White and Black Magicians
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White and Black Magicians

Magic is supernatural energy, which helps open special power to achieve certain changes in life. It is special type of energy, which are created by mind of person. Religion the main fundamental aspect of it is faith, than of magic it is knowledge.

Black and white magic – it is parts of one complete knowledge. They have one sense and are aimed to achieve concrete result. By other hand, they are completely different by sources and motives.

How to identify white magic from black magic?

White or black magic, could be used for good and evil. All matters, how you are using it and to which person you are sending it. By what kind of thoughts you are guided, that result you will achieve. White magic are directed on to help and beneficence other person. Influence on person will, sending troubles and problems – it is evil magic. White magic are guided by Divine energy and with support of Light forces, black magicians are asking help from Devil, dark forces and providing power of dark forces in their rituals.

Signs of Light Magic

Light magicians and extrasensory have fundamental principles.

Don’t harm

Like a healer, white magician need to understand – “for good” and “for bad”, to understand the consequences, to eliminate all possible ways to harm person. Only after this responsibility healer can use his gift and provide ritual.

Help people

Light magic are removing evil eyes, curses, fight with dark forces and spirits, which are affecting in negative way, it is healing from diseases, protecting from negative influences, helping in difficult situations. Magicians and white witches they are not using their power for bad, and not affecting person will without person agreement.

Don’t ask advice to Devil

All methods and ways to understand information in white magic are guided by contact with Divine Power and extrasensory gift. Are forbidden rituals where are using biological material of human being, sacrifice and etc.

You should understand, that using black magic – it is not evil. Sometimes, your intentions could be very bright. But using black magic way will not justify the end result. You will achieve, what you want, but result could be worse, than you had before. When you start using black magic, stop yourself and think – do my aim have unavoidable consequences?

If you are in difficult situation and don’t see the way out, ask for advice hereditar Siberian shaman Shakuntali.

Knowledge of her linage and experience to help other people will help you to find right solution!

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