This time this is Shakuntali Siberia who’s asking for your support
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This time this is Shakuntali Siberia who’s asking for your support

“My biggest desire is that everybody could be happy” – Shakuntali Siberia

In such difficult times, it seems evident that everybody should unite and be supportive of each other. Meanwhile, some human beings cannot feel full unless they hurt somebody.

You know that helping people is Shakuntali’s predestination. She really worships this and mainly lives for this mission only. Yet, not everybody knows that living this way is not such an easy task. There are people who always choose the dark side of life, and they live off other people’s joy and power. 

When we are trying to live for the sake of other people, we tend to accumulate as much energy as we can to be able to give it away and still hold some to live on. Miserable ones, who do not understand the happiness of living for the others and accumulate only bad energy, automatically start to send their dark thoughts and wishes to the people who are trying to help. This is not always their fault, though, because our body is very smart – it tends to get rid of bad and useless stuff, such as inner illnesses or dark thoughts. 

Anyway, people with pure souls start to receive this bad energy. As their energetical self-defense is strong, at first they do not realize what is going on. But as the dark forces grow larger and stronger, the defense is weakened and the person is captured by the real danger. The danger of the inner world’s destruction.

“…I will never stop helping and loving people the way Jesus said to. He said continue to love. Always love” 

Those whose predestination is certain, just cannot live the other way in any case. So does Shakuntali Siberia. She goes on living for you, loving you, and trying to help as much as she can. No matter how many obstacles she faces – she will always be here to help.

“I want to help and serve humanity because in this life I really do not need anything more.” – Shakuntali Siberia.

The world is changing – but we should not give up

The planet Saturn which is now in the constellation of Capricorn, is trying to split us up. That is one of the reasons why people with bad energy inside are getting angry now even more. Their core unconscious desire is to become happy but they do not know how to achieve it. They start to send messages with the dirty gossips about Shakuntali Siberia, they even threaten her with death. Yes, even this is happening these days.

That is why we are asking you to participate in our beautiful Worldwide Prayer “Field of Love”. We will be praying for the sake of saving the people’s lives, of curing them of the severe illnesses, including such illnesses as anger and hatred. 

If we unite we really can change a lot of things because the Women’s Power is limitless.    

The prayer purifies hearts and souls. And only having the pure heart and clear eyes will allow you to realize who is who and where the truth is. The great people always were accompanied by great lies and jealousy. 

If you want to stay yourself, follow your heart and follow your life mission, it is a great deal never to follow what other people say if your heart know it is not true. Listen, thank them for the advice but never allow them to turn you off your road. 

“If you have a heart and if you want to know the truth you should go and check it yourself” – Shakuntali Siberia.

This time this is Shakuntali Siberia who’s asking for your support

Save this world by finding yourself

We can save this world only if we unite in the desire of being the source of light energy. If you feel the rays of the light energy inside yourself – protect them and you will see that something beautiful is coming into your life. Being real, being honest with yourself, living the full life  – all this is incredible freedom, happiness, success and health that Shakuntali Siberia promises to everybody who continues following her no matter what happens. You will be happy because your heart knows what real happiness is. 

And so does Shakuntali Siberia

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