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Shakuntali Siberia will help to know your destiny - What is destiny?
Shakuntali Siberia will help to know your destiny
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Shakuntali Siberia will help to know your destiny

How the idea you serve affects your future 

There is a common opinion that no one knows their destiny. But this does not mean that it cannot be influenced. You can! And Shakuntali Siberia is ready to help you determine your future and write it!

Elena, Milan: 

“I have been a dreamer from childhood, I imagined that when I grew up, I would live in a palace, and my soulmate would be some star from the world of show business, sports or movies. But the reality of life significantly adjusted my plans, and by the age of forty, I had only a small apartment on the outskirts of the city, my daughter had asthma and my partner was a heavy drinker. In general, most of our family’s funds went to the permanent treatment of our Pamela.

But when we were young, we had a lot of bright plans, we dreamed of moving mountains. But alas, the partner gave in to the persuasions of a friend and invested money in a loss-making business.

Once broken, he could not get out of this swamp.

And I had no choice but to submit to fate.

And once I had a chance to get to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar. She was just telling us what factors influence our destiny. Why do we get such a future, and not the one we have been dreaming of? And I realized – it is necessary to change your destiny, because it is possible!

I became a regular participant in group classes and purchased amulets for all the members of my family. And Shakuntali Siberia performed a few rituals for me that changed my family’s life.

Wonderful things began to happen to us. The partner was found by the same friend, because of whom we once had lost all our money. And returned us the entire amount, and even with interest! I still don’t know why he did it. But this money allowed the partner to open a construction company. They are also building shelters for both people and animals.

This work makes the world a little better, and the main commercial business is thriving.

In so much that we moved to a huge house outside the city and the fresh air or the happiness that returned to our family did its job. Our Pamela forgot about asthma – the disease is completely gone.

And I help Shakuntali Siberia in the organization of the “Field of love” prayers and I feel infinitely happy that I help women find themselves, their predestination and love. And all together we try to protect the Earth from all sorts of disasters and epidemics. And when we succeed, my heart literally sings with joy!”

Shakuntali Siberia will help to know your destiny

What is destiny? 

What is destiny? Probably, every person asks themselves this question. There is a beautiful parable that demonstrates how to properly treat this issue.

One man, seeing an old man on the side of the road, wet in the rain, decided to give him a ride. On the way, he was overcome by an unexpected frankness, and he told the old man all his problems: his wife no longer loved him, his business had collapsed, children were constantly ill, in short, he was ready to lie down and die.

To this, the old man advised him to hang a sign in the car that said, “This will not always be like that.”

After some time, the same man, but driving an expensive prestigious car on the same road, again saw a familiar old man. Slowing down, he boasted – everything was fine, the business was thriving, his wife adored him, the children had got rid of all the diseases and were successful. The man pulled away and drove on. And then he heard, “Don’t remove that sign!”

This story encourages us not to forget that our destiny is changeable. That is why life is said to be like a zebra: a black streak, then a white one. Of course, everyone dreams of a future where there will be only white streaks. But can you know your destiny and influence it? Yes, you can! And you don’t need a magic crystal ball to do that. You just need to find out what idea you serve.

What ideas are there? 

It doesn’t matter who you are by education, what profession you have chosen, what heights you have reached in your career. The idea behind all your actions is important. If it is aimed only at personal enrichment, destruction, deception, then many negative moments will appear in your life: conflicts, diseases, resentments.

If your activity is aimed at helping other people, at creating, then the universe will definitely thank you – with luck, success, health, and love.

Therefore, if you think only about how to make money, you will probably not succeed in this. After all, money is nothing but the spirits of the Lower world. As an idea, they have a destructive effect on anyone who is obsessed with a thirst for money. Here you should pay attention to what happens to people who have made easy money that came to them in the form of inheritance or lottery winnings. As a rule, such money is quickly spent on meaningless entertainment, expensive purchases, and sometimes on alcohol or drugs.

In order to earn money without violating the laws of the Universe, you need to devote yourself to a certain idea.

After all, famous millionaires did not just want to make money in any way, but were really passionate about their ideas.

Henry Ford was passionate about mechanical engineering, Bill Gates devoted his life to the computer industry, and Edison lived for scientific and technological progress.

Shakuntali Siberia is sure that when a person devotes himself to the service of a creative idea, he will achieve great heights. If a person is committed to his company and lives by its ideas, he will rapidly move up the career ladder, and his income will increase exponentially. If he radiates love and happiness to everyone around him, he will be happy and loved.

Moreover, a person should not just set his heart upon this idea himself, but he should bring it to people, invite people to implement it, increase its influence and significance, find followers and create special movements to implement this idea. After all, it is sent to us from above and it contains a huge amount of energy. It is a living energy entity that is directly connected to the subtle plane. Thanks to this power, it can help you achieve serious success.

Of course, ideas are not always positive. Many carry the energy of destruction. And the one who is obsessed with these ideas, too, gradually goes down the drain.

People are able to lose everything that is precious in life, because they carry the idea of selfishness.

That is why any idea should be carefully studied, to determine what you are keen on. And then choose your own allegiance and devote your life to it, unite like-minded people around you.

Shakuntali Siberia advises you to develop your abilities, learn a lot and learn purposefully in order to be able to effectively implement your idea. After all, the usual baggage of knowledge may not be enough.

Shakuntali Siberia will help to know your destiny

Help from the Universe 

A person is usually passive and lacking initiative, he does not try to find his idea. And then someone will impose it on him: advertising, traditions, or just imitating a more successful acquaintance.

This is the root of all the problems that happen to a person. The ideas we receive in this way have a destructive energy.

Serving a creative idea from the very beginning fills a person with passion and creative energy. It will become a source of happiness and success that will grow stronger and stronger.

It is very important to be aware of what ideas are trying to capture you and what drives them. But how to understand this? Of course, to ask a knowledgeable person like Shakuntali Siberia. She can immediately understand what idea – lofty or mean – is trying to get you, and will warn you against making a mistake.

In order for the will of God to be heard, each woman must be free from vices such as greed, selfishness and fear. Loftiness and boundless love should be the аoundation of her soul. To do this, you need to make every effort to learn special ways of tuning in.

It is these women who have special qualities that Shakuntali Siberia is waiting for at her seminars and retreats, which she constantly conducts in 34 countries under the auspices of the “Field of Love” international charity project.

A huge number of women around the world have already received help and cured their ailments. They were able to change their destiny, and so can you! Sign up for seminars and individual consultations, buy amulets and talismans, and work with us in groups. Your destiny is being written right now!

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