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Why and how do amulets and talismans help us?

Shakuntali Siberia speaks about a special Power of magic objects

Each of us dreams of welfare, success and personal happiness. Did you know that special individual amulets help to achieve this? How do you find the very your Object of Power that will amplify the energy of its owner, protect from bad people and misfortunes? Shakuntali Siberia speaks about all this. 

Not just things 

Earlier, special objects – family relics – were passed down from generation to generation and preserved carefully in every family. No fateful decisions were made without their help. They helped those who were going to war or to distant lands to earn money. Unfortunately, nowadays this tradition has been preserved only in single families.

Shakuntali Siberia specifies that this served as a break in the family ties, a cause of conflicts. Children began to disrespect and devalue the experience of their parents and ancestors. Many family talismans have been lost. So was the spiritual bond between generations. This makes a modern man unhappy, emotionally unstable, but most importantly, they can not find their predestination.

Worshiping powerful protective talismans is no longer a tradition. But people worship knickknacks they can buy in any store or even on the Internet, without leaving home. Souvenir shops offer amulets to protect against jinx and evil eye, for family welfare, symbols on the signs of the Zodiac. Shakuntali Siberia says it’s a very dangerous trend. 

After all, it is not the spiritual, people of knowledge who create this Object of Power, but they are often charlatans. Such an amulet does not help and can even do harm. How does it happen?

Beware of artifacts with negative energy! 

When buying a mass-produced amulet, you should not count on its help and power. It has no energy value. Besides, you don’t know who created it with what messenge.

Most important, you can buy a talisman that will simply destroy your life with its negative energy. Often such objects are charged by the real black magicians. They use them in rituals, and then they get rid of them. You can come across such amulets during your trip abroad and at flea markets, where they sell retro things and antiques. 

Shakuntali Siberia warns: be attentive and beware!

Do not buy amulets from strangers. In this way you can sign doom not only yourself, but also the whole family. Life will really change (as the sellers promise), but for the worse.

Valerie, Dublin: 

“I always bring something as a souvenir from my trips. So this time, I saw a figurine of a local deity in a small souvenir shop during my holiday to Egypt. Gilded, inlaid with real gems, it looked so pretty. Even more pleasant was the inexpensive cost of the souvenir.

I put a pretty knickknack on the most prominent spot at home. Soon unbelievable things started happening at home. Things were missing, our dog ran away. And the house was flooded with swarm of some unknown bugs. We did not even thing of linking all this trouble to the appearance of the figurine in the house.

Even special sanitary services could not cope with the insects. The bugs returned again just a few days after cleansing. 

We linked it to a small leak on the roof. But when the roof suddenly fell down and almost killed the whole family, we were really scared. My husband was at the hospital. The bad luck switched to our schoolgirl daughter.

Her legs started to hurt. At first, I didn’t take the complaints seriously. I thought she was just looking for an excuse not to go to school. But the pain was getting worse so that my daughter couldn’t even go to the bathroom. We did a serious examination with dozens of tests suspecting even the worst (malignant tumor), but found nothing.

I was ready to ask anyone for help. Fortunately, they helped me meet a real shaman. Shakuntali Siberia agreed to visit our enchanted house personally. 

She did not ask anything. She went to the place where the souvenir figurine was standing right away and told to get rid of it. 

And not just to throw it away, but to perform a special ritual of purification. The beautiful thing turned out to be literally saturated with the energy of the dead. It was necessary to perform not only   house purification, but also of the whole site, because the impact of an unknown magical object as very powerful.  

It is hard to believe it, but just a day after Shakuntali Siberia’s help, my husband began recovering, the insects vanished into the thin air. 

My daughter jumped up on her feet and ran to meet our dog (it also returned!) cheerfully for the first time in many weeks. 

Now I know exactly how dangerous it is to buy unknown things at a souvenir shops, and I do not advise others doing it…”.

Why and how do amulets and talismans help us?

Protect your home 

Talismans are able to protect not only individuals, entire families, but also their homes from negative energy. The impact of bad energy on a house can be determined by several signs. Read the list made by Shakuntali Siberia carefully.

Do these things happen in your home?

  1. Children get sick often and start crying without a reason. 
  2. Family members quarrel all the time when they return home. 
  3. Ordinary household items behave strangely: appliances break suddenly and frequently, light bulbs break, dishes break, things are lost. 
  4. Family members have no desire to go home, they feel difficult at heart. Your legs seem to give way.
  5. Animals get nervous or leave the house.
  6. You have anxious dream at night.

If there are several signs from this list at the same time, you should be alert and take care of your loved ones. The dwelling and all family members need a ritual of cleansing and protection. For this, the right option is to invite a real shaman, who will hold the powerful rituals and give special protection for the house and its residents.

We choose the amulet individually 

You have to choose an amulet very thoroughly and carefully, because this thing can change your fate dramatically. What if such a talisman belonged to a bad man and it hides the most terrible secrets? That is why Shakuntali Siberia always advises you to turn to a hereditary shaman to obtain the Object of Power. 

Talisman must be unique, created especially for you, charged with positive energy. Then it is guaranteed to bring health, happiness, good luck and prosperity in all spheres of your life.

The amulet made by a shaman is endowed with the power of the Spirits of the Higher World. The shaman communicates with assistant spirits, and keeps connection with them. Each spirit is invisibly present in special Objects of Power. And the most powerful objects are used in the ritual costume of the shaman. Shakuntali Siberia tells that with each ritual the energy of the ritual costume increases, an ordinary person cannot cope with it. Shaman wears such clothes very rarely, for special rituals. 

It is not surprising. Just remember the well-known stories of superheroes. They create the Good and fight against evil, wearing a special costume, which enhances their abilities greatly. In normal life, they wear casual clothing. 

Why and how do amulets and talismans help us?

Which amulet to choose? 

It is not easy to create a real powerful talisman.  It takes a lot of knowledge and energy to instill assistant spirit in it who will help the owner of the Object of Power in his good deeds and guide him through life, protecting him from misfortunes. You should always carry it with you, carry it on your body, take it on a business trip and long trips. You can put it in your car.

At her seminars, Shakuntali Siberia always gives her students the opportunity to choose a talisman for independently. To be more precise, the amulet chooses its own owner. 

If the object is yours, it will let you feel it and will literally attract the future owner.

And if you buy an amulet during a seminar held at one of the Places of Power, the spirit of the amulet will have the greatest power. It will be able to protect not only its owner, but also their loved ones.

Michaela, Alabama: 

“I once chose the time to go to the Place of Power retreat with the group. There, after Shakuntali Siberia’s blessing, we chose Objects of Power for us. I saw it at once: the talisman emitted a special warm glow only visible to me. Since then, I have it with me all the time.

A strange story happened to me after I returned home. It was just a normal working day in the office. 

Suddenly, the talisman on my neck got very hot and started shaking. I grabbed it with my hand and pressed it hard against my chest. Everything stopped.

It was only in the evening that I found out that our nanny and kids were on their way home and almost died in a car accident. A giant trailer ran right towards them. They couldn’t miss each other on the narrow road. Then – the nanny told me later – she saw my image in the office squeezing the amulet in my hand. She managed to avoid a terrible crush. 

The truck was literally half an inch from her car. 

This is how the amulet from the Place of Power saved my children’s lives!”

What else do you need to know about amulets?

Object of Power may suddenly disappear, leaving its owner. This means that it has fulfilled its mission, and the person will face a new life stage. If the person needs the help of talisman again, it will return to its owner in an unusual way.

Such stories happen to Shakuntali Siberia’s students all the time. Some of them share the wonders that happen in their lives happily. Finding your own individual amulet is a real gift from fate. If it happens in a blessed place filled with the forces of good spirits, with the support of a shaman, you can be sure that positive changes will start happening in your life very soon. 

Shakuntali Siberia emphasizes that the real amulet teaches a man a lot: wisdom and strength, awareness of life, the ability to find solutions in the most difficult situations, to live in harmony with them and find their way. Write to Shakuntali Siberia if you want to buy the amulet right now.  She will definitely contact you back.

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