What is an egregore and what is its role in the realization of predestination
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What is an egregore and what is its role in the realization of predestination

Why are we heavily influenced by our environment?

How does our environment influence the realization of our predestination? Why can our closest people prevent us from fulfilling our cherished dreams? Which mantra can help us preserve our inner support? Shakuntali Siberia will explain all these subtleties in this article.

What effect does our environment have on us?

Previously, we have written that several components form our predestination: lineage karma, experience of past lives and cosmogram. You’ve been able to understand what the chakral system is. You’ve probably realized that you have the greatest power and the greatest mission. Do you know what could block your power?

Our close people can often become an obstacle to realization of our predestination. The one who is always close to you, determines most of your own life goals. You probably know that the desires of people around us are often transformed into our own dreams.

For example, when all your loved ones support a healthy lifestyle, sooner or later, you will buy sports shoes and training suit and start your day with a morning jog

You will be united by a common desire – to stick to a healthy lifestyle. If all your acquaintances are purposeful workaholics and all their thoughts are only about career, then you will also start thinking about career and business.

So, this environment – a community of people united by a common idea and purpose to implement it – is called egregore. Egregores are located at different energy levels, which correspond to the seven chakras.

What egregores are there and which chakras they correspond?

An egregore of the army, armed forces and formations, and even gangs corresponds to the first chakra, Muladdhara. The main idea of this community is to survive and find your place in the sun. This level is considered physiological one.

An egregore of family ties corresponds to the second chakra, Svadhishthana. The main purpose that unites the members of this community is to find their soul mate, to marry and have children. This level is called the level of relationships.

An egregore of commerce and business relations corresponds to the third chakra – Manipura. At this level, individual power is realized. 

Members of this egregore are united by the goal to achieve recognition in the society, to get rich, to fly up the career ladder.

Religiously oriented egregore corresponds to the fourth chakra, Anahata. It unites people with an overwhelming desire for boundless love, compassion and help to other people. It is the level of service to God, spiritual perfection, and the opening of soul and heart. The main purpose of this community is to find the like-minded followers and create spiritual communities.

Creative egregore corresponds to the fifth chakra – Vishudha. Such communities usually consist of people of art: artists, poets, musicians. People who give themselves wholeheartedly to art will not take up arms and will not gladly deal with financial reports, will not be unconditionally devoted to family ties. It is likely that they will live in poverty, but will feel incredibly happy and free.

What is an egregore and what is its role in the realization of predestination

An egregore connected with science and research corresponds to the sixth chakra – Ajna. It is a community of intelligent educated people, mostly brilliant scientists. Participants of this community do not care much about their families and children, financial well-being. They rarely remember that they did not eat anything all day. 

These people dedicate themselves entirely to scientific activity, they only exist driven by the thirst for another invention. That’s what they’re meant to do. 

And this egregore also includes Buddhists whose main qualities are willpower, recollection and concentration. 

This level is considered a level of revelation of mental superpowers.

The seventh chakra – Sahasrara, unites the power of all the above spiritual egregores, because God is one for all. The main task of each participant of this egregor is to know God, who lives inside you, and to unite him with the divine power around them.

Shakuntali Siberia is the representative of the Sahasrara egregore of the seventh level. She makes no distinction between religious movements and spiritual teachings. She doesn’t care what religion you once belonged to. You can be of a creative profession or a merchant. 

All that matters is that you are united by the idea of self-improvement and the desire to discover your true predestination

If you have the desire to know yourself and your predestination, to define your own unique mission in this world, Shakuntali Siberia will always support you in this, give you special keys that can help you discover a powerful force inside you. And, of course, she will explain how different ideas, goals, egregores influence your fate and how to choose the right path of this influence. Shakuntali Siberia is waiting for you at her seminars. She will help you find your true path! You can start this path right now by doing a simple mantra.

A mantra that can strengthen the connection to your inner self

To fulfill your mission, you will definitely need to keep your inner core. It represents the connection with your “inner self”, awareness of who you are in this world. Three simple but powerful phrases can help you: “I remember my predestination! I have a great mission! I’m going to my dream!”

Say these words when you wake up and fall asleep. It will be your daily mantra, which will send you a message about your predestination. No matter which egregore will try to net you and keep you there, you will have enough strength to resist it if you use the mantra. And also A special amulet – a magical object that is closely related to your true predestination. It will nourish you with the power necessary to fulfill your mission. 

You can buy such a special amulet at Shakuntali Siberia’s classes. 

Why and how do amulets and talismans help us?

Eden, Los Angeles:

“My life has always been calm and predictable. Beautiful family, loving partner, smart and beautiful children, a successful career, and excellent friends. But I was always had the feeling of living someone else’s life. I was always tempted to do something bigger, but I could not understand the nature of this desire.

Everything changed one day when my car fatefully died right next to where one of the Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars was taking place. I went in to ask for help, and after a few hours I came out as a completely different person. At the seminar, I met some amazing women. They attracted me with their sincere positive attitude, openness and determination. But most of all I was struck by Shakuntali Siberia. She exuded a clear sense of light and strength, wisdom and willingness to help. 

I started attending all Shakuntali Siberia’s events. This is where I found my real self. I dreamed of revealing my predestination, of finding the mission I came to this world with.

It was Shakuntali Siberia who helped me do it. She picked out a magical amulet for me to connect with my higher predestination. Every day I performed a mantra to strengthen the connection with my inner self. It was not difficult and always filled me with inner power. 

I didn’t miss a single group session, and my life was changing rapidly. I am already one of Shakuntali Siberia’s assistants. It’s been a little over a year since that first seminar. I help organizing events, travel to the Places of Power, conduct meditations to reveal the predestination, help women unite and believe in themselves. 

I help them become truly happy. And that, in turn, makes me happy.

You must be wondering how my family reacted to my new spiritual activity. I’ll tell you that we’re doing just fine! Even more, both my partner and my children always say that I have become amazing. They have started to feel the love and happiness flowing from me physically. And it fills them with joy and positive. Even the smallest disagreements among us disappeared. We’ve never been happier!

Shakuntali Siberia helped me reveal my predestination in this world, and now I am making a real difference. I’m just happy!”

Shakuntali Siberia aims to help each of us find harmony and balance. Don’t miss the classes at her online school, attend her seminars and individual practices. She is always happy to see everyone and ready to support you!

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