The Autumn Equinox and How to Celebrate It
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The Autumn Equinox and How to Celebrate It

Autumn speaks to us through its colorful leaves and its cool breath. It is officially telling us that summer is over and that the season of enlightenment and growth is upon us. Occurring in the northern hemisphere on September 22, it happens on the same date as the vernal equinox of the southern hemisphere. The autumnal equinox celebration is a special time of mystery and learning – one during which Shakuntali teaches us how we can properly harvest. 

Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox

Traditionally speaking, according to Shakuntali, the spiritual significance of fall equinox is harvest. At that point, summer has finished giving us its fruits, which are now ripe enough to be stored for winter. According to Shakuntali, at this point, the equinox represents maturity, ripeness – marking death, and rebirth at the same time.

Due to the mysterious vibe that autumn gives us, we tend to view the autumn solstice as a transition into darkness and evil – a time where everything is dying. However, the truth is that it means a different thing: it means “ending” – something that is completely natural. Everything must come to an end so that it can be reborn – and this is exactly what the autumnal equinox spiritual meaning is to us.

Why the Autumn Equinox is Important

The autumn equinox is important and needs to be celebrated, as Shakuntali says it is a day of balance. Around that time, you get equal hours in terms of day and night. However, from that point on, the day will begin to shorten – something that will keep happening until we reach the winter solstice.

According to Shakuntali’s teachings during her seminars, balance ought to be celebrated at all times. Autumnal equinox rituals are also quite important because, in the end, they make us feel happier and healthier. Numerous of her students have had quite life-changing results in their life from seminars occurring during an equinox class.

This is why you may want to follow any Shakuntali retreats and seminars during this time, as it might bring you enough energy to get past your physical problems and make you happy.

The Autumn Equinox and How to Celebrate It

Fall Equinox Ritual

According to Shakuntakli, the fall equinox ceremony is something that you don’t necessarily celebrate with candles and meditation – although this is certainly an option. She teaches that there are various rituals quite common during this rite of passage – rituals that will cleanse your spirit of negative energy. These rituals, however simple, maintain the autumnal equinox symbolism and allow you to be recharged.

1. Build a Garden

In a season where everything else is dying, there is still a place for growth. And you will be surprised to hear that you can actually plant things on the first day of fall.

You’ll need spruce. But not an artificial one! Let it be a small living tree in a planter.

– Shakuntali says.

Garlic and other seasonal plants may also be planted on the day of the harvest moon. And as long as you keep up with the correct shamanic rituals along with classic tender care, nature can once more be reborn.

2. Take a Hike

Most autumn equinox symbols keep us connected to nature – which is why taking a hike is something that you might certainly want to do around the fall equinox. According to Shakuntali, nature is filled with pure energy, allowing you to reach a state of peace that will make you feel better about yourself.

Close your eyes and try to get into this state. Feel it in detail and imagine what you look like, who surrounds you, what you do.

– Shakuntali also advises.

Spend your time breathing in the scent of fall. Look for mushrooms and collect some acorns. This time is perfect for you to witness fall in all its colorful glory.

The Autumn Equinox

3. Make Seasonal Food

As you know, the fall equinox rituals involve celebration – and what better way to celebrate than to make food using seasonal goods? Bake some pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, or whatever you are growing in the garden. The house may be cooling off, but you may warm it up again with the fresh scent of seasonal baked goods.

The Shakuntali Way – Celebrate the Season

One thing that Shakuntali teaches us is that in order to receive good energy, you need to create good energy as well. By definition, the fall equinox is a time where energies are being balanced – and it’s your turn to reap the goods out of it. Do your own rituals to connect yourself with the Earth.

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