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The GYUD Shamanic Method - Subconscious Mind Training & Unlocking

The GYUD method

will help you achieve the best results in any area of your life

The Gyud subconscious mind training an ancient method of revealing hidden abilities of your brain, communicating with the subconscious, healing from any type of disease, revealing talents, destinations and searching for the second half.

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GYUD – our subconscious mind and weight loss

In our modern world, one in five women concerned about the problem of obesity. The Internet offers more than 500 types of different diets, capsules, liquids for weight loss. But it does not help, it only adds extra weight! What is the secret?

The problem is in our subconsciousness! And subconscious mind training is necessary!

During the “Gyud” technique session, Shakuntali will help you to unlock your subconscious mind, training subconscious soulmate and find the cause of your beliefs that lead to weight gaining, and reprogram it. You will be impressed to learn that our subconscious mind and weight loss are in really deep connection. As a result, the weight loss process will begin. You will be able to wear the most beautiful and sexy dresses, you will feel confident and the most important, you fall in love with yourself!

It is interesting:

Everyone knows that well-known Britney Spears has been through a very difficult period in her life when she was suffering from the extra kilos. She sought help from doctors and nutritionists but she didn’t lose her weight and did not know what to do. But one day, she was lucky to meet a specialist in Gyud who found the obesity problem in Britney’ s subconsciousness and very successfully helped to solve this problem.

GYUD – Treatment of female cancers. Destroy cancer cells training subconscious mind.

In our modern world, every seventh woman suffering from cancer such as uterine fibroids, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and many others. The classic medicine often can’t cope with diseases, and the illness becomes chronic and kills woman inside, taking away strength and health. Doctors prescribe a huge number of medicines that kill not only the hormonal system but the whole body. They also prescribe surgeries, that hide the disease’s symptoms inside for a while.

But to get rid of the disease, it is necessary to find its cause, which always lies in our subconsciousness.

But the positive reality is that you can destroy cancer cells using your subconscious mind. The special shamanic method “Gyud” will help you enter into a state of hypnotic spiral trance. In this state of your brain, the disease cause will be found and eliminated. Using Gyud subconscious mind training method even 4th-degree cancers are successfully cured.

It is interesting:

The famous singer, Kylie Minogue, has recently been ill with cancer. Everybody has been very worried, waiting for her return to the stage. Kylie was very worried, that she could not work because of her illness. Doctors could not help her. Kylie’s secret was that she was healed with the help of Gyud subconscious mind training, and this was her only chance to survive.

GYUD – Meeting with your subconscious soulmate

Often, a woman spends a lot of time trying to find the one and only man, The soulmate. She spends her strength, and most important – the years, – coming across improper men. And the years go by.

Beauty, brightness, youth are going away. What to do? After all, each woman wants to be happy, loved, desired, to meet that person who is intended for her by destiny. Where to find him?
Of course, in your own subconsciousness!

GYUD – Easy childbirth using shamanism techniques

gyud shamanism techniques

Many women complain that there are complications during childbirth, unbearable pains, nervous breakdowns which adversely affect the ability to conceive and bear a child.

In fact, a woman who is giving birth to a child shouldn’t feel pain or even indispositions. Childbirth should take place naturally, easily, freely. All pain and problems, fears during childbirth are in our subconsciousness.

Shamanic technique “Gyud” will help you to experience childbirth as the most pleasant time of your life. Training your subconscious mind, you will be able to go deep into a hypnotic trance, during which you will see the reasons of complications, unpleasant pain, blocks and fears. As a result, childbirth will take place naturally, safely, easily!

It is interesting:

Method Gyud “The facilitated childbirth” is used by many stars of show business such as Jenifer Lopez, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, etc. because they know that it is the best way. Now we can see many talented children whose parents have been concerned for the childbirth would go in anti-stress way.

GYUD – Communication with the soul of a child. Discover hidden talents of your child with subconscious mind training!

Such happiness for the parents watching there baby coming into this world! But often parents are eager to find out with what mission this child came to Earth, to understand their predestination.
Often we are dealing with the personality of the child, criticize him/her. We want the child to become who we want, but what he/she really wants for him/herself?

During the subconscious mind training session on the technique of “Gyud” you will enter into a deep state of hypnotic trance. Being in this state, you will be able to make contact with the soul of your beloved child! Soul will share with you the most important secret.

For example:

  • What is the mission of this child coming to this Earth with?
  • How to help the child for his/her mission would become their life?
  • Their own opinion: how he/she wants to be educated, treated, taught.

After such a subconscious mind training, you will be able to become the best parents in the world,to find emotional contact with the child, and most importantly – he or she will begin to trust you!

It is interesting:

Everyone knows Victoria Beckham can be a glamorous star on the stage, and a loving, understanding mother. She really wants her children to achieve a lot in this life. So she did the right thing and took the Gyud subconscious mind training session, in order to understand the mission of her children, helping them to develop, so they were happy. Children thank her very much for this! And also Victoria became the owner of a magic item, which she still carries with herself and that helps her children through it, even if they are very far away from her.

GYUD – Communication with the soul of a future child

Even scientific researchers have confirmed the existence of the soul before the birth. The Soul selects the parents long before conception. Therefore before you conceive a child, it is very important to communicate with the soul, to understand some very important things. And Gyud subconscious mind training will help in this.

For example:

  • In which conditions should be held conception, pregnancy, childbirth;
  • The date of conception and the birth of your child ;
  • Where he wants to incarnate and how the child should be educated.

This is a very deep communication, it will leave a trace in your heart and it is very likely that in your life, you will attract the child’s soul Indigo.

It is interesting:

Before giving birth to her daughter Christina, Alla Pugacheva had such subconscious mind training sessions because she really wanted to properly educate her child, and help her with the mission. And now we see the result. The daughter follows her mission, she became a very popular and famous singer. This pleases both Christine and mother, as well as millions of the audience and listeners.

“Gyud” technique is one of the methods of accessing your subconscious mind. During these sessions, you will not only fulfill your dreams and resolve your life-issues, you will also perform your subconscious mind power training, discover hidden talents, superpowers and abilities.

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