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Valentine's Day: How to Find True Love?
Valentine's Day: How to Find True Love?
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Valentine’s Day: How to Find True Love?

3 tips from Shakuntali Siberia 

Love is the most important thing on Earth It drives our actions and changes the world. It is a superpower that has been given to people by God. Since our early years, we have been reading about love, dreaming about this bright and exciting feeling. But it happens that the wait lasts for many years. How do we find our soul mate and is there a real love shown in films and described in songs?

How much is true love worth? 

It’s a tricky question. How do you measure feelings with money? But on Valentine’s Day, people show love also with money. Some people delight their other half with cute cards, others buy sweets, and others prepare a real surprise – dinner in a posh restaurant with marriage proposal on this symbolic date. But is it possible to prove love in another way? Let’s remember the history. 

There was a priest, named Valentine in Ancient Rome.

He was religious, called people to love and peace, married couples in love secretly.

The cruel Emperor Claudius ruled at the time. He did not like the words of the priest. Claudius made wars constantly, had no family, and imposed a ban on marriage, so that men do not get attached to family and are good warriors. 

Valentine was sent to prison for his speeches and disobedience of the law. And shortly before that, a man came to the priest with his blind daughter Julia. He knew about Valentine’s special ability to heal. The young priest fell in love with Julia, but he could not cure her. Ironically, Valentine’s supervisor was the father of that blind girl.

Before his execution, Valentine sent a note with a flower and a declaration of love to Julia through her father. However, she only read it after the execution of the priest. It happened on February 14, today’s Valentine’s Day. Playing with the note and the flower in her fingers, she miraculously obtained her eyesight…

Love can be different 

True love is like magic. Everyone talks about it, someone even believes it, but no one has seen it. It seems to exist only in novels, movies. And there is only room for daily routine, quarrels, problems that can kill any feelings in real life.

Valentine’s Day can become a landmark in your life, too. Is it real to find your true love even being far over 30+, 40+, etc., when you are already cynical about life and know the price of everything? Yes, it is! But to do that, you have to understand what true love is. After all, many confuse it with affection, crush and even passion. So, there are three types of love.

Valentine's Day: How to Find True Love?

“I love so that I can’t live without him!” 

We wish that such vivid emotions would visit you not only on Valentine’s Day. Such a period of emotional rise usually accompanies us in the very first phase of the relationship. We want to spend all the time with the person and dissolve in his or her arms.

What about similarity of views, trust, mutual understanding, ability to take responsibility? Without it, love will not survive even a few months.

Passion will change into habit and misunderstanding.

If feelings in your relationship fade away, try to calm your emotions down and understand the causes of change for some time. At her seminars, Shakuntali Siberia analyzes typical mistakes that are characteristic for the initial stage of love.

“I’d even go to the end of the earth with you!” 

The second stage is characterized by common interests and views, common plans. You may already have common friends and acquaintances. You get acquainted with parents and other close relatives. You have a certain level of trust to your partner. You have overcome jealousy, boiling passion and can create real happy adult relationships, built not only on emotions.

But yet such a couple lacks a common vector of spiritual development.

Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars give you the opportunity to see spiritual potential in you and your partner, open your relationship from a new side.

Shakuntali Siberia trains you to work with energy and build harmonious relationships.

“You are my divine half.” 

Such relations of cosmic harmony appear only if both partners are spiritually developed and do not stop working to improve themselves. It is quite difficult to develop independently in this direction. You need an experienced mentor. Therefore, we invite you to Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars if you dream of true love and strong relationships for life. Special energy practices, the most powerful amulets that will bring your abilities and talents to a high level will help you.

Valentine's Day: How to Find True Love?

Here’s the story one of our students, Abigail, from Portland: 

“I never liked stupid romantic comedies. Especially the ones broadcasted on Valentine’s Day. They seemed being far from reality. Where are all these men heroes – charming, active, intelligent, generous, energetic? There are only attractive, strong and successful women around. Yet as lonely as I was in my 40s…

I started attending Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars for company with a friend. She described them as the ones that give benefit to people. I did volunteer work from time to time, and it became interesting to me. My life got on a new meaning. I not only helped people in need, but also took part in organizing Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars, visited the Places of Power. I learned myself without missing a single seminar. And when I could not attend in person, I watched webinars. I have changed spiritually a lot during this period. 

There became much more happiness in my life.  Depression and self doubt have gone. But loneliness continued to be a burden. One day, during a Shakuntali Siberia’s seminar, I took a chance and asked for myself for the first time.

I wished to find true love. Did I believe then that a miracle would come true? I can’t remember anymore…

Remember, I said I didn’t believe in crazy romantic stories from movies in the beginning? Well, ironically, that’s what happened to me! On Valentine’s Day, I happened to go to a bookstore. There were a lot of people, everyone bought postcards, books and, of course, cute knickknacks – valentines cards. The consultants were busy, and I stood at a loss. 

Until the owner of the store approached me (I learned about this later) and found the book I needed for me. The appearance of the actor and the crazy charisma! It turned out that we liked the same literary works. We talked for another hour about literature and everything in the world. And then he invited me to a cafe.

Since then, we haven’t been apart. And we’ve already celebrated our 3-year anniversary of marriage. So Valentine’s Day became special for our family.

How do you act to find your love? 

What specific measures should be taken to attract love into your life? It turns out that there are quite simple tips. Write them down and start acting!

Tip 1: Make a list 

What is your ideal partner? Describe him as detailed as possible: appearance, hobbies, profession, interests, and character traits.

And now imagine what kind of companion should be next to such a man? What qualities will she have?

Compare yourself with this portrait of the ideal woman for an ideal man.

Do you have all these qualities? What’s missing and what’s stopping you? Start improving yourself!

Let’s change lives together. Come to seminars and individual consultations. Shakuntali Siberia will tell you how to become the perfect woman!

Tip 2: Help others 

Help others, and the universe will help you. Have you heard that? This is the only way this law works! The more we give to the universe (goodness, mercy, help), the more goods come back to us.

By the way, really worthy men prefer women who are engaged in charity and help others.

Become a volunteer, participate in our charitable projects, provide all possible assistance to others and even strangers. The amount of love and gratitude around you will grow, and great love will certainly fill your life.

Tip 3: grow spiritually 

Make the boldest wishes, get engaged in your favorite hobbies, dreams, and create. Come to our self-development classes. The stronger your spiritual energy, the richer your inner world, the more filled personality you will be. And this is a 100% chance to meet a truly worthy partner who can give you true love.

Are you ready for a change? Happiness already stands at your door. Open your heart to love!

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