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Understanding the Spiritual Meaning of Dreams

They say that dreams have no exact meaning – that they are simply a piece of our subconscious that keeps our mind busy at night. However, these dreams can tell us a lot about who we were, who we are, and who we are going to be. You just need to understand your spiritual dreams and visions, as Shakuntali can also teach you, through spiritual dreams symbols.

1. Houses

Often, we dream that we are in a house – and depending on where we are in the dream, it can affect us quite a bit. For example, if you dream that you are in the kitchen, then you may expect some issues of the heart.

On the other hand, the spiritual meaning of dream may be completely different if you are in the garage. In that case, it might mean that you are entering a season of enlightenment, of waiting.

Our talents, dreams, and all those events that seem incredible are located on the uppermost stages.

 – Shakuntali says.

As such, each room is a stage that brings you closer to an enlightened spiritual state. In her courses, Shakuntali discusses understanding dreams spiritually, which allowed many people to find out what was lacking in their lives.

2. Weather

Different types of weather may also have various significations in terms of dreams and their spiritual meaning. For example, heavy rain and clouds may suggest that you have a lot of negative energy in your house and that you need to spiritually cleanse it.

Incense and herbs are very efficient for the spiritual cleansing of the house. Sage has properties that will protect home from bad energy, provided you do a proper smudging technique.

These are Shakuntali’s mentions on how to clear your home of bad energy. On the other hand, if the weather is clear and the skies are bright, then it means that karma is in your favor and that the spiritual energy in your house is keeping you fresh and pure.

Many of the students that followed Shakuntali’s courses and seminars claim that they feel liberated after every course – that they feel more tranquil. This is something that the spiritual interpretation of dreams and visions says is typically mirrored in our dormant subconscious.

spiritual meaning of dreams

3. People

People have various roles when they enter our dreams. For instance, Shakuntali says that if it is a person you know, it might not have much to do with their actual being – but with their names. You may want to do some research on the origins of their names, to see what exactly your subconscious is trying to tell you.

On the other hand, if the person you see in the dream is not anyone you know, then they might be there to help you reach a new stage. They are your spiritual guides in dreams, often associated with angels as they prevent us from straying from God.

4. Forests

Depending on the context of your dreams, forests can mean different things, according to Shakuntali’s teachings. If the dream context is during the day, with light shining down the trees and the feeling being calm, then it means you have completed your awakening and that you have reached a moment of peace. However, if forests generally appear in your nightmares, the interpreting can take a different turn.

You are scared. Very scared! You do not know where to go. You do not understand how you will spend the night when it gets completely dark. You do not know how to protect yourself from rain and wind, where to find at least some food and water.

This is what Shakuntali says it happens in forests – no matter if it’s your dream or an actual forest. Forests have a way of making you feel constrained in the wilderness – which, for your subconscious, is the definition of being lost.

Shakuntali also associates this with having lost track of your predestination. Many of her students who bring out dreams about running in the forest also have problems in finding their dream career. Once they find their predestination, the dreams stop.

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Epilogue – Following the Shakuntali Path

As you can see, the shamanic dream journey is quite vast. Still, by joining Shakuntali’s courses, you should be able to discover the spiritual meaning of your dreams and find your way.

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