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Spirit of betrayal

Published on 07.02.2019


Spirit – is dark bio-energetic essence. It gets in human body through holes in person aura, to feed them self with vital energy of person. At start spirit starts influence on thoughts and action just a bit, a part. For example, suddenly person exploding, feeling negative emotions or in other actions, that are not particular to this person. Deeper penetration into body it could be through bad habits, often through depression and irritability. The last phase – it is hole control of your actions and life.

How to understand, that you need help?

General signs of evil spirit:

  • That you have bad habits, addiction, which you want to get rid of, but can’t;
  • Long depression, emotional instability, fears, irritability;
  • Nightmares, troubles dreams, lack of sleep;
  • Fingers of arms and foots often are cold, even if you are not freezing;
  • Periodically you feel blurred vision, dizziness;
  • You often feel discomfort in your stomach;
  • You have pain in your neck and back.
  • Be aware dark spirit!

Relationships with beloved person were starting incredibly. Romantic meeting, kisses, gentle words, hours of talking souls by soul. Understanding and trust was like a fundamental of your relations. But in one moment all changed…

If you beloved person became prisoner of Spirit of betrayal – it is not only strong blow on his vital energy and karma, but your also. Spirit of betrayal is very dangerous, because are sucking source of energy from many people in the same time.

How to get rid of? How to stop this process?

Rid of this kind of spirit isn’t easy. Like a minimum you will need many extrasensory sessions. For each person is individual the level penetration of evil spirit in your bio-energetic aura.

I am, hereditar Siberian Shaman Shakuntali, I am ask help from light spirit helpers and I can free you from this evil spirit from your bio-energetic field. After, that I am providing rehabilitation process step by step for both partners – closing opened channels in aura, healing the psycho-emotional state, harmonizing flow of energy between partners.

You can contact me by Skype and ask for individual help. After diagnostic I will tell you, what you should do to solve your problems. Remember, how long time you are not solving your problem, than more harder will be solve it. Be wise!

To prevent Spirit of betrayal go into your life, follow step by step recommendations.

Constantly, make your relationships with partner better. You can use knowledge, that are written in book “Adventures of Mystics”. Simple tips how to make your personal life more deeper, improve your sexual relations, create union, harmony and strong family. Book have special magic code – how often you are reading it, than faster will solve all difficulties.

Give support to your partner. Life experience of my Shaman linage is written in concrete articles with recommendations on website. They will help you to go through all difficulties on different phases of your life. If you feel, that you need help come to individual session with Shakuntali.

Be charmless. Ancient Secrets of Shamans and magic music of Transformation will fill you with femininity and youth.

Have your own object of power, talisman from evil around you.

My dears, I wish you to be beloved and happy. I wish that your family relations will be protected with strong hall from all evil.


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