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Shakuntali Siberia’s tips for parents and those who are going to have children - The Power of Love
Shakuntali Siberia’s tips for parents and those who are going to have children
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Shakuntali Siberia’s tips for parents and those who are going to have children

What to do to make your child healthy, happy and successful

Today, it is difficult to find someone who does not think about the future of their children. How to protect them from violence, cruelty, culture of consumerism, various addictions? What is more important: discipline or love, trust or total control? These questions are answered by Shakuntali Siberia.

The Power of Love 

Once a heartbroken mother phoned Shakuntali Siberia. Her son had been involved in a motorcycle accident and survived by a miracle. But the doctors said that he would remain disabled forever. The first thing that Shakuntali Siberia advised was to gather all those who were not indifferent to the fate of the young man (relatives, acquaintances, friends) to form a powerful energy Field of Love.

Remember! Every parent (and those who are just preparing for parenthood) should unite with their relatives as much as possible and give their child a lot of love.

The more caring, loving adults the babies will have around them, the less they will worry and get sick, the happier they will grow.

No expensive gadgets, fashionable clothes and prestigious education will replace love, affection, kindness.

So, the parents and relatives of the young man gathered together for the energy practice. At the same time, thousands of people from different corners of the Earth joined their powerful information field, being, at this moment, at Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars. Just imagine this powerful energy field of kindness and love from thousands of people to save one!

The doctors were shocked, because just the same night the young man came to his senses, coming out of his coma. And then something even more incredible began. What started happening seemed impossible according to the laws of nature.

The bones began to grow together, and nerve sensitivity and muscle mobility were restored.

Isn’t it a miracle?

Now the man lives a full life. 

The love and care of parents is very important. But even these can’t give the child as much energy as is sent by a huge group of caring people. The power of the desires of each member of the group is multiplied many times and can work miracles of healing. Because Love is the strongest medicine and the most powerful defense against all ills. 

Shakuntali Siberia’s tips for parents and those who are going to have children

How to help your child

If your child needs help, try to help other people yourself. The response will not be long in coming.

Do this at least once a week for strangers, and you and your loved ones will find a powerful guardian angel.

He will show you the right way and always save you from misfortune.

Participate in the Field of Love circular prayer at Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars. This is how it goes.

  • All participants take a comfortable position, sitting in a circle.
  • In the center, there is a person who needs help or his photo.
  • Special music is switched on.
  • Shakuntali Siberia tells about the person who needs help. Participants can also remember others who need help. They also remember places on the planet where wars, cataclysms and other mass tragedies occur.
  • It is important to imagine how the person is healed, fires and floods stop etc. Then they seek help from Higher Powers.
  • Meditation takes about 5 minutes.
  • Words of gratitude are spoken for help from the Universe.

You can become a participant or organizer of the Field of Love circle prayers. Send us a message to myfieldoflove@gmail.com with a subject “I want to join the ‘Field of love’”.

How to prepare for the birth of the child

Many traditions and religions describe how important it is to prepare for the birth of your children. The upbringing and influence on their fate begins long before the moment of conception. Modern people have forgotten about this. What should be done to make the child born healthy and happy?

  • Get a blessing from your lineage to start a family and having a baby. It is desirable to go through Shakuntali Siberia’s individual diagnostics to identify problems of the lineage, and only then make an important decision for the family. Often, couples marry and give birth to children against the will of their parents. They send curses that are imprinted on the karma of the unborn child, and on the relationship of the spouses in marriage.
  • It is important for a woman to prepare her body for birth. Not only go through a full medical examination or give up bad habits.

It is necessary to undergo energy purification from sans-contacts, to be cleared of traces of previous partners in your life. Therefore, the pregnancy should not be accidental, but carefully planned.

  • It is better to give birth in a natural way, without unnecessary surgery, if this is possible for medical reasons.
  • After the birth of the baby, do not show it to strangers for 2 months without the need to avoid negative influence (except for the closest relatives and the pediatrician).
  • Choosing a child’s name is one of the most important and crucial moments. After all, it will be with the child all his life, determining his fate. Therefore, it is important not to use rare names of celebrities’ names or the name of one of the members of your lineage, so that the baby does not share negative energy with this person and does not repeat his fate in the future.

Shakuntali Siberia’s tips for parents and those who are going to have children

How to properly raise and develop a child at any age? 

With babies, everything is easier; they are under the care of their parents. But with age, the child becomes more distant, can be subjected to a variety of influences. How to behave with a teenager to be an authority for him?

Each age has its own characteristics. Important stages in a person’s life are 7, 14 and 21 years. It is important to be able to adjust and give the child exactly what he needs most at each particular age. But there are basic rules of upbringing that will protect you from typical parental mistakes.

  • Respect the child’s personality.
  • Teach a discipline that develops the will. At the same time, pay attention to how well you keep your words and promises.
  • A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition should be the natural norm for all family members.

Develop your children by preparing them for real life. Teach them to interact with other people, to comprehend the natural phenomena. Limit the time spent in the virtual world with their smartphone or computer.

  • At any age, take the child seriously, as a person, an equal person.
  • Not only parents can participate in the child’s upbringing. Trust people who can become a worthy example for the child, who have the gift to bring up and be a mentor. Such as Shakuntali Siberia.

Compliance with all these aspects will help to raise a talented, developed and happy child, a real person with a successful future! Come to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars, she will help you with all questions related to children!

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