The day of the vernal equinox is a special date in the annual cycle
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The day of the vernal equinox is a special date in the annual cycle

How do you use the energy of the Universe? 

The day of the vernal equinox is a very important date. Its power and influence can only be compared with the usual calendar New Year. But this New Year is the real one, planetary and astronomical, to which all life on the planet responds. Shakuntali Siberia gives advice on how to spend the day of vernal equinox and prepare for it properly. 

Do you want luck, welfare, financial prosperity, love and harmony to settle in your home forever? Are you ready for a positive change in your destiny? Do you have the strongest and most cherished desire? Then you can realize everything you have planned on an energy-filled day. Simple observe the recommendations that Shakuntali Siberia has prepared for you in this article.

Step 1. Prepare the space 

It is ideal to spend this day in the Place of Power with special energy in the circle of positively motivated like-minded people. But if you don’t have the opportunity to go on a retreat, spend the day with your family at home. To do this, you need to prepare the space carefully: wash the walls, windows, get rid of dust and clean all mirror surfaces, throw away junk and give away unnecessary things, wash fabrics (blankets, curtains). Ventilate the rooms well and let in a lot of sunlight.

Make sure you have an amulet or talisman for your home. Such an amulet will protect you and your loved ones from all negative influences. You can learn how to choose the right amulet at group classes.

The day of the vernal equinox is a special date in the annual cycle

Step 2. Cleanse your body 

Be sure to take a relaxing bath, remove all the negative with water. Wear comfortable clothes made of natural fabrics. Do not prevent your body from adjusting to the energy of nature’s changes. If possible, it is good to give up animal food during this day and next 3 days (a day before and 2 days after). It carries the energy of suffering and destruction. But the pancakes (or other dishes that have the shape of a circle) on your table as a symbol of infinity, the sun,  will be exactly what you need.

Step 3. Clear your mind 

It’s more important than ever to leave the bad behind on the day of the vernal equinox. Shakuntali Siberia advises to forgive people, let go offences. 

Make a list of all the negative things that have happened this year, and burn it on fire. 

Alos, throw material signs of failures, bad experiences  into the purifying fire. This could be the blouse you lost the case in court, pictures of your ex. Don’t be sorry, they’ll take the negative energy of failure out of your life.

Now evaluate your present, what you like about it, what your strengths are. What do you want to take with you to the New Year’s? Remember to thank the present for everything you have. Now you can start shaping your future. Relax. It’s perfect if nobody disturbs you. You should be in a good mood, you can play some nice meditative music. Give this practice as much time as you need. Someone can do it for a day, and someone will need a week.

Form your wishes only in a positive way. “I want to be skinny/ I want not to gain weight” is wrong. You have to say, “I’m slim, with a healthy body and an attractive appearance.” 

Shape your goals as if you already have it. 

Close your eyes and try to get into this state. Feel it in detail and imagine what you look like, who surrounds you, what you do. 

Shakuntali Siberia always speaks of the mighty power of such visualization. If possible, you can even make a wish map with pictures. You can learn more rituals that clear your mind and soul at Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars.

The day of the vernal equinox is a special date in the annual cycle

Stage 4: Celebration 

You’ll need a spruce. But not artificial one! Let it be a small living tree in a planter. The tree is dressed according to the special rules that Shakuntali Siberia shared with us. The lower tier symbolizes your past. Hang the symbols of what should remain in the past on the lowermost branches. The middle tier is the present. May it contain symbols of wealth and prosperity. Decorate the  tree with candy, mandarins, nuts, which will be eaten by the whole family. The most important thing – what you want to attract to the future – is in the upper tier.

Don’t wish too much if you want a strong effect. It’s better to focus on 1-2 important things.

The story of Alma 

Alma grew up in a family of scientists. Are you talking about a Christmas tree in March? I had to change my mind when the problems started arising  one by one. She was fired from work. She had troubles with close relatives. Alma was diagnosed tumor, and her husband was involved in an accident in early March.

What should I do? As soon as her husband recovered and was transferred from the ICU to the ward, Alma decided not to delay. She cleaned up the apartment, pulled herself together and got her thoughts together. However difficult it was, she found the wisdom and power to thank for the experience of the last 2 years full of suffering, and… …to make the boldest dreams for the future. She found a place for a small Christmas tree in the pot in her house. The woman has done everything Shakuntali Siberia taught at the seminars.

Alma and her husband met the day of the vernal equinox already at home. And six months later, the doctors cancelled her diagnosis. Alma realized how important it was not to put life on hold. 

She learned to rejoice on every new day, and the universe constantly gives her reasons for joy.

What about work? Alma found her calling and she’s doing photography. Now she doesn’t need to be stressed in an office with an eternally disgruntled boss. Her photos are bought by various websites and magazines. She is also happy to shoot Shakuntali Siberia’s charity events, and she is actively involved in them.

Alma’s history proves that there are no unsolvable problems, and any dream can be realized. Of course, for this you need an experienced mentor. Such as Shakuntali Siberia, who devoted her whole life to helping women. If you are not satisfied with something in your life, do not give up, write to Shakuntali Siberia or come for individual consultations. She will definitely help you!

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