True causes of phobias
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True causes of phobias

Shakuntali Siberia explains how to master your fears 

Each of us sometimes has unreasonable fears and phobias. Shakuntali Siberia helps to get rid of them and explains how to get over with the greatest fear – the fear of death. 

Where do fears come from? 

We sometimes have no idea that our fears are formed beyond the real world. We often set down our shapeless anxiety and concern to stress, chronic fatigue or depression. But those aren’t the only reasons. The spirits of the Lower World are sucked into a person and master their imagination, emotions, the whole nervous system completely. 

Such mastering is gradually gaining strength and eventually gives evil spirits the ability to control not only our mind, but also the physical body. Then people, for unknown reasons, experience unpredictable panic attacks, strokes, caused by shapeless fears. 

There is an irresistible feeling that something irreparable is about to happen. The person has an insistent desire to run away, to save themselves, to hide.

The worst thing is that people cannot control this process. Evil spirits gradually increase their power. They devour all human emotions, and phobias absorb the entire person, almost driving him crazy. Often that’s what causes cancer.

The person then needs urgent help to doctors. They, in turn, try to find the cause of this condition. Rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, severe neurological breakdowns… 

Endless tests, continuous psychotherapy sessions, huge bills for treatment… But the long-awaited relief never comes. 

The person goes out of their mind with worry, gets nervous, can not understand how to master their fears and inherent emotions. Only Shakuntali Siberia can help in this situation.

True causes of phobias

Andrea, San Francisco: 

“I never complained about life and I was always confident in my abilities. From an early age, my parents encouraged me that I would be able to reach any heights if I followed my ambitions purposefully. 

Everyone always knew what they wanted in our home. When I experienced my first panic attack, my family was very surprised. 

Everything happened completely unexpectedly when I was at the hairdresser’s. Suddenly I was constrained by some irresistible horror. I began to breathe hard. My heart trembled like a frightened bird. My whole body became weak. I went hot and cold…

That time I was lucky: my hairdresser quickly figured out what was going on, called the doctor, and talked to me to distract me from this. It all worked out. But from that moment on, I had an unexplained fear that kept me from relaxing for a moment. I was afraid of everything in the world!

I feared for my daughter when she went to school. I was afraid that a criminal would burst into the school and start shooting. I saw maniacs and killers everywhere. I was horrified to take regular tests because I convinced myself that I would be diagnosed with a fatal disease.

My family really suspected that I had serious mental problems. Behind my back, my family consulted with the city’s top physicians about what could have happened to a woman who hadn’t been afraid of anything her whole life and now was going crazy. 

Doctors looked surprised and could not explain the phenomenon. Test results showed that I was healthy.

At the moment when I already booked an appointment with a famous psychiatrist, Shakuntali Siberia appeared in my life. I learned about her from my cousin, who had been attending her seminars for several years regularly. Finding out my story, Shakuntali Siberia recommended me to have an individual consultation.

I was skeptical by nature and doubted that the consultation would change anything. But I went. When Shakuntali Siberia started talking about what was happening to me in detail, I was just shocked. In fact, it looked exactly like this. It felt as if someone powerful controls a person like a puppet, takes his peace and mind. By then, I was already on the verge. My greatest desire was to learn how to overcome my terrible fears for myself and my loved ones. 

Shakuntali Siberia and I talked for a long time, and then she performed a special ritual of purification from the spirits of the Lower World. She went deeper into my past and destroyed a monstrous energy that evil spirits had put over me. 

They were pulling out my positive energy and filling me with an endless freezing fear through these energy channels. Just a little more, and I’d break down. 

My energy shell became so thin that it took Shakuntali Siberia a lot of effort to restore it.

However, it wasn’t enough. To drive the spirits of the Lower World out of my life forever, Shakuntali Siberia picked up a special protective amulet for me, in which she placed one of her most powerful assistant spirits. And now it is keeping me safe from any evil.

Since then, my life has changed dramatically. I have overcome all phobias and fears for my loved ones. Every day I am mentally grateful to the Higher Powers for the newly found happiness – the harmony of body and mind. And if it were not for Shakuntali Siberia, it is terrible to imagine where I would be with my fears now.

True causes of phobias

Help of the Enlightened Person 

When the spirits of the Lower World look for a new victim, they do not pay attention to their position in society, their condition, gender or age. They pounce at any time, even in the middle of the night, when a person sleeps quietly. At that moment horrible nightmares creep into his dreams. 

It is impossible to notice or control this process if you have no experience of traveling in a subtle plane.

The main thing in this situation is to get expert help in time. If you have delusional ideas, panic attacks from time to time and you have no idea how to master your fears, be sure to have an individual consultation with Shakuntali Siberia. 

If it suddenly becomes clear that your mind is captured by the spirits of fear and phobias, you will need a special ritual of exorcism. Shakuntali Siberia will choose a special Object of Power for you, which will protect you from any troubles and bring peace and happiness into your life, to restore your energetic aura completely and protect you from any subsequent attack of evil spirits.

Of course, you should regularly attend Shakuntali Siberia’s classes, which she now conducts in online school, to protect yourself from the spirits of the Lower World reliably!

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