Shakuntali Siberia urges to pray for the healing of mankind!
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Shakuntali Siberia urges to pray for the healing of mankind!

The year of global deception started: don’t believe the rumors! 

Shakuntali Siberia warns: we live in the information age and we are surrounded by a huge number of events. The surrounding information field brings a variety of things. These things can be useful, but at the same time there are lies, manipulations, deceit and intrigues. But how to distinguish true from false? Truth from slander? It’s so easy to confide in deceivers and swindlers…

A bitter choice 

We make it constantly. Often, we don’t even notice it. It happens literally every minute. The choice can be crucial. And sometimes, it seems to be a trifle (at first glance). But later, it may influence dramatically our entire or another person’s fate.

Would you choose an apple or cookie for a snack? Would you go to the club or to the gym on a Friday night? The answer may seem obvious. But it’s so hard to overcome internal resistance and make an immediate right choice! Shakuntali Siberia always says that great success consists of baby steps.

And that’s why wrestling with small “innocent” temptations daily is the most difficult task.

And if you face the choice that will determine fate or life for the next 10-20 years… Or there may be a moral problem. It’s very difficult to take a step in the only right direction.

When doubts keep you from moving on, you’d better turn on an inner rationalist and critic. So, they drag someone through the mud or spread rumors. We all understand full well that they don’t talk about uninteresting people who are no great shakes. They argue, discuss, condemn, envy the brightest, the most successful people, who really achieved something.

And everyone has ill-wishers. From your neighbors to celebrities.

And the way you deal with it is a whole different story. For example, what would you think if you read in a newspaper, on the Internet, or see news about the dubious actions of a person or organization? A well-known leader, mentor, coach can be blamed for anything. Should you trust such information?

Shakuntali Siberia urges to pray for the healing of mankind!

Haters of the Messiah 

Let’s look at the history instead of heroes for a day. There was crackdown on Jesus Christ, Osho, Buddha, as well as many associates, healers, saints. In the Middle Ages, they were tortured and fagotted.

Everyone who stands out from the crowd sooner or later begins to be criticized and persecuted. After all, such people differ from the ruck in their actions and thinking. They are incomprehensible, extraordinary, and therefore dangerous for the narrow-minded consciousness.

Even the “Field of Love” project has been repeatedly accused of the strangest and most ridiculous things. Shakuntali Siberia is always very worried about this. Slander doesn’t come from the media in Europe or the United States. Lumps of dirt are thrown by representatives of less developed countries in terms of living standards. Our students, organizers, and masters are accused of so many things. It’s like we’re flying on broomsticks. Yes! It happens in the 21st century, when planes have long ceased to be a miracle and luxury.

The most striking thing is that enlightened Internet users, people that have a college degree believe in all these things. They are affected by the most primitive methods of manipulation. Why does it happen? Shakuntali Siberia notes the increasing number of the so-called haters. They attempt even the most sacred. Talented and famous people fall into high-profile scandals; ordinary people are accused of espionage and fraud. And meanwhile, real scammers keep doing their job quietly.

It’s all up to stars 

It turns out that heavenly bodies have a substantial influence on human behavior and what is happening on Earth. This year, in 2020, the stars and other planets have positioned themselves so that this period will become crucial. All of us will live through the revision of the values, the test for true and false, the ability to distinguish between reality and fiction. Shakuntali Siberia says that literally everyone’s conscience and fortitude will be put to the test.

Astrologists as well as experts in various fields from psychology to economics and politics notice a similar tendency. It’s interesting that dishonest people will scream the loudest, scammers and swindlers of all levels will become active. It will be the finest hour for all kinds of haters, fighters against “sectarians”. This is where the real Black Sabbath happens.

Shakuntali Siberia warns: “Darkness and Light, Truth and Lies struggle in each of us daily!”

Imagine that you decide not just your own fate but the fate of the world every minute… When you choose between indifference and help, between doing yoga or spending the evening eating fast food in front of the TV. The media, with the support and approval of the state, have gained real power over our minds and actions. Propaganda, special technologies, mass communications do everything to muddle up, make you believe, intimidate, bring confusion in the heads. And then they can manipulate people as they want.

Is it possible to resist this and not to buy into the mass hysteria, not to become infected with global psychosis? It turns out that it’s possible. But you need to learn to think logically, make well-considered decisions, turn off emotions when necessary.

Shakuntali Siberia urges to pray for the healing of mankind!

Grant the gift of life to me 

Shakuntali Siberia is often asked: “And what if you believe in gossip and come over to the side of evil? What will happen?” In this case, you can expect the worst outcome. Here is just one of many stories from our practical experience.

Once, a woman that needed help attended “Field of Love”. Her father was paralyzed. An active elderly man turned into a helpless sick person. Ann (we changed the name) asked Shakuntali Siberia for the healing. She became the woman’s only hope. After all, doctors were completely in despair.

Shakuntali Siberia performed the traditional ritual of the circular prayer “Field of Love”. All the students asked the Universe for the recovery of Ann’s father. And the miracle was not long in coming! Soon, the father’s arm started moving. We were inspired and kept on praying. At this time, Ann went through several difficult individual rites performed by Shakuntali Siberia, received a special talisman of the Power for her father.

But an unfortunate accident arose on the road to recovery. Ann came across one of those ridiculous false articles about the “Field of Love” project that haters posted on the Internet. Of course, we found out who ordered that article.

But the worm of doubt had already arisen in a woman; she ceased to believe us.

Ann decided that the help of Shakuntali Siberia would only harm her father and stopped attending seminars, refused help, and didn’t get in touch.

On those days, Ann completely turned away from the Divine help of the Universe, the powers of darkness took over her soul and mind. And the father was back in his former state. The arm and leg stopped moving again, and he almost lost his sight. A woman could have saved the closest person. But she didn’t believe her eyes and facts, she believed wild gossip. That’s why it’s so important to trust your intuition and listen to your heart instead of ridiculous news.

Let’s stop the panademia! 

Only you are the ones who make choices for yourselves and your loved ones. Only a person can decide what is Evil and what is Good. But you need to be able to think logically, turn on consciousness and not let others manipulate you, trust yourself instead of provocateurs using you for their own purposes.

Shakuntali Siberia urges everyone to be honest, first of all, to themselves, to help friends free their minds of lies, slander, unnecessary information.

Then there will be more Good and Love around, and less bad fake news, lying people.

Shakuntali Siberia urges to pray for the healing of mankind!

Hope, Care, Faith, Love will multiply and enable us to live a happy and full-on life, to achieve everything, be in harmony with ourselves.

Help the Powers of the Universe defeat this Evil in yourself and those around you! This is especially important nowadays, when the whole world has been taken over by a deadly disease. Coronavirus has spread all over the world. More than 200 thousand people were infected, almost 9 thousand people died. The vaccine has not been developed; there are no efficient control measures. But this doesn’t mean that the epidemic can’t be stopped. Right now we are performing the most powerful circular prayers “Field of Love”, in which our students around the world participate remotely.

One goal, one desire, universal help, and selfless care about everyone are the Powers that will help stop the disease.

It is small surprise that now everyone worries about themselves and are afraid for their relatives. After all, coronavirus spreads extremely fast. News is like a disaster movie. Unfortunately, the science fiction that we were so excited to watch recently has become a reality. Do you want to help your loved ones? Participate in our circular prayers at group seminars.

Now that many countries have enforced a quarantine, it’s quite difficult to attend Shakuntali Siberia’s live classes and participate in the “Field of Love” prayers. If you don’t have such an opportunity, subscribe to Shakuntali Siberia on social media, where she shares useful practices and rituals on a regular basis. Send links to social media and our articles to your friends and acquaintances. It’s much easier to defeat all the Evil and negativity that has filled the planet together. And remember the most important thing: when you help others, you multiply Good, which will return to you in the form of well-being, good luck and be healthy!

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