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The course “Secrets of Woman of Power” will help to reveal your predestination

The shamanic priestess Shakuntali Siberia’s original program 

Being happy and successful is a natural state of any person. But many people don’t have a clue about it. Various energy failures, negative energy flows make us gradually forget our true predestination. Shakuntali Siberia returns the ability to be happy, realized, loved. That is what her original course “Secrets of Woman of Power” is meant for.

Who does this course aim at? 

This course has been designed for women of any age and social status. It is a unique course as it almost instantly reveals the essence of a woman. After all, every woman is born with her own predestination and potential. She’s full of energy.     

But not being able to develop her abilities, she gradually forgets her true predestination and moves away from everything that is associated with it.

In ancient times, this knowledge was passed from mother to daughter from generation to generation. 

In our days, the world has experienced a terrible energy imbalance. Ancient knowledge is almost forgotten, the male and female energies are mixed up in the world. Women do men’s work, dress like men, even think like men. And representatives of the stronger sex, in turn, are becoming tender and fragile, unable to take on the responsibility inherent in a real man.  

Dad turned mom 

Shakuntali Siberia’s student Claire from Detroit became CEO of a major international company at the age of 31. And also she’d become a mother of two-year-old twins by then. How to combine career and family was not a question for Claire. Her husband, Rick, became both a mother and a nanny for the children. He was a freelance screenwriter, often being without orders to fulfill. Therefore, it seemed logical to the couple that the care of the house and children fell on the shoulders of the man.

It was Rick who got up and came to the kids at night, delighted in their first steps, the first words, treated bruises on their knees, sang lullabies at night…

The parents swapped places, performing each other’s functions. Claire worked like a man. She earned money, was respected by her colleagues and partners, and was rarely at home. But there was little of the usual feminine joy in her life. The children were aloof, adoring their father. Only the occasional triumphs of lucrative contracts brightened her life a little. 

Meanwhile, Rick was practically a housewife. And he, too, was unhappy, unable to realize his masculine energy. The couple began to quarrel often, it seemed that a little more of all that and their marriage would come to an end…

The situation was saved by Claire’s sister Marie. She persuaded Claire to find a gap in her busy schedule and brought her to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar. After the class, Claire felt a totally different person! She underwent a course “The Secrets of Woman of Power” and registered for Shakuntali Siberia’s individual diagnostics

Shakuntali Siberia revealed Claire’s predestination, taught her to properly accumulate the feminine energy, to become filled with it, to share it. As a result, Claire changed her role in the family, became closer to her children and her husband, generously sharing her energy and love with them. She was able to rebuild her life. She learned to delegate responsibilities to subordinates, and she began to spend much more time at home with children.

During this time, Rick wrote a screenplay.

The film took off, raked in an incredible sum, Rick woke up famous!

Now he is a successful and very wealthy man. The care of the family and its maintenance is entirely on his shoulders. The relationship between the spouses has become perfect again, because everyone realizes their energies: she actualizes feminine energy, and he employs masculine.

How to restore energy? 

When the energy law is violated in society, it is very difficult to fix it. This requires a powerful force that can restore the balance of energy in the world. But most importantly, we need a Teacher who can teach people how to properly use the energy reserve given by nature and the higher powers. 

Shakuntali Siberia’s course “Secrets of Woman of Power” restores the energy law among women and men, and heals both sexes. After it, the woman becomes wise, strong, happy. And appearing by the man’s side, she automatically makes him feel strong and reliable, she becomes his muse and inspiration.

Her energy is the core that is responsible for the health, success and prosperity of the family and the whole family as a whole

If a woman is experiencing problems in relationships with her loved ones, or having financial troubles, suffering from loneliness or is seriously ill – all this suggests that she has a large-scale energy drain. The problem is not in the woman, she just does not have enough energy to solve this life situation. In such cases, Shakuntali Siberia’s course “Secrets of Woman of Power” will help you. It will help to restore energy, strength and health, achieve harmony and success in all areas of activity. 

Real miracle 

The course “Secrets of Woman of Power” is unique also because all the knowledge that Shakuntali Siberia passes on to her students wasn’t obtained from the Internet or from books. She got it from her teacher, the Great White Shaman. 

Each class is accompanied by a certain method and has individual characteristics depending on who is present at it. But Shakuntali Siberia will definitely use the temple dances. Their special movements, full of wisdom and higher meaning, give women the opportunity to join in the ancient information structure of the energy network of our planet. 

The music that is played during the class was written by the Great White Shaman. It changes women’s consciousness, transforms it, returning a full sense of happiness and peace. The Altai-Siberian yoga helps women become flexible in all its manifestations, developing the body, mind and endurance.  

Rituals and mystical rituals around the sacred fire, unity with the elements and higher forces, communication with spirits and the other world, magical objects – all these are powerful tools for influencing the person’s destiny. And these tools in the hands of Shakuntali Siberia have a special power.

Shakuntali Siberia pays a lot of attention to Gyud sessions – working with the subconscious, developing super-powers. In these sessions, incredible healings occur, amazing abilities and talents are manifested, and real miracles happen. 

Any seminar of the course “Secrets of Woman of Power” is a kind of magical mystery. Shakuntali Siberia teaches you how to create the same magic with your own hands, using your own power in your family with children and loved ones.

Secrets of Woman of Power

The course will teach you not just to be stronger, it will become the basis of your happy life, will teach you to live correctly and happily, will radically change your destiny for the better. 

Therefore, sign up for seminars of the course “Secrets of Woman of Power”. Tell your friends and acquaintances about it, perhaps right now they need help and do not know how to solve their problems with work, a career, loved ones, money or health. Shakuntali Siberia has helped thousands of women, and she will help you too!

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