jennifer was in great need while helping others financially.  

She started helping a shelter for homeless animals.  She became its curator and one of its permanent volunteers. She spent every day at the shelter, treating and feeding the animals, cleaning their cages and looking for future owners. She donated all her money to the shelter, often refusing to buy the necessary medicine for herself.  

There remained no food in the shelter one day. The delivery man’s car broke-down and did not let delivering the food for the hungry four-footed in time. Jennifer spent her last money to buy the food, spending everything she had. But the fluffy pets were fed. The woman, however, did not have anything to eat.

After a while, Jennifer had another appointment with the doctor some time later. And everyone was shocked. Tests and scans showed that the most serious disease the woman had suffered had disappeared.  

For another year, Jennifer continued medical examinations for another year. And the gaps between appointments became longer. Her well-being was constantly improving. Her general condition improved. She cheered up, became more cheerful, and began to live not only the present day but also the future. All the diagnoses were gradually cancelled. The doctors could not believe such a miracle!  

A year passed, and there were no pets left in the shelter for homeless animals. Thanks to Jennifer, each of them found a caring loving owner and a friendly home. 

To our new students, Jennifer confidently says to our new students, “Love has healed me!” and invites everyone to join Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars. Shakuntali Siberia is now teaching remotely within the online school. We can study at the school, despite the regime of self-isolation or total quarantine. Sign up!

If you have a desire to join the Field of Love project and become a part of it, send us an e-mail to  with the note “I want to join to you”. Your kindness will change the world for the better! 

Provide help to all who need it, and God and the universe will certainly help you in return. This universal law always works. And if you are facing a choice and do not know what to do now, sign up for Shakuntali Siberia’s online prayers on Sundays at 14-00 GMT. Anyone can do it, no matter where you live. 

Pray sincerely for the health and well-being of your loved ones and relatives, for those who are in a difficult situation, those who are sick. 

Pray for your friends and people you do not know at all, for everyone’s health, for a place to stay for people without a home, for food for the hungry, for lonely old people, for abandoned children, for a new home for homeless animals, for the rains in the drought, for hope for a better future. And for the coronavirus pandemic to end as soon as possible. Ask for help from the Higher Powers, pray for our uniquely diverse world! 

Shakuntali Siberia speaks about the laws of universal happiness

Pray from the bottom of your heart for the endless cosmic love that permeates our world and nourishes the universe. And the warm rays of kindness of beautiful all-absorbing love will give warmth to everyone who you care for and love!

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