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Why are Shakuntali Siberia’s retreats more effective than seminars?

3 ingredients to success 

Shakuntali Siberia’s seminars combine the magic of nature and real wonders in a remarkable manner. And this is confirmed by numerous stories of ordinary people, who in one way or another felt the miraculous impact of the energy of the Universe. This energy helps them succeed, find love, discover their true predestination. Shakuntali Siberia believes that retreats at the Powers of Power are the best way to change your destiny. 

Special power of a retreat 

If a person attends Shakuntali Siberia’s master class once, it does not mean that they will get enough power and energy to change their life. After all, it is unreal to solve all the problems that have accumulated in the aura of person for many years, and sometimes many generations in one short session. 

Master class is just a small piece of teaching in a huge knowledge system.

If you really want to change your destiny for the better, the most effective way is to join retreat at the Place of Power, where there is an opportunity to get into this atmosphere of intensive work of Shakuntali Siberia with each student.

Shakuntali Siberia uses retreat at full power. She interacts with its participants twenty-four hours a day. And that’s a landmark indicator. Shakuntali Siberia has a unique ability to influence a person’s aura even during sleep, thus increasing efficiency. Because when a person sleeps, they are relaxed at maximum and open to the Universe. You can help them heal or direct their dreams to the higher worlds, where they will receive the energy of the Higher Powers at this moment. 

And when people wake up, they realize that something extraordinary has happened to them. They become completely different, even their eye gaze change. They become physically healthy, their thoughts are positive, find good work and real success comes.  

Shakuntali Siberia’s retreats

Marisol, Washington: 

“My family moved from the province to the capital city when I was in high school. For me, who got used to provincial life, this move was a nightmare. A new class, a new relationship, a crazy rhythm of life – all this was driving me crazy. Naturally, my progress in studies decreased, although before the move, I had best results in class. 

That’s why I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do my whole life when I had to decide on my career.

And I chose the seemingly simple profession of a junior grade teacher.

I loved going to university, I finally felt at home. 

But there came the time to get a job at school, and it all started over again. The kids didn’t take me seriously. I didn’t have enough sleep all the time and I was nervous. The knowledge I gave wasn’t satisfactory… Students’ parents started complaining of me. But the management could not understand what was wrong. 

I conducted the lessons good, in their opinion. It wasn’t clear why I children didn’t accept me and didn’t want to study. My lessons were attended by inspectors, but they did not see any problems.

As a result, they said goodbye to me. The same situation was repeated in two other schools, and it was terrible. 

Meeting with Shakuntali Siberia became a gift of fate for me. Having attended her seminar once, I became a regular visitor to her events. I attended classes, went to the Places of Power, took part in retreats. I got a special protective amulet so that the good spirits would always be with me and help me in all affairs. 

I had a Gyud session with Shakuntali Siberia during one of the retreats. I had never experienced such an influx of energy and power before! It’s just an amazing feeling! After that retreat, it was like I was reborn. Normal things looked completely different to me, the usual meaning changed.

I felt like a strong and successful woman, ready to remove mountains

I met my graduation supervisor from university a couple of days after returning from the event. With a bit of humor, I told her about my misfortunes with work, and she offered me to apply for a vacant position of a researcher at the university. So I applied.

My life has changed dramatically since then. I blended in perfectly with the university’s research activities. I’ve been doing well! Now I am one of the best developers of educational programs for children, I have a degree and everything in my life is going in the best way possible. 

Amazing, it was only after I met Shakuntali Siberia that things finally got back to normal in my life. She helped me find my true purpose. There was the turning point in my life, which is like a miracle for me, after powerful retreats. For at that moment, I was in a complete despair.

Shakuntali Siberia had turned my whole fate upside down.

Higher powers sent her to help me!”  

What do Shakuntali Siberia’s retreats consist of? 

When you visit Shakuntali Siberia’s retreat, you will realize how varied this event is, how many interesting practices are included in it.

  1. Work with the physical body. 

First of all, thorough work with the physical body, with human health begins in the morning. After all, a sound mind in a sound body. This truth does not lose its relevance.

Shakuntali Siberia’s retreats

  1. Work with the emotional sphere. 

Secondly, Shakuntali Siberia is good at working with the human emotional sphere. She conducts a whole block of emotional practices and rituals that help a person restore their emotional health, get rid of stress, anxiety, fears that interfere with making the right life decisions. 

  1. Work with attitudes. 

And also a huge amount of work is being done with person’s attitudes. After all, our subconscious has a lot of such attitudes that we acquired in the process of growing up. Some of them were laid in us by parents, some by society. But many of them turn a person into a weak unwilling creature, helpless in the face of circumstances. And Shakuntali Siberia carries out painstaking work to change people’s consciousness and attitudes radically, direct them towards success, motivate them to the result. 

Shakuntali Siberia lives to help people become happy and successful in any sphere. She is waiting for everyone at her seminars and retreats, where she will gladly work with your life and your destiny, bring them in true order to give you the chance to become a happy person. Do not lose it!

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